TeeFuryunfulfilled order, no response to inquiries

D Aug 11, 2018 Review updated:

I placed an order on June 26. As of July 27 it still showed as "unfulfilled", so I sent an e-mail to ask if there's any way to get an ETA. I received an auto-response claiming that due to high number of tickets they would respond within 2 weeks. Here it is, 2 weeks later, no response. I submitted another request for an update, and received an auto-response claiming I'd get a response within 4 weeks.
Also, on their website blog, they posted on July 25 (under the subject heading "We're sorry") a litany of excuses about their website re-design, and stating the expectation that their backlog of orders would be shipped out within a week. Again, that's 2 and a half weeks ago, and still my order from a month and a half back has still not been sent.
I agree with others who have posted here, that this used to be a great company to deal with, and I used to recommend them to friends. Now, this is the last order I'll place with them. I no longer consider it an order for merchandise, but a scam. They took my money, no product delivered, no ETA on when it will be, and no response to inquiries.


  • Ku
    KuchiKopi Aug 20, 2018

    Same here. I ordered July 6 and haven’t even gotten a confirmation email. I Facebook messaged them and they linked me to the “were sorry” blog but now they aren’t responding

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  • Je
    Jen Small Aug 25, 2018

    Yes me toot, ordered June 29, order status unfulfilled, have written to customer service several times, complained on Twitter, no response.

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  • Me
    Melissa Dolson Sep 03, 2018

    i ordered in may... nothing.

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  • De
    Deidre Benton Sep 11, 2018

    This isn't making me feel hopeful. I ordered the end of August and it sounds like I may not even see my order this year.
    I used to get my shirts fairly quickly from them and their fax still say to contact them if it's been more than 7 days doing nothing.

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