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I ordered a college textbook from back in September (for fall quarter). I got a used book, trying to save money. The reason I bought from them is they guarantee buying back your book at half the price of what you bought it for. What a great deal, right?

Well, I got my book. It was used and served its purpose. The book did have a little bit of water damage; but since sent it to me, I figured they’re aware of it and it’s fine (the book is completely readable and that is what books are for: reading).

OK, so at the end of the quarter, I am sending the book back to them (they even send reminder e-mails telling you “they owe you money for the book” etc. I think that was a good feature. Anyways, I followed all of their instructions and a few days later, I get an e-mail saying that the book I sent them is damaged and cannot be bought. I was given an option to either pay them $12.50 in shipping to get the book back, or they simply throw it away.

Ok, so I e-mailed them back (this was on December 22, 2008) explaining that the book is in exactly the same condition as I received it from them. The representative responded, saying that I should have called them in September if the book was damaged and since I didn’t, it’s too late.

Well, here is the problem. I am buying a USED BOOK. Used books aren’t new. A little water damage, in my opinion, does not pose a problem in being able to use the book. Since state that they inspect every used book by hand (as mentioned on their website), why would I be the one doubting them? They never mentioned that if a used book they sell me is water damaged, I should return it. Plus, they guarantee buying the book back, so of course, I wasn’t concerned or even had a reason to be concerned!

I am upset. I tried to resolve this issue directly with them via e-mail and I am being very reasonable. should follow their claims and buy this book back. It is in exactly the same condition as they sold it to me. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau, as I don’t think it is fair at all. I don’t recommend this company to anyone, as they obviously don’t hold themselves responsible for the condition of the books they sell (seeing that they weren’t aware of the condition of the book they sold me). Buyers: there are many other used textbook websites that don’t offer empty promises.

I bought this book for $74.50 from Now, they are going to throw it away.


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      Mar 31, 2010 - Poor customer service
    United States does not have a functional customer service department. I tried to let them know that I did not get my order. Their response was some wise cracks from some their employees. When I questioned their answers and lack of help, they just ignored me. DO NOT use

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      Jan 07, 2011

    I have similar problem with them. I sent back my book as a buy back program. I put it in the UPS shipping box and they claim that my book was damaged beyond repair. Also, they ask $12.50 to ship it back to me or my book will discard. UPS card board box is a very sturdy and is use for international shipping purpose. I don't believe my book damaged that bad. Something is wrong here. I am waiting for them to send me the picture. Will see...

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      Nov 16, 2014 - monthly charges
    New Jersey
    United States

    I have been noticing charges from IC FreeShipping on my bank statements What does this mean, please cancel and refund all necessary funds ASAP.

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      Jan 06, 2015

    Exactly the same problem for me for exact same shipping $12.50 and exactly the same as upwards of 10+ other victims/complaints I've read on multiple sites. On for example, one particular victim, who had the same issue with these scam artists, got a response from stating that the book was then shipped back free of charge. In my case I personally emailed them calling bs and included words "you will send my book back free of charge" and a follow up email after reading complaints in which I informed them that if I don't receive the book free of charge I'll post a complaint on and on muttiple sites.

    This site, which seems partially-legit has over 50 1-star ratings with complaints on one particular rating site, on multiple issues.

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