The Dump — bait and switch

A Review updated:

The Dump Furniture store is obviously using the "bait and switch" routine for much of their furniture. They show you the top of the line with the floor model and then they deliver you "seconds". Beware; If you go to this store and buy something, leave the store with it and do not let them deliver anything or they will likely deliver something entirely different than you paid for and if you return it they will try to charge outrageous restocking fees.


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      Jul 04, 2010

    I have bought 2 living room sets, one from Ashley Furniture and it was leather. They delivered it and it was damaged goods, but didn't notice it for a few days, you could see where the leather was damaged and they repaired it, after carefullly looking it over, you could see scratched all over the set and they covered them with paint. I made them take it back.
    Then I bought a 3 piece set from Mega Furniture on 28th Dr. Well it was guaranteed 100% leather and guess what, it was not, after my cats started walking on it you could see it was just plastic, it was more like Saran Wrap, I made them take this back to, not without a fight with either of these companies. #1 I put it on payments with the company and told them I would not pay, so they had to take it back, plus reporting them both to the BBB of Arizona. Ashley Furniture was the most uncomfortable furniture you ever sit on, if you were overweight, you would have a problem. They make lousy furniture. Mega furniture, I had to stop payment on my credit card, and that did the trick plus reporting them to the BBB which they just ignored, you have to hit these people where the money is before they will do anything. All crooks.

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      Dec 29, 2015

    Recently went to the Dump due to an advertisement on the TV about a huge mattress sale and free adjustable frames. None of this was true. They wrote the book on "Bait and Switch". Do not frequent this store it is a rip-off and their advertisements are full of lies.

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