TDS Telecommunicationsland line not working and unable to contact anyone at tds

O Sep 10, 2018

Last Friday we noticed we were not receiving calls and our phone was not working. We were not receiving calls and no dial tone. I looked at my bill and called "other inquiries" [protected] for repair service. When I finally got thru the computer they message said you were already aware of the problem and working on it. If I wanted more information stay on the line. After 15 minutes no response I hung up.

On Saturday it was still not working I called again. Same recording this time I waited 20 minutes and no answer so I hung up.

Same thing on Sunday I cant remember how long I waited but no response.

Today Monday I called billing [protected] to first say our land line is not working and second credit me for the days it was not working. After 10 minutes a person cme on the line and said any credit would have to be handled by the repair and they would be the one to notify phone not working. They agreed to transfer me.

Again the recording and I waited 30 minutes and finally someone answered and said they were busy. I explained my problem and he said since I have bundled service I needed to talk to the TV area. At 34 minutes he transferred to the TV bundle area. I have no been on hold for this area for 47 minutes or a total of one hour and 23 minutes to report a repair problem.

This is an issue that should be addressed!! Please notify the Federal Communications Commission of this complaint!

I still do not have service and have no idea when it may be repaired. The fact anyone that answers has no idea either other than the transfer me to another number is a problem that needs to be addressed.

MY land line [protected] my cell [protected]. My area code 53562. Address 4723 Toepfer Road, Middleton, WI 53562.

Oscar Seibel

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