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My tata indigo broke down on 15/09/2008 at 07:30. I phoned tata and asked for roadside assistace, as the vehicle is still under manufacturers guarantee. they arrived at16:15 (8 hours later), while the workshop is only a few kilometres from where the car broke down. they towed the car to the workshop and I explained to them that I need the vehicle fixed urgently, as this is my primary vehicle. on 17/09/2008 at 11:00 they called me and said that they checked the car and that they now see that my complaint is valid.
They informed me that my guarantee had expired because of the km's travelled. I went to see them and showed them that the guarante is valid for 100 000km and that the car had only done 80 000 odd km. they then said that they will repair the vehicle under guarantee. I again explained to them that I have no other vehicle. they charged me r450 towing fee, although the guarantee states that the vehicle will be towed free of charge!!! they now refuse to repay this.
Today 17 days later, my vehicle is still not repaired. they refuse to giveme a courtesy vehicle!!!
I should have bought a toyota!!!


  • Wi
    Willine66 Jun 03, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Nawab motors has truly lived upto his name of being a "Nawab". The customer himself has to run across every dept. to get information & his work done. Buying a car is an experience where the dealer makes the Customer absolutely happy & satisfied. However, in my case, it was completely opposite. Initially, I had to callup nawab motors for arranging a test-drive. After that, I had to run to nawab motors to finalise my deal rather than nawab motors following up with me. Then finally, on the day of delivery (which was informed to nawab motors 2 weeks in advance), it took them the whole day to get the car ready for delivery. Basic bare things like, Mud flaps, mats, etc were not available with the Great NAWAB motors. I had to BEG them to get these things fixed.

    Earlier, I was a die hard fan of tata motors & had planned for buying Safari this year. Unfortunately, the experience above has shaken me to such a level, that I would not buy any TATA vehicle ever & I give the same feedback to all my friends & family members. Certainly, NAWAB motors does not even know the basic Customer Service skills.

    Infact, I would even request Ratan Tata / Tata Motors, to take back the dealership from the Great NAWAB Motors, noida.

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  • Cu
    customer services Jun 03, 2016

    Third class service in Pandit Auto Sangli Maharashtra

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  • Sk
    S. Kohli Oct 22, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I would like to inform that TATA Motors are duping their customers through their 24x7 on road assistance program. After warranty its is a paid service and I have paid Rs 550 as fee. As per the terms and conditions of their service contract they are supposed to provide 6 instances of on road assistance which also covers electrical faults. I called up TATA Motors today asking them to attend to an electrical fault with my vehicle. However, they insisted that since it was day time, I could take my vehicle to TATA Motors dealership. They wont attend the vehicle since the vehicle can move. This is totally against their own service terms and conditions. Nowhere under their 24x7 on road assistance program it is mentioned that the vehicle will be attended only if it is not able to move or the vehicle will not be attended during day time. It is neither mentioned in the exclusions of their service contract. I even spoke to their Senior Team Leader Mr Mukhtar and got the same arbitary response from him and he was not able to justify his response according to the terms and conditions mentioned in their service contract

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  • Na
    Narender Godara Aug 27, 2012

    NO Reply From Anyone in TATA Motors :(

    CASE History: I owned theVehicle TATA INDICA EV2 Bearing Chasis No, *MAT600433CPC25525* from OberoiCars Pvt Ltd. on Monday 21st May 2012 . As i was busy in my office i sentmy driver to pick the car, he reached showroom 2:00pm, Showroom people handedover the CAR to my driver @ 8:30 PM . Without doing PDT (Pre DeliveryTest)

    of the car it was handed over to my driver, no test time was given tomy driver, neither he was made to check the car, they just gave the carto him and closed the showroom.They Provided my Driver whose Meter Reading wasAlready arround 50 KM.
    When car reached to me after a drive of 5KM i found following Problemswith it.

    1) Meter Was not working ( Fuel Indicator), Meter Cover of the car wasFound Open and i immediately reported mr Varun Sales Person.
    2) There Was a used and a Puncture Tyre in the Stepeny
    3) The Driver Side Tyre Of the Car had a Cut Which is a ManufacturingFault, any technical Person can see and identify it.
    4) Both Front and Back Bumper of the Cars are Repainted and there Paintis coming out due to poor quality of paint over them.
    5) There Was Loud Disturbing Knocking Sound from te bottom of the Carmight be in stering or front suspention, asoon as we put the car toacceleration.
    6) The Car was stopping as soon i leave acceleration
    7) The Car was in very Dirty Condition from inside and outside ( TheSand which comes with water was all over on the Dashbord and Windows frominside and obver the Engine)
    8) No diesel was put below the engine, No Greecing and oiling was doneover each SUSPENTION. All the car suspention and rubber parts were sohard that they were making sound.

    When i complained about all this to the Sales man Varunand Manager Miss Madhumita, They Asked Sorry and Apologised i thoughthere is some humanity Left. they asked me to reurn the Car and they saide wewill make All Repairs Else they will Replace it.

    Miss Madhumita was very helpful and Pleasing, So i sent my car to them after one Day .Through My another Driver Deepak.
    This Time An Sales Manager From TATA Motors Miss Behaved With mydriver

    1) Mr. Sushil RoyAdviser/Manager in TATA Motors Oberoi Cars Pvt. Ltd Has miss Behaved With mydriver Abusing him and Challenging him what can your owner do, I Request TATA Motors to reply him Legally what can a customer do, i dontwant to take any wrong step.

    2) Mr Sushil Roy Blamed me for all the miss handling in the Brand NewCAR. For Every Single thing he said it has been done by.

    Do Tata Motors Really think, A Person Owning A brand New Car in Cash, Will Come Back to blame showroom just for as Rs 30 Punchur in the Tyre, But forme it was a trust Broken by TaTa motors.

    Mr. Ratan Ji TATA has earned the Good Name With So Hard Work andEffortsand Made TATA AGLobal Recognised Brand, and People Like Sushil Roy areMaking a Shame on name for TaTa Motors. Firstly I Felt to Publish this Mailover Face Book and in news Paper, but than i though due to people likeCheaters Sushil Roy we should not Blame Tata Motors.

    I bveleive People Like SushilRoy should be Black Listed from this Industry or just leave it over the customers like us, we can teach him a good lesson in one to one. Personally by complaining in Police.
    I have been Highly Mentally Harassed By Tata Motors Kindly Guide meASAP What should be done.

    Kindly Replace my car, i have called my car back, because they weredoing all "Jugad" in my car pulling my car with Rods from bottom toremove diffrent noises.

    Currently case is with Miss Sumedha Assistant Customer manager of regional office gurgaon, who has not yet taken any action since last 1 month no reply. TATA Motors is worst in hearing its complaints. I have all the the complaints mails with trail mails. if anyone wants to check contact me. i have got the loss of arround 40, 000. Just due to tata motors :(.

    Narender Godara

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  • Gh
    ghanavanth gowda May 30, 2012

    sir this is an humble request to your company that your tata show room drivers are very very rash & indiscipline in driving it was happen in Mysore pls while requiting advice your HR's to get some gentleman's they don't know how to speak with people its a serious issue advice them to drive safe life is precious i saw it today i don't know which show room he works today he almost killed a person pls look into it

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  • dear sir meri gadi indica vista hai meri vehicle ka accidend ho gaya to mene napur me pahle a g gandhi car ke workshop me diya unhone muje kaha ki sir jab hum apki gadi ka jobcot banayege to fir agar aap hamare pass car reaparing nahi karate ho to apko 5000 rupees dena padega humne kaha ok fir unhone muje 131000 samthig ka estimate diya uske bat humne national insurence company ka sarve hone ke bad unhone muje kaha sir apko car reaparing ke 25% adv jama karna padega to mene kaha ye koi tata company ke rules nahi hai to unhone kaha ki ye hamre rule hai fir mene unki complaint company me ki uske bad unhone muje meri car return di fir mene ye car nagpur ke hi jaika motors me diya unhone meri car ka estimate 254000 ka diya unhone muje kaha ki car reparinke pahle apko hamare pass 50% adv jama karna padega jab car ka kam chalu hoga sir mere insurance company ko kaha ki mari gadi ka serve kiya jaye to unhone muje kaha pahle gadi khula lo fir serve karege jab mene jaika ke workshop manager se bat ki hum apko 50000 bej rahe hai aap sirf gadi kholiye uske bad jo serve hoga me apko apki paymant kar duga fir unhone muje kaha hum ko call karte hai fir jaika motors ke dilip dev jo ki jaika ke workshop ka kam dekte hai unhone muje kaha ki hum apki car ko nahi banayege mene kaha kyo to unhone kaha apki car bahar khuli hai hum apki car ka work nahi karege 45 days ke bad muje unhone jawab jab unhone muje estimate diya to mari car nahi dekhi hogi kya fir mene unhe kaha sir aap muje itna let kyo jawab diya pahle boldiya hota to muje jo karna hota me kar leta sir abi meri shaniwar ko 21/04/2012 ko nagpur me prees confrence bula kar in dealaro ki bate kahuga aur tata car ke nagpur ke dealaro ki bate boluga aur me ye bi kahana chahuga sir aap bi unke upar kadi karwai kare nahi to muje bahut kuch karna padega muje malum hai aap meri sayta karege aur in defaltar dealaro ko unki dealar ship se unhe hata diya jana chahiye jo car sale karne par badi badi bate karte hai serv 1rupaye ki nahi hai my content num [protected] dilip goplani gondia

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  • Ga
    ganga ram suri May 23, 2011

    Dear sir
    my car engine is not properly working and your costomer staff is not listning to me my car no is Uk 06 R 4011
    MOBILE NO =[protected]

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  • Ve
    veenu Tandon Apr 13, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Veenu Tandon purchased Nano Lx car on 01/04/2011 the Invoice number is TechAu-R-[protected], and the car’s purchase receipt number TechAu-R-[protected].The car was driven only for 87km on 6th April 2011 at 7:00am and the car’s burned on the Road and never started again. I call mechanics from Techno Automobiles (p) ltd to repair it because of the poor quality of car. When contacting the company they failed to replace the car. After financing 2.40lakh for purchasing the car and it was done only 87km. I tried to contact the company regarding this issue but still there is no response from them. I am calling the company but still no proper response from the company. The company has to replace my car or my refund my cash.

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  • Co
    complaint Automobile sterling, NOIDA May 25, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Reg:-- Complaint of AUTOMOBILE STERLING, SECT - 8, NOIDA

    Dear Sir,

    I had purchased a car Regn No. UP -X- 7500 ( Indica Vista Quarderjet - Limited addition) on dated 31/7/2009 from the Automobile Sterling, sector - 8, Noida. After 3 months of purchasing the car its rear window ( left side) & diggi get rusted. I made 9 rounds to change the parts but nobody was able to give me proper answer. Lastly when I fed up, I written a complaint in tata motors, after that the above car dealer RE-Paint the door & diggi. Now there was a color variation between the car's original color & Re - paint color. Now my car looks like a accidental car & its AC is also not working, the above dealer is not bothered about that. I want to sell this car because I am So dis-satisfied customer but due to repaint & color variation its market value is very less, whereas it was totaly DEALER'S fault. Since last 3 days my car is lying in the work shop of the above dealer & they are not responding me properly.

    Pls help me out from the situation & It was my fault that I had purchased a car of TATA Brand, world known company.

    Thanks & Regards


    SECTOR - 49, NOIDA

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  • Dh
    Dheeraj Sharma May 14, 2010

    It is my request to everyone not to ever buy a car from TATA. Buy anything, but never ever buy a Tata car. They are pathetic, horrible, actually I have no words. I bought my Indica Vista from Sterling Auto, Noida in Oct 2008, since then the car has been in the service station more and with me less.
    Its AC is not working, I gave it to Shah Motors Noida for repair, they claim to have repaired it twice, even changed its compressor but still the problem remains where it is. Now car has been with them since last 15 days, standing, they claim that spare parts have not come from Pune. A customer like me has no-where to go. I even called the Tata Motors Toll free number, put my complaint in writing to Tata, but nothing. I feel as a customer, I have everything to loose and as a seller, Tata has nothing to loose, they have got their money. It is me who is suffering, no car, scorching Delhi heat, two little kids, when I bought the car, has different thoughts in my mind. Wow m buying TATA an Indian product, m so proud, where is Swami Ramdev who keep endorsing desi vastu ka upyog kejiye, rubbish...

    Dheeraj Sharma

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  • Dp
    D.P. BHARDWAJ Mar 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had purchased Indica Vista- Limited addition No. UP 16- X-7500 on 31/7/09. There are some problems in the car and I personaly visited approx 10 times the showroom of sterling automobile NOIDA, Sect-10 to sortout the problems even I met with up to the level of GM but altimately the out come is NILL. There behaviour is very casual & they are not botherd about the customer problem.

    Since last 6 months I am running here and there some time they says that parts are not available in the workshop or some time they sayto wait for 15 days but thier 15 days never come. Is it the customer responsibility to arrange the parts.

    So Now I do not have any option except to lodge the complaint with consumer court.


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  • Su
    sunil1137 Nov 10, 2009

    sir i have purchased new sumo grande last year
    but i have noticed some problem in its footstep apperence
    when it was new it was good looking but after few month it has turned redish in coular some red patch on it sir can u throw some light on it
    email [email protected]

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  • Vi
    VIJAYANAND Jul 04, 2009

    I am Vijayanand from Chennai I brought a Safari-VX of reg no: TN 09 BB 9999 in the name of v. yuvaraj ten months before from V.S.T. motors, Mount Road . For the past few months I am continuously facing corrosion problem in the vehicle. Last time when we given the vehicle for service we escalated the issue with service station and some tinkering work was done by the service station to remove it, now again and again the patches of corrosion was seen all over the places of my car. We already purchased 2 more vehicles of same model, there is no such issue with that two vehicles. We are afraid that entire shell will be corroded. So we requested the V.S.T. Motors and TATA Motors to replace our vehicle with a new shell. But they are not doing that. I am very much surprised that for a new vehicle itself they are not providing the warranty properly, if the vehicle crossing the warranty what will they do? We need this peoblem to be solved as soon as possible because our business was severely affected with out the vehicle. We need a permanent solution for this problem. Other wise we will take the legal actions against your company. A person from TATA Motors had spoken to me regarding this, but he refused to change the new one. That was very bad service provided by your company to me. For any details calL [protected] . email; [email protected]

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  • As
    ashish May 09, 2009

    sir, i have brought indigo lx dicor from A K gandhi showroom nagpur, b'coz of some problem in car i have shown my car in A K gandhi showroom chandrapur where i live .they told to give me car in 2 days but now from past 7 days they were saying that so so parts r not available here they have to brought them from this city nd that city .now what should i do my car is on taxi permit nd my business is going through lose b'coz of delay.plz help me to solve the problem, could u plz forward any number where i can contact its urgent i m suffering a lot from this problem.

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  • Su
    Suresh Pukraj Jain Mar 26, 2009

    Suresh Pukraj Jain,
    Dear sir'
    sir im sorry to say that your service is a poor service
    We purchase the indica vista anniversary model from ujwal auto dhule.then we go to 2nt service an tell them the problem of music player which is provided by car. but they did not take any action about it.after that we call them they say us to come showroom to check music player after few days we go to 3rd service told the manager come and see the car and then manager take the music player from the car and manager told us that it will be repaired in 8 days. after 8 days when we call them they say 2to3 days more required but today 30 days happen till they do not give any reply about it.when we call to them they says that they will call us but till there call had never come to us.
    At a 3rd servicing of car the car tyre had catch the air, and manager told us that a warranty manager will come in half an hour but that manager had not come till now today 30 days happen till they do not give any reply
    so I request you to take a quick action about it.

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  • Hj
    H J Gubitz Feb 25, 2009

    Your service is non existant. Spareparts are not obtainable from Polokwane. I tried to contact your Mr Warren Brooks, no joy.

    Please wake up we unfortunately bought a Tata, but due to lack of spareparts can not keep it on the road. Do something now.

    H J Gubitz

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  • Sa
    Satish Pathak Oct 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Customer Service Department,
    Tata Motors Limited

    Sub: Indica Vista

    Dear Sir,

    I have booked India Vista Model- Saffire Aura, Gala Red Colour on 25.09.08.
    Our dealer is A.K. Gandhi Cars, Nagpur.

    At the time of booking it was told that I shall get the delivery probably within a month.
    But today, no one is in a position to give the exact delivery status because they do not have any feedback from Tata Motors.

    Sir, as per orders received from various destinations, cities in India, Production Planning, Scheduling and dispatch dates etc. must have been properly planned by Tata Motors. And probable dates of dispatches to various dealers in different cities must have been worked out accordingly. Then there should be no problem in giving proper feedback to dealers.

    Isn’t is surprising that, we speak of customer care, we set up customer service department, we offer toll free services but finally we can’t give feedback to our customer.

    I know every company have their own problems within. But a very good company like Tata Motors calibre should attend the customer complaints immediately and give proper feedback for customer satifaction.

    My dealer is your direct customer and I am the indirect customer. I am totally in dark only because direct customer has no any feedback from the manufacturer.I could not plan my activities as decided, I don’t know whether it will take 2, 3, 4 months to get my vehicle or should I switch over to another model. I am unable to take proper decision.

    I am not asking for specific date but you should at least give tentative dates of delivery after 15 days of booking, make a online system and display the tentative dispatch schedule of various models and make it available to your dealers.This will give more clear and transparent picture to the customer .

    One more suggestion/feedback I would like to give and it is about tubeless tyres.
    No one is able to give satisfactory answers, details on tubeless tyres in dealers shop.
    Once the tyre get punctured how it is located and how it is repaired(plug, patch or filler method etc.) you should give separate instruction manual of the same. More ever I would suggest to offer puncture repairing kit of tubeless tyres. As all the cities in India may not have the facility or the knowledge of the same .

    Thanking You



    [email protected]

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  • Mo
    Mohd. Anwar Sadat Oct 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,
    I purchesed a Tata Ace from Aligarh and financed it nfrom Tata Motors for 36 months. but I cleared the financed amount after 13 months. My Loan Acount was [protected]. the entire amount was deposited on 06/05/2008. But i am so sorry to say that i have not recieved my cheques which was given to at the time of purchasing.
    Please look into the matter
    Mohd. Anwar Sadat

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  • An
    Ankur Jain Oct 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have booked the tata indigo GLX petrol version on 5 oct from automobile sterling noida after a full negociation of Rs 440000/- but now on 11 oct when i went to dealership i was given the reviesed rate of Rs 442975/- or odd which was not acceptable to me so i demad my booking amount of Rs 10000 to be returend off to me imediately. for which we have demanded but from the dealership i got a very bad esponse and they neearly have fought with us. Due to the above experiense i will not going to buy a TATA car in my whole life i will prefer TOYOTA

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