The Mercury NewsI never ordered the paper — they throw it anyway

R Jul 28, 2019

and refuse to stop! no matter how many times I call and complain.

My guess is 1, they want more crime, say you are going on vacation, thieves will know no one is home. Cowabunga $$!

guess number 2: they tell the liquor companies and whatnot, they have an exaggerated number of subscribers, so they get more money for adds.

(3) As the kids say, I am being trolled. ha ha.

(4) Fraud, corruption. Salesmen are getting bonuses by making up "sales."

(5) absolutely, an intentional effort to INCREASE our carbon footprint unnecessary, e.g., cut down more trees, melt more ice caps, increase the ozone level and decrease world oxygen. Even if I liked the Merc News, in the past 15-20 years, couldn't I more efficiently read it online???? Why throw garbage under my front lawn sprinkler?

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