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I gave TDS a deposit of $3,200 back in August of 2023. I was told a year prior to that that I would have to pay half the cost of installation for internet service once I ordered service. When I decided to have internet installed I gave them a check in August and they did the installation. At the time they installed the line they said I would not have to pay for the installation afterall. Shortly after the service was connected in September 2023, a woman called and asked where I would like to have my check sent. I gave her my address and assumed I would be getting a check in the mail. In late September I called TDS to see where my check was and to let them know I had not received a statement of any kind either. The woman who answered the phone said the check was issued on September 20th. She said it would take 2 to 4 weeks for me to get it. I called back on October 20th. I spoke to a lady again and said I had not received my statement nor my check. She said I needed to wait 2-4 weeks. I told her I had done that. Then she said I had to call a company called North Lane because they dealt with all reimbursements. I called North Lane and they said a check was sent out. I asked where they sent the check and they asked me where it was supposed to go. I gave them my address and they said they would cancel the check and reissue a new one. They said I would have to wait 7-10 days. I called North Lane back on Nov. 17th. The gal who answered to phone said there was a check issued on Nov. 2nd and then voided on Nov. 3rd. I asked why it was voided and she said she would have to ask management. This gal lived in the Philippines and her phone broke up the entire time I spoke to her. I then called TDS and went through 2 people and finally got through to a floor supervisor, named Linda who told me there was nothing she could do about my check, it was up to North Lane. I explained to her that I was not a client of North Lane, I am a client of TDS. Why isn't TDS taking care of me (the client)? I have now been waiting for 3 months to get my money back. Linda told me there was nothing she could do, I had to deal with North Lane. I did get a statement finally and TDS took 2 monthts with of billing out of my deposit. I don't even have a contract with them and they took money from me already and they haven't returned my deposit. Iv'e never worked with a company like this that doesn't seem to answer to anyone and they somehow can hold a clients money as long as they want. I don't understand.

Desired outcome: I want my deposit back and an explanation as to why they think they have the legal right to do what they did. This is hideous.

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