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I received my 2023 Model S nearly a month ago (May 9th 2023). The Navigate on Autopilot was not functioning since I received the car. Simply, the screen is frozen on the last location that I was in. I discovered this issue immediately after I drove the car from the Tesla Center in Riverside, CA. I complaint and went back to the center and they said the antenna was not working and they will send mobile service to fix the issue at my home. Original schedule was 6-4-2023, then they changed to [protected], and was changed one more time to [protected] (Today). Finally the Tesla Service Tech showed up and was not able to fix the issue and said it was a computer malfunction causing the issue and I should open another service ticket. Just for the record the Navigation system worked irradicably twice and froze again.

I am extremally frustrated at the poor response level from Tesla. This Vehicle should have not been delivered to me with this flaw, especially I paid a premium for this functionality. They are expecting me to continue to make payments on something that is not working. How is that fair. One of the main reasons I got the Tesla is the Navigation on Autopilot.

In addition, there are minor flaws I found. This makes wonder about Tesla's workmanship and QA standards. Did they loose the edge and sacrificed quality for quantity?

I am frustrated and helpless. I need to help me get this issue resolved.