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We purchased a Kitchen table and 6 chairs from Teppermans in August of 2016. We were looking at a few and one my husband liked more, and one I liked more. The salesman made our decision by saying the one my husband liked was a popular set, his son purchased one a few years back and it stands up extremely well. Although we are empty-nesters, we do have one grandchild who was 1.5 yrs old at the time. We were assured this was a set that would last us for years and we could pass down.

Shortly after we purchased we noticed nicks on the table edge, like something banged into it. The chairs to not touch the table due to the design, near where the nicks showed up. We then noticed scratches, small faint ones all over the end of the table we use. It was then I really looked at the table and noticed there was no finish on it, was a wood table that had been stained, with no finish. I contacted Teppermans in September and spoke to Customer Service. I could tell the way the rep answered the phone, it wasn't going to be a good call. She was abrupt, didn't listen to what I had to say, and her come back was that I had a week to return it and I am past that week. I explained my concerns and she finally said she would send someone out. The person sent out must have been related to her. He did not speak the whole time he was here. I only knew who he was because of the vehicle he pulled up in and the shirt he wore. I explained what was happening, he took pictures and was about to leave. I asked what happened from here and his reply was simply that someone would be in touch. I heard back from the same lovely woman I initially spoke to in their "lack of Customer Care" dept. She told me that something had impacted the table to leave the nicks. I told her it is a kitchen table and we do eat there. Certainly things come in contact, it is a table. Nothing hit it so hard it should have caused damage. I also explained the scratches and on the edges looks like the finish is wearing off. Table has a dark finish, so very noticeable. There was nothing she was going to do, I was wasting my breath. I then sent a letter to Andrew Tepperman who of course sent it back to the same department I started with. WE went thru this again with another person coming out and doing the same thing. At the end of the day, not a think was done. They suggested I buy, at my expense a marker that would fill in the scratches . They would do nothing about the nicks and the fact the table finish was wearing off. I was told this is how the table comes from the manufacturer - no sealant or clear coat over the finish. Seriously, a kitchen/dining table that is supposed to last for years has nothing over the stain put on the table. The table is a very soft wood. Who in their right mind designs a kitchen/dining table and uses soft wood with nothing to seal the stain? So my table and chairs (this is happening to them as well) are basically garbage, and the sad part is I haven't even paid for them yet. Be very cautious when shopping at Teppermans. I have bought a lot of stuff over the years (bedroom set, TV, Fridges, Stove, etc) and will NOT shop their again. I have been telling everyone I know about the service and if they choose to buy from very careful what you buy.


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