San Jose Mercury News / subscription charges in conflict with my directions

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I requested -- in 2018 --to cancel my paper delivery subscription because of the high cost (>$600/y).
The San Jose Mercury News informed me that I was charged for 1y and the subscription cannot be cancelled with prorated refund. They stated this issue was nonnegotiable. I directed them not to renew me in 2019.

I recently attempted to sign up for digital only access at $9.99 / mo.

The Mercury News informed me that they continued to send the paper to me even after the paper delivery subscription expired, and I owe them $150. They informed me that I must pay this before digital access could occur, and their position is nonnegotiable.

In my opinion, the position of this company in both cases that I must pay for a service I do not want is unethical, and treating a more than 10y customer with a response that the issues are nonnegotiable is appalling, especially considering that I was attempting to continue a customer relationship with the San Jose Mercury News.

May 15, 2019

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