The Kraft Heinz Companymccafe premium roast medium k-cu pods

D Sep 13, 2018

We purchased a box of 100 pods from Sam's club about 2 months ago. I have been meaning to write for some time now. We are VERY unhappy with the product. We probably have 50 pods left and have no plans to use the rest. What happens (9x out of 10) is that we get almost as much of the grounds in the coffee cup as coffee. We thought it might be our Keurig Coffee maker, so we tried our son's, two of our daughter's and a friend's coffee maker (a couple models were Keurig, another Hamilton Beach) with the same result.

I have never written to your company with a complaint. We enjoy many of your products. But this was definitely substandard. The bar code (if I'm reading it correctly) says: [protected].
Mrs. Debra Smith

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