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B Dec 05, 2018
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Dear Sir/ Madam
My name is Mbali Maseloa, unfortunately reporting the worst customer service I've ever received, from a lady named Esther Ramokonopi from Foschini Lakeside Mall Benoni.
I went there today 5th of Dec 2018 around 16:54 to request a cancellation of my club magazine and other deducting things that I may not know of such as letters/emails I then requested for one form of communication e.g. letter/ sms and also wanted to purchase some things but I failed to do so because of how ill-treated i was. I was assisted by a young lady who did not quit understand what my request was and did not know how to assist me, a lady named Esther Ramokonopi overhead our conversation who didn't even have her name tag while she was on duty took out a black file which had cancellation forms and throw it on top of the counter and said I should fill the form. When I asked her to explain how to fill in the form since they also printed out a mini statement which stated that I'm being charged for emails, letters etc and on the cancellation form there was no option for the two except magazine cancellation option and others. When I asked the lady that was initiating assisting me to further explain on how to fill in the form since the options such as emails and letters weren't there. The lady named Esther Ramokonopi who rudely disturbed me with an attitude whilest I was still talking, said I don't know what I want and I tried explaining to her again, but you could see her body language was saying something else. She then said before I even finished talking 'Do not speak in English I do not understand it' with an attitude. I asked her why is she giving me attitude she then replied ' I don't know why you speak in English while you don't know how to read it' .
Not only did she speak to me with a temper she was even raising her voice at me infront of her stuff members and other customers. The manager was called by one of the stuff and he tried assisting me.
I am really disappointed by the treatment I received from Esther Ramokonopi I can only imagine how many other people receive such poor customer service from her and decide to keep quiet or stop shopping at Foschini. She did not even have the odesity to apologise for her rudeness, she saw nothing wrong about the way she treated me. Instead I was receiving more insults from Esther Ramokonopi even when the manager was assisting me, I could hear her remarks all the way from the paying points, the insults continued until I left the shop. I was made a joke that I'm speaking in English but I don't know how to read it.
Dispite the fact that customers are always right, I went there to find clearance and solutions and also shop since it's a festive season. If it wasn't for the store manager who was willing to assist me and provide excellent customer service I doubt I would have received help from Foschini Lakeside Mall Benoni.
With my work experience at Legit Edcon stores we were trained to implement PIPP Values which stands for People ( treat everyone equally dispite of their race/gender/beliefs) Integrity (treat everyone with respect regardless of their age) Performance (provide excellent customer service) Professionalism ( go an extra mile to keep customers happy).
As much as it's different companies but I believe it's a must to provide excellent customer service to increase repeatation of customers and maintaining the company's good reputation and also to implement the company's values, which I believe every company has values.

With the bad experience I got at Foschini I doubt I'll refer people to buy there and I doubt I'll go purchase anything there again.
It is said ' I rotten apple spoils the whole bunch '.

Yours faithfully
MBM Maseloa

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