The Car Hutpaid £3000 for car that worked for 5 months

Ma Jan 02, 2018 Hyde Manchester Review updated:

Bought the Zafira in June 2017 payed £3000 cash, took warranty out same time with warranty wise, in November the gearbox broke, phoned warranty wise they will not repair it, phoned the car hut where the car was bought there's nothing they can do, so I have a car parked up that I cannot use warranty won't touch it garage don't want to no either, I'm out of pocket of £3000. Saved like mad to buy this car, thought with taking a warranty out I'm doing the right thing just in case any thing happens, I was wrong😢Not one of them are interested. Shame on you car hut! The way you treat your customers is disgusting,

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  • Da
      Sep 04, 2019

    I have emails and telephone call recordings of this garage telling me i have no rights after buying a car for my wife that had a leaking roof, gearbox warning lights, engine rattles and a faulty passenger side window that is stuck in the down position (All within the first 30 days of ownership). I asked to return the vehilce for a refund and was met with avoidance and rudeness, putting the phone down and hiding behind letters telling me they would defend rigorously in court. Zubair, Jay, Alex, whichever alias name you want to use. You should be ashamed of yourselves taking money off a young mother and bot taking accountability! Do not buy a car off this company, you will regret it. If i could upload the calls here i would! Avoid them like the plague. Perhaps this might stimulate a phone call from someone at The Car Hut seeing as they wont talk to me!

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  • Ra
      Sep 15, 2019
    The Car Hut - Car lasted less than a month
    United Kingdom

    Car fell apart in less than a week. The side panel came straight off as it was glued on. The roof leaked and the gear box broke, then the car window stuck down and is now permanently down. They refuse to take calls and despite sending a letter stating the would fix the car terminated every call we made after receiving the letter. Terrible company.

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