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this is not a legit transport company - stay clear!

This is a scam company! Their business idea is NOT to transport passengers, but to charge in advance, then...

Airport bus transfer service

Booked tickets from PISA airport to Florence and return journey. Got an email less than 24 hours prior to...

Bus did not show up

We have a very band experience with Terravision as detailed below. I think this company is a disgrace and should be shut down.

We bought on-line Terravision coach tickets for 2 adults to travel from Stansted Airport from Redbridge Station on 26 April 2013 at 20:42. The bus didn't arrive on time. Only at around 21:00 Terrravision's attendant showed up and told us that the next bus will be "around 9.30pm" (!!) and when we complained she said it was not her fault. What kind of customer service was that?? We almost missed our flight because Terravision coach did not show up and we had to pay £37 for a minicab to catch the flight. I expect Terravision to reimburse the consequential lost of £37 for the mincab instead of the £12 for the coach tickets. However it took them about 8 weeks from the date of the incident to address the problem and by that time I have lost my patience to continue talking to this company.

Avoid like a plague. You have been warned.

Airport Shuttle

Here is what happened:

I'm from Brazil and in order to facilitate my travel to Rome I purchased through Terravision's website the bus transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station for Sept, 18th and the return for the next day, Sept, 19th.

On Sept, 18th I arrived at FCO Airport, went to the bus stop, showed my printed tickets to the gentleman standing at the bus door, he just crossed the first 2 codes (for me and my boyfriend). We placed our luggage at the baggage compartment and proceed to Termini Station. So far, so good.

On the day after, we had the tickets for the 3:30pm bus. That?s where I had problems.

We arrived at the line for the bus and then, when I tried to give the same printed ticket to the gentleman at the door, he just ignored me completely and started to wave and BLOW KISSES to some girl inside the bus. In order to not waste time I told my boyfriend to go ahead and put our luggage inside the baggage compartment. When the gentleman finally decided to give me some attention, it was already 3:30pm and he just told me that I could not get on the bus, that I had to retrieve the tickes from the Terravision?s desk inside the building. How was I supposed to know that, specially if when he was supposed to be doing his job, he was just blowing kisses to some girl?

So, he made us take out our luggage instead of letting us in the bus. (And I really begged him to let us in!!)

So, without choice, I went to the Terravision?s desk and found out that the next bus wouldn?t leave for another 40 minutes (at 4:10pm), which was impossible for me, because the gate for my flight would close at 5:10pm, so I wouldn?t make it.

The girl at the desk told me get a taxi to the airport, and write to Terravision Claims dept explaining what happened, in order to get a refund, otherwise, I would loose my flight.

About the guy, I asked him his name, and here is what he told me: Why you want to know my name? I CAN?T TELL you my name.

That?s right. As you can see, he knows that what he did was wrong and I would be holding him responsible.

The amount for the taxi was 48 euros. I've sent it to Terravision's Claim Dept and after 1 month, I got back a COUPON for 8 euros, which is valid for 6 months only.

This have got to be a joke!

  • Te
    Terravision Group Oct 24, 2012

    Hello there,

    Please allow us to reply. We do apologize for the inconvenience you encountered with us in Rome and for the behavior of our staff.

    Due to the amount of passengers in Rome Termini, a Boarding Card system has been developed. We are very sorry that the staff at the bus stop didn’t mention it to you and be assured that we are currently investigating this issue as this is totally unacceptable on their behalf.

    To avoid this miscommunication though, we had undertaken several measures both onsite and online about the boarding card system :
    - Signs outside the Terracafè lounge bar (Terravision special lounge bar for passengers) and inside at the Terravision desk
    - Signs at the bus stop
    - Explanation on our website, on the Rome Fiumicino service page (this is our new website, however the information was also available on the previous version, since June)
    - Explanation on the printed ticket (where you had the bar code as you mentioned) as follows:
    “To guarantee your seat on the bus to Ciampino/Fiumicino airports, please make sure to go to the Terravision desk inside the Terracafè to pick up your boarding card. Boarding cards will be given 20 minutes before the bus is due to depart. You will need both your printed ticket and boarding pass to board the bus.”
    It seems our efforts aren’t yet enough and we’ll make sure to pass on your feedback to the relevant teams.

    We would also like to mention that it is clearly specified on our website (and usually on airlines’ or airports’ websites) that it is highly recommended to schedule a bus transfer so as to be at least 2h in advance at the airport ( #1). Following our recommendations, it would have been preferable to book the 2 pm bus (arriving at the airport at 3) instead of the 3.30 bus (arriving at 4.15) for a flight at 5.10.

    Considering this, our policy would not allow any refund. However, as we are truly sorry about the staff’s behavior and do totally understand the inconvenience, we did send you a coupon to be used on any of our services for a period of 6 months. You can use it at your convenience or offer it to a friend (as we understand you don’t live in Europe and may not travel back here anytime soon).
    We apologize once again about your experience with us and guarantee you that your feedback has been heard and measures will be taken.

    Terravision Team

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  • Ba
    Balaji Siva Aug 03, 2013

    The Exact thing happened to me last week. The worst thing is that i was with an infant and still they are neither kind and very rude to me. the lady responsible for making us board the bus, said that she will kick off the luggage and they even had empty seats inside the bus! . I also took the taxi ride and i strongly believe that there is a connection between the taxi guys and Terravision guys
    and this is being done to many others purposefully. Do not cheat on innocent passengers like this.

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Terravision cancels service, doesn't refund

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