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I use teladoc through my insurance United Health Care. On a Friday after going to a Covid testing site my wife and I set an appt. with Teladoc. We were both very sick and just driving to the site took everything we had in us. My wife received a call within ten minutes. I waited for five hours while receiving texts and emails saying that I was next in line. My wife's scripts were called in and picked up by a neighbor while I waited for a call. I called Teladoc and was told I was next in line. At 3:30 am the next morning I received an email stating they could not find a doctor and my appointment had been cancelled. They were nice enough to send a link where I could set up another appointment. Hmm, why did they cancel it in the first place. I am extremely upset as it was a Friday so my primary won't be in until Tuesday now and I have no inhaler or prescription cough medicine to help with this. I had called Teladoc a few weeks prior as I pulled my back out. This is something that happens a few times a year and I get get steroids and it helps with the spasms. I have been doing this for over thirty years. When the doctor finally called back after over three hours I was told steroids can cause death and to take Tylenol. Unbelievable! I then had to call my primary and get the steroids. Teladoc is a great concept but a horrible practice.

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