The Monaghan Group Keller Williamsaccepted offer/ than canceled it.

Andrew and Eric excepted my offer for my dream home than turned around and denied it just days later. Im heartbreaken I did everything i was told to do i gave them earnest money check and signed an acceptance offer than a cash offer for less than my fha offer they accepted after telling me i was accepted. Then when i called to complain andrew hung up on me. They are out for themselves and not for the customers. Please do not go to them they offered me no help...


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    Andrewmonaghan Mar 21, 2011

    I have just discovered this bogus complaint against my company, the details contained here in are vague and deflamitory.
    All business carried out through The Monaghan Group is with the highest level of ethics and disclosure, this lady did not have a accepted contract, Her Offer was not signed by the seller and thus there never was a contract. All cpmunication was carried out through her Real Estate Agent and when another offer was accepted she threatned to attack my good name.
    I do not make any decisions on behalf of the sellers, they instruct me of their wishes.
    Andrew Monaghan
    The Monaghan Group
    Keller Williams Professional Partners

    602-308-4660 ext 203

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