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Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 823 2265(Phone Banking) 1 0
1800 823 5363(Consumer Loans) 1 0
+1 612 823 2265(Phone Banking) 1 0
+1 612 823 5363(Consumer Loans) 1 0
+1 888 810 8860(Auto Finance) 1 0
+1 866 202 2736(TCF Investments) 1 0
+1 612 334 7900(TCF Investments) 1 0
+1 800 343 6145(TTY (Hearing Impaired) 1 0
+1 612 333 2722(Treasury Management) 1 0
+1 877 784 8239(Treasury Management) 1 0
+1 952 512 6394(Lending Needs) 1 0
+1 866 835 5044(Loan Servicing) 1 0
+1 866 311 2755(TCF Equipment Finance) 1 0
+1 800 843 8264(Winthrop Resources) 1 0
+1 877 872 8234(TCF Inventory Finance (United States) 1 0
+1 877 800 4430(TCF Inventory Finance, Canada) 1 0

TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation Complaints & Reviews

TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation / ann bank manager

Sep 18, 2019

I went into Palos Heights, IL TCF bank with my father and mother's death certificates to find they have a $8000+ CD. Ann bank manager was not only rude to me, she was rude to my brother on the phone in Texas. She first said I could get my 50% share then decided I could wait until she...

TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation / garnishment procedures

Jul 18, 2019

Please see a copy/paste of letter to MN Attorney General office: Deborah Dotson 506 Edmund Avenue St. Paul, MN [protected] July 15, 2019 Mr. Evan Vogel Consumer Services Division Office of the Attorney General 445 Minnesota St., Ste. 1400 St. Paul, MN [protected] Dear Mr. Vogel: Thank...

TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation / insurance claim check endorsement

Apr 24, 2019

I contacted tcf bank when I received my claim check from the insurance company. tcf is the second mortgage holder for my house and advised me what steps to take. I followed tcf instructions and submitted my checks. Initial contact made on March 21 via phone, sent letter on March 22...

TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation / I received an email indicating there was fraud on my checking account.

Oct 01, 2018

I went to my local tcf bank, which by the way has awesome customer service but was unable to see anything in my account activity that appeared unusual. We shredded my debit card & I was issued a new card. The supervisor advised I contact the tcf customer service number indicated in the...

TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation / dishonest and unethical business services

Aug 08, 2018

I spoke to a CSR about an amount owed on a perviously finance vehicle that was stolen in January of 2018. The past due amount I was under the knowledge that my Gap insurance would cover which they did but not the full amount unfortunately I was unaware. I had sent off a letter to Gateway...

TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation / tcf bank closed my account with no notifications

Nov 30, 2017

I'm a TCF bank customer since 1994 and, this November, the bank closed my account with out informing me! I went to one of their branch office and, they could not give me an answer! They all just gave me, the round around! My direct deposite from my employer was posted but, I could not...

TCF Bank / poor management of my checking account

Sep 27, 2017

Good Afternoon, I am one of perhaps thousands of your customers who are tired of the "re-sorting or re-ordering" of transactions for the purpose of generating overdraft fees. I first thought I was just not paying good enough attention to my account, but after reading news articles and...

TCF Bank / mortgage balloon, mortgage modification

Aug 16, 2017

This started in 2008 when I went through being laid off by TCF Mortgage. I was going to walk away and declare bankruptcy and walk away from my house, TCF sent my attorney a letter stating they would cut my mortgage 1/2 and have a balloon payment due in 10 years and in 10 years TCF may...

TCF Bank / checking and savings account.

Aug 11, 2017

When I started the process to open these accounts with tcf I had to send in a copy of my id and social. Only to later see that a -$170 had posted to my account. Reason being someone used my social to open an account and even though you could clearly see the information did not match tcf...

TCF Bank / automated directory service

Jan 28, 2017

I called In to ask a simple question and it took me 10 minutes to get to a customer service rep. There was no hold time, and this was all trying to navigate the service. If I want to talk to someone I should be able to talk to someone. I know your corporate employees are capable of...

TCF / loan setup and fees

Aug 29, 2016

I was setup with this institution through my lender. Worst bank ever. First I was told since we didn't close on our house until June 24th, we would not be paying a mortgage until August 1st. That didn't happen with TCF, they sent me something due July 23rd and with the move and...

TCF National Bank / processing post dated checks

Dec 28, 2015

TCF National Bank has a policy to process post dated checks. Letting people and business to cash in on checks BEFORE the date on the checks as long as they walk into the Branch. I had a checked dated for December 25th 2015. The check was cashed December 23rd 2015. While the funds were not...

TCF Bank / overdraft fee

Jul 10, 2015

These people charge you overdraft on one product for 2 times on your account. When you call them and ask them to explain the scenario they tell you that they processes it that way. They rip off people. DO NOT HAVE ANY ACCOUNTS WITH THEM. They does the same thing to all the customers. Am a...

TCF Bank / nsf fees and holding deposits

Jan 13, 2014

TCF Bank selects items to suspend in order to add NSF fees. TCF Bank adds NSF fees to RETURNED checks that have overdraft protection. TCF bank then accepts the same check when it is submitted for payment by the vendor the second time. TCF Bank then adds another NSF fee to the same check...

TCF Bank / foreclosing

Jul 07, 2013

Tcf bank is nothing but a joke!!! My Dad passed away & the bank offered to do a hardship on the loan for a year & told me that the $400.00 difference that I was not paying for the year would be applied to back of the loan. WELL guess what the year is up & now I am getting foreclosure...

TCF Band / nsf charges

Jun 14, 2013

Same complaint as others posted on this website regarding the balances listed on TCF's online banking not being accurate and showing as funds available. When customer makes withdrawls or writes checks on an account that shows plenty of funds available, account becomes overdrawn and...

TCF National Bank / nsf charges

Apr 21, 2013

My son was charged $37 insufficient funds fee 5 times (total $185) despite depositing funds exceeding the negative balance prior to at least three of the transactions for which he was penalized. The tellers he talked to acknowledged this - they gave him receipts showing +ve balance, but...

TCF Bank / rude and billigerant

Apr 08, 2013

I work in Afghanistan. I told the bank, TCF, that I would be traveling in the Middle East, SE Asia etc. For the 5th time they have jacked my ATM card for o reason. I have been doing this work since 08 so they know I am in these different countries, I always call and remind them prior to...

TCF- Robbinsdale, MN / lost my deposit item/indiffernt mgr


TCF teller lost one of the items from one of my three deposits made at their drive-thru. I had observed 6 occassions in the last 5 months that tellers do not verify items in the deposits that are handed to them. They will give a receipt for the first dep slip in a stack of 2-3 separate...

TCF Bank / unwarranted fees


I recently had my checkbooks stolen (3 banks), thus closed and opened accounts at all three banks including TCF. The other 2 banks worked with me as payments processed from ACH and checks on my old account, reaching out to me to confirm they were legitimate until I could clear things with...

TCF Bank / deactivated check card


I made a relatively large purchase on June 10th with no difficulty, and everything went well until june 25th when I attempted to use my card, only to have it declined. I called TCF and they informed me they deactivated my card based on "questionable fraud" on the 19th. (B.S., I used my...

TCF Bank / bank fees


We've had a checking account with TCF for over 15 years, where we kept a small ($500) amount of funds to be able to access them via check or ATM. The account was "free checking"--no interest but no fees. When I checked my account online this weekend, I was surprised to find that TCF...

TCF Bank/Checking Account / closing an account/customer service


I have been dealing with this bank for a very short time. I am so glad I moved to Georgia and closed the account because there were no TCF Banks local. The staff never seems to know what they are doing. The branches in the grocery stores are super slow and they seem to take breaks 10x a...

TCF Bank / deactivate card on every online purchase!


Everytime I make an online purchase from ANY merchant, TCF will flag my debit (visa) card for fraud!, This has happened multiple time's over several years!, Fortunately I use Paypal when available, They deactivate my card which put's me in numerous embarrassing positions., I keep...

TCF Bank / charging large fees to the working poor


TCF is unsympathetic to those having employment issues or that are trying to get by in these difficult times living check to check. Rather they are counting on a large number of overdraft fees by holding items until after business hours and sending larger amount transactions first to...

TCF Bank / mistreated


I could not believe the way me and my children was treated at this bank... I went to make a deposit for $221.00 on a Sunday inside the bank... I wanted to verify the amount I needed to deposit with my insurance people so I told the Assist manager to go ahead and help the other customer...

Tcf Bank/ Robert E. Jones / lousy poor customer service


This bank has the POOREST customer service in the ENTIRE WORLD!! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT bank here!! I discovered that I am having fraudulent activity on my account, so who better to discuss some options to pursue, to help prevent these deductions from going through, then customer...

TCF Bank / dishonest polcies


I have been a small business owner in TCF bank for over 5 years. I am meticulous about balancing my checkbook to teh last penny. Over teh past few years i have had several instances of 5 or 10 dollars go missing. When i complained to the bank, they offered to do an audit which would cost...

TCF Bank / false advertising


TCF had a promotion online to receive $100 for making 10 qualifying transactions. Although I completed this in a the time frame they gave they refused to credit my account. When I called and spoke with a supervisor and asked to speak with his manager because he said that he did not have...

TCF Bank / overdraft charges


the overdraft charges are based on manipulation of the date of the transaction. The account balance and transactions that I see online on a DAILY basis are discounted and based on the fraudulent balances and transactions on their side (which we never see). I received $175 in overdraft...

TCF Bank / tcf fraud


Beware of TCF Bank!!! After paying settlement in class action lawsuit for overdraft swindles that bank is trying to get even in regular fraud. First, if you need to get mortgage or line of credit you will have to sign agreement that you will not take any legal action even in case of fraud that...

TCF Bank / don't bank here


I feel like i was personally robbed by your bank in fees! Your costomer service is the worst I ever dealt with in my life, I talked to 7 different people received 7 answer for one question...made several attempt the close out my accounts with no success!!! Your bank is WORTHLESS and doe...

TCF / illegal nsf charges 5 on one day & I was not overdrawn


recently opened a checking account because of the promotional "free" $100 ---- made deposits, etc. and used debit card to fulfill 6 of the 10 transactions needed to qualify for the $100. According to my records and the online account I was fine and my balance was never negative. According to...

TCF Bank / consumer fraud


I have a concern about TCF Bank. I've been a customer there for over 23 years, and this recent action that TCF has taken against my account is questionable, to say the least. As I've stated before in my previous posts, I'm filing bankruptcy, and this bottom feeder collection...

TCF Bank / fees/customer service


TCF bank is the absolute worst!! Their customer service is horrible, they will not assist customers in any way when it comes to fees being assesed, even when caused by unauthorized withdrawals. Having overdraft protection to keep these fees from happening isnt that at all, it only apply...

TCF Bank / overdraft fees


If I have to pay overdraft charges, then it is because *I allowed it to happen, and I have. Why would anyone complain about over draft charges when they let it happen? Granted there are times when things can slip in on us and cause an over draft; but I have found that if your account is normally in good standings; TCF will reverse the charges.

TCF Bank / fraud


I CONTACTED tcf bank WITwhom I have had an account with for over 10 years and have always been in GREAT standings and have enjoyed my services. I had a family member steal my checkbook and wrote 1000.00 in bad checks and I called them right away. I have beentreated HORRIBLEY!! They closed...

TCF Bank / violation of privacy


TCF is heartless! We are going through a difficult time financially and need to sell our home. After being denied by TCF to refinance and get out of a horrible interest only loan, they are now making it very difficult for us to sell our home. The guys in the collections office have made...

TCF / liars


I just had an issue on my business account having to do with excessive over drafts. The same issue in which Twin City Federal is currently being sued for in a class action lawsuit. When I asked the banker (Ryan Tucker) (assistant manager) about it he blatantly lied and said it was a...

TCF Bank / fees and scams


This bank is terrible. I set up a simple student checking account back when I go my first job. They convienently leave out all of their ridiculous charges and fees when you sign up. They told me that if I set up direct deposit that I wouldn't be charged any fees and yet every month I...