Su Sep 30, 2019 ON

Their Extended Warranty company The Walker Group has been giving me a runaround for 3 weeks. As long as they work with this Warranty company I will not be purchasing from any tepperman's. Teppermans has been no help in this matter. The Walker Group has been giving me the runaround for 3 weeks about getting my washing machine fixed. What's the point of tepperman's selling an extended warranty when you can't even get anything fixed. I will be telling all my family and friends about this horrible situation I'm in. You spend all this money for an extended warranty and you have to fight for people to do their job. You called The Walker Group and they tell you to call this number and Whirlpool says they're still waiting on the Walker Group. The Walker Group warranty that tepperman's steals with is the worst I do not recommend buying the extended warranty from teppermans.

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