San Jose Mercury Newskiosk subscription scam

P Aug 09, 2019

I was told at a sporting event that I was signing up for the newspaper for $14.95 per month. They were giving away a team blanket that I liked. I specifically asked if I could cancel right away, and he did tell me I could adding, "We hope to see you keep it at least two weeks to pay for the cost of the blanket."
No confirmation, and no newspaper was ever delivered.
After 2 months I called to get refund - It is their policy not to issue refunds. I feel like this is a total unethical scam; bait and switch.
On the phone I was told I have "online only" subscription (was told I was getting the paper delivered) for minimum 5 months (Was told I could cancel at any time) for a cost of $14.95 per month. For 14.95? This ain't Netflix.
I was told by Melissa the Supervisor that my case would be sent to billing, and they would make a decision. When asked when I would be notified of this decision, I was told that they do not contact anyone with the decision. (I know how this will go).
I am forced to give them my money for a service I will never receive, and at this point a service I done even want. HELP! They have me by my sensitive areas!

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