The Foschini Groupnon authorized transactions on my account

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My account at Foschini - was paid in full on the 12th of August. In October they have all of a sudden charged Sterns Credit Benefit Insurance (R3.64) on my account with an account benefit amount of R31.36. Now they have the audacity to send me an SMS stating that my account is in arrears and all of a sudden there is a collection letter charge of R22.80. My enquiries regarding this is just ignored. I am really upset.

So if you do not make your sales you charge unauthorized transactions to customers fully paid up accounts.

Suzette Myburg


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      Jun 13, 2018

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    After requesting proof that charges such as magazine was agreed to by me .
    The customer service offered to reimburse me for portions of these charges and stated that they can not provide me with proof that i agreed to these charges as it is an very old agreement and that they are not obliged to keep these records.
    I have no interest in being refunded on this account and have instructed them to close my account.
    For my self this matter is now resolved, but I can't help wonder how many a unsuspecting client is being charged for services that the company can not show they agreed to and just pay because T&C says the client should complain if charges on their account is reflected incorrectly.

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