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I live in Oceanside Ca, my Electricity bill in the summer from SDG&E
were to costly my wife and I purchase panels from solar city in Nov. 2015
we had a contractor ENG, take a look and stated 18 panel would do the job.
solar city sales stated your payment to SDG&E would go away.
we would only pay solar city 117.00 at the most 123.00 per month at it's highest production, that didn't turn out that way, May cost 137.00 June, cost 147.00
July cost 157.00 and August is not over, my wife and I budget everything
we have had to cut cost in other places to make up the difference.
Now there is a new twist SDG&E has sent us a bill for over 200.00 due in November cause we didn't produce enough. We don't know what to do, we were sold something we now know we can't afford we under produce in winter so SDG&E collect, plus we pay solar city as well, in the summer we produce just right amount,
but that is considered over producing so we even pay more to solar city.
and still owe SDG&E we have lost in every ways.
we have not reduced anything and there is no relief in site, and empty promises from the sales rep. he got the bonus we got the bill, solar city
has not made good on this. we still live in a hot house no central air.
perhaps solar is not the present answer for lowering our cost that they promise they would, shame shame.

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