TeeFuryno product received

A Aug 13, 2018

I ordered a teeshirt from TeeFury on July 7th, 2018. I put in for three-day shipping knowing, from orders in the past, this still meant that the product would not get to me for some time. I began to notice on TeeFury's Facebook page that others were complaining about not receiving their shirts and products. Then TeeFury released the apology post on their social media. I realized, that I had not received a confirmation email from TeeFury even though they had charged my card. I looked back through my email and in my junk mail, but alas there was not one email from TeeFury.
Angry and dismayed, I looked over the comments from others, seeing my own frustration also in their lives. So, I contacted my credit card company and filed a claim informing them that I had not received a confirmation email or a teeshirt. As of August 13th, 2018, (the day I am writing this review), I have still not heard back from TeeFury nor have I received a confirmation email.

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