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I grew up in Minnesota where Target Corporation was a big deal. Their stores were clean, employees had a dress and conduct code. Yah their prices were higher than Walmart but you have less hassle of being mobbed and better quality.

My husband works for Target. He is very dedicated and works very hard even when he is pain from some of the work he has done. He has been through 4 managers and several district managers in 4 years. In his region, he has been there the longest. He volunteered to work overnights and even miss my birthday one year. is my problem. The department he works in is VERY UNETHICAL!!! His managers lack common sense and have no idea the basics of Human Resources. They treat their department like something they scrap off their shoe and even when the "Higher Ups" are very pleased with budget and performance, their managers always find a way to kick them down. Other departments are aware of these problems and have addressed the issue to them. But the structured system at Target has failed this department.

This specific department is having so many problems that their turnover rate is extremely high and their pay scale is very low. They can not retain employees for an extended period of them. They have even promised pay increases but once hired, they become non-existent. One manager has nickeled and dimed his department to try to be below budget, when his employees achieved this, he gave them a lower raise for their efforts and took a large bonus. I know that most of this is not unheard of but disheartening for a large structured company like Target Corporation that brags on its "Branding".

His manager has become so desperate to attack my husband that he has given him verbal warnings about missing Fridays and Mondays. My husband recently missed yesterday (Monday) due to an infection that began last Thursday!! My husband was smart enough to produce a doctor's note for his Manager. My husband has earned his time off. Sickness is not predictable and my husband always makes sure he doesn't put his store in a bad position because of it.

Now that his Manager has went back to look at his time of schedule from the past, I will take the time to go back and receive doctors notes from my husband missing days due to illness for himself or our children. I will also consider calling an attorney about legal advice if his Manager continues to find bogus items to give warnings for.

You might think...they are doing their job. There is more to the story including the Floater who is very ill with Cancer and the Managers refusing to hire additional people to help him.. This poor man has 4 children and is ALWAYS on call, they promise him relief every week. The "African-American" person that was given the slight promotion of Lead until his work got him demoted but when the man felt this department wasn't for him, they denied his request to locate somewhere else because he fills their Minority quota and they can not afford to lose someone else.

Times are tough for everyone right now and we can't afford for my husband to lose his job because his boss can't do his.

Anyone else having problems with their jobs or their spouse's jobs at Target Corp?


  • Ch
    Chris Aug 12, 2008

    I have heard about this before. Target turns a blind eye to certain departments. How terrible for you and your family. Large companies are doing this to everyone so they can cut budget or replace them with employees that cost less.

    Target Corp does lack in some departments of training for their managers. Some of these kids are right out of college and don't know the basic knowledge or common sense of their job because they only know what is written in a book.

    I would keep a written file of everything in case you have to contact a lawyer. I would suggest your husband go to the District or Regional level. They might be above his Manager.

    Also...look at the cost of their healthcare plan and how terrible it is for a family. For a family values company, they don't seem to support it too well.

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  • Ch
    Chris Aug 12, 2008

    If you take it higher than his boss, be careful!! If he is established, then your husband's job is as good as gone.

    Target settled a lawsuit for $775, 000 against 13 African Americans. So your comment doesn't surprise me. But I am surprised that the person that is sick, Target pays life insurance for his salary if he dies. Imagine if he dies due to the job. I see law suit all over it, with 4 kids, that is a lot of money.

    Collect the doctors letters. If it is brought up again then your husband can produce the information and file a complaint in Human Resources. They don't take that very lightly.

    Don't worry, most departments are very good with their Human Resources department.

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  • Ch
    Chris Aug 28, 2008

    I used to be a Human Resource Manager at Target stores and actually worked in 7 different stores. I no longer work there so I have no allegiances. I find some 0f complainer's statements about budgets, raises and bonuses to be untrue.

    Target Manager bonuses are one time per year and based off of profitablility, budget management and accident prevention. Pay raises are done on an individual basis, not for an entire department. Budgets are based on total hours, not hourly pay. There is no minority quota for this company.

    Your spouse has the opportunity to go to the HR manager in the store as well as the store manager. If there is no remedy there they can go to the Regional and even National level for complaints. I agree that he should keep a journal of the problems he is having but my guess is there's more to the story than you're telling.

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  • Ro
    Robert Aug 29, 2008

    I understand completely! My wife just started with Target and they are ridiculous. The work schedule changes on a daily basis. She has been forced to check the schedule every day before leaving to see what she is scheduled to work the next day. After completing orientation she was given a schedule showing the days and hours she was scheduled to work the following week. She was actually called on her first day off and asked why she didn't show up for work! She explained that she had her schedule in front of her and they did not care. They even said "You aren't supposed to go by that schedule." After hearing of the complaint of the mixed up schedule her supervisor called her to explain to her how to read a schedule! What?? She was written up as a No Call No Show for that day. They do not know how to schedule the store. She was given about 2 hours training on the register one day and was thrown in to run a register with no support. Just this week she was scheduled at 8am to open the Lawn and Garden section. She was the only one in that department and that was her first day - no training. The manager was upset with her that she didn't know how to open the department and pulled someone else from the store.
    The pay is minimal at best, no training and no real management in the store. They should be ashamed of themselves. The first week she was there she very obviously saw that other members were not working, walking around and goofing off while she was doing as an employee should - she even witnessed them cussing on the floor with customers around - unbelievable! She finally had enough of this attitude and complained to her supervisor ... nothing has changed. The best employees that she has met at the store are either looking for another job or have already turned in their notice. She has only been there a month and has seen many people leave. She has turned in her notice as well.
    Target's lack of professionalism has earned them the privilege of not having our future business. Which is a shame because we used to like shopping there. The Target store is 15 minutes from our house. There is a Wal-Mart and a K-Mart within 5 minutes from our house. I would rather shop there now - Target will no longer get our money.
    No wonder their budgets and profits are within margins they are looking for. They don't keep very many long term employees to have to give raises or benefits to. From a financial standpoint they are brilliant. I'm sure the higher profits are much more important to them than committed and loyal employees. Target boasts the family atmosphere and caring about their employees - they sure fooled us!
    I only hope that this one store is run so poorly, I highly doubt it. It is a shame that is allowed to carry on this way!

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  • He
    Hext Oct 14, 2008

    I worked for Target for 4 days and quit. They love to train new people for like a day then abandon them on their own.

    I had never worked in electronics before, I was trained for like a day, then I was left alone to close less than 2 days later.

    I had to answer questions, harass customers ("Can I help you find something?") know when to take my own breaks, restock shelves, unlock games, and restock other departments all in the same blink.

    A front end manager got mad at me for missing my break because I was busy helping customers.

    They expect you to do a little on nothing.
    I should have gotten the hint they were looking for the lowest bidder in the job market. I had skipped their interview and found a different job. Then I quit that when it became too much with school. Target called me and offered me the job.

    I lasted at that place 4 days. Then they made me come in to get my check when I quit and made me sign paperwork saying I quit.

    Worst company ever. My girl is going through the same thing right now. They don't help new employees good enough. She needs so much help and they don't have that teaching capability. They're so focused on buttering up the "guests"

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  • Li
    Linda K Williams Nov 03, 2008

    I became a part-time Target employee on October 15th. Target has really messed up my schedule and I can't get it changed. I tried the "Availability Change" form and it was marked "Under 90 days." I work hard there in Softlines (Menswear). I tried calling the store and the phone doesn't get answered. I told the HR person that training was bad. I, too, was trained for about 20 minutes on register and then put on one for the rest of the night on my first night of work and then my next night of work all night. I feel that my only recourse is to leave. I enjoy working but not more hours than I do on my full-time job in a week.

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Nov 25, 2008

    I too worked for Target for less than 3 months. Their management has no idea what good guest service is or how to treat the employees. The only time you saw them is when they came out to the morning huddle every day to remind us of what our jobs are and that if they make money, we get our checks. They also say since we are team members, we can be used in any position at the store. They reminded us that many people were lookinig for work and that we could easily be replaced. Instead of saying what a good job we were doing, they choose to try to find a way to insult us. Sad. They can be seen on the floor only when the big shots come to tour the store and they take all the credit for our hard work. I cared more about the guest satisfaction than the management. They gave the worst excuses to people and lied to them about products. The management, you could tell, had no store training or experience with retail and had a lack of concern for guest satisfaction. It is sad to see bacause so many lower level workers could have done a much better job of running the store. They also posted jobs for slight promotions and didn't consider anyone who had applied for them. The jobs were held open later than scheduled and given to people they asked. One job was given the the most well known employee who told guests we didn't have things because he was too lazy to get them and he would disappear several times a day. This showed how it is who you know rather than what you know. I thought Target would be a great place to work but it was the worst mistake I ever made.

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  • Sb
    sbmaupin Feb 19, 2009

    My son-in-law just lost his job in North Carolina. He was a Maintenance Man, wanted by several stores. His store manager apparently got the word to "cut back" because he was fired for Time Fraud. He had been clocking out for lunch and continuing to work. He had no previous documented warnings and was actually giving Target extra time. I have tried to contact Target on his behalf and have not had positive response. We, as a family, are going to Boycott that particular Target store and I will continue to try to reach someone about this injustice. I was told they were legally correct in the process; legal is not always ethical. To have a great company you have to have great employees; and you don't get rid of your good ones on technical issues that were not previously addressed. What goes around comes around!

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  • Su
    supergirlpam Mar 24, 2009

    Hello fellow Target victims:

    My father works at Target. He's a hard worker always has been, and enjoys interacting with customers. However he is under constant threat of being written up for whatever excuse lead/supervisor can come up with. He has been written up for working to many hours, for not taking his lunch on time because he was busy helping customers etc. There is also the issue with the constant schedule changes and occasional issues with their system for clocking in. On several occasions my father and other employees notice their check out/in times are not correctly registered by the system. However they are afraid to notify their managers and would rather forfeit their pay to avoid being written up for not being able to operate the check in system correctly. Of course many of my fathers co-workers including himself are immigrants and lack the language skills to defend themselves in front of their managers which leads to continous abuse. Is there any recourse available?


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  • Lm
    LMC Jun 03, 2009

    I was hired about a year ago as a Target Team Lead. When hired I was promised that by this time I would be going for round robin and be in executive college. Nothing has come to fruition. I was told that I would be promoted to Senior Team Lead in February, well when February came I was told that was put on hold because the new district we are in needs to interview everyone and they felt that no one was ready to go. When the other team leads found out about it they basically ostricized me and at this point have little or nothing to do with me.
    I was then pulled into the office by HR and asked if it were true that I was dating a team member (this I was told was frowned upon and could cause me not to be promoted) I told them none was true ( it is but its none of there business) we are friends that is true and he is the love of my life. I thought Target was an ethical company and work life balance was what they stood for. I have been sadly disappointed. I expected to be with Target until I retired but I dont see that happening and have updated my resume and plan on moving on...

    Does anyone know what the policy is for dating at work?

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  • DamnitJill Jun 09, 2009

    I also work at Target, sadly. And I have experienced most of the same pain/problems everyone else has. I was hired 2 years ago!!! I was promised to move up fast because of my experience and I would receive a raise. Just put it this way...I am only a team trainer after 2 years of working my butt off for them.
    And when my son was 14 months old and almost died from a 45 min seizure all they cared about was how soon I would be back to work, and seemed annoyed when I would call to tell them the status. One of the managers even threatened to write me up. When I had a miscarriage and had to have surgery the same thing happened.

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  • Ja
    Jay9958 Oct 19, 2009

    I work for target still. I think they need to stop caring, so mush about pleasing, there Stock Holder Stater Caring and start caring about their workers. There works are the one's help the guest and doing ever thing for management. Target Stop Stop Stop For The Sake of Humanity Stop Pleasing Your Stock Holder!!! They are Not the One's Keeping Your Store Running.
    I Don't Think, No I Know GEORGE DAYTON Would Be Pleased With What you People have do with His Company!!!

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  • Ch
    chubbylittledog Feb 02, 2010

    I must say, I can sympathize with each of you. As far as dating another team member, our store has a Team Lead (hourly) dating a team member, but since Target ensure she does not report to him, then they say it is OK. Well, when he is the TLOD, is she not reporting to him? of course she is.

    They went a far as telling the team leads and ETL's that they "highly discourage" them from being freinds with Team Members on Facebook! Talk about a violation of the first amendment!?

    Well my wife works as a Team Lead (or I should say worked) and she filled out a punch correction sheet for me, since I have Rhumetoid Arthritis and can not always write. She did so on the 24th of December to ensure they were in for the end of year. I asked her to complete it while I was in the Back of the Store pulling their CAFs so they would not be in the "Red" for the day. She signed it for me and submitted it. She did not approve it, just submitted it.

    They brought her in and asked her, she told them she did. Without asking why she did other that the posted note, they terminated her. No previous warning, all her evaluations were above average and she was a "company player".

    When asked about the appeal process, the store manager said :we do not have one, sometimes these things happen because people make an honest mistake". There was no benefit realized for either of us because of her actions. I had worked this time and she gave the correct time out punch.

    Did I happen to say this was after she attempted to go to work with pneumonia for two weeks (during holiday schedule) and four days after I filed a harrasment complaint against a different hourly team leader?

    Well here I am at 5am, attempting to find someone I can write to so they can review this actions before some further action is taken.

    They differ not only state to state, but district to district, from store to store and team member to team member. Far and equal treatment has never been something they can say they do.

    I am looking for information which a similiar scenario may have taken place in a different Target store.

    Any one have anything?


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  • Wy
    wyld_guy Feb 24, 2010

    Reading through these posts I'm a little dumbfounded at how widespread these problems are. My wife is a current employee of Target and I found this website while I was searching for a way to file a complaint to their headqaurters. The Target my wife works at is a fairly busy 2 story store and they are constantly under scheduling the closing shift. They will have as few as 6 people to close the store and get it ready for the next day. They work the employees like dogs and get mad when things are not being taken care of properly or quick enough. Does anyone know of a way to file a formal complaint with the headquarters?

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  • Ro
    roxanne2521 Jun 22, 2010

    i work at target. i have worked there for 3 years now. i am very unhappy there but with how things are going with jobs out there i have no other choice but to stay there. right now i am having a problem with them . i was on vacation and i dislocated my knee. when i came back i went to the doctor and he told me that i could work i just couldn't stand for long periods of time that i had to sit . i gave my lod and stl a doctors note . first the stl said she couldn't take the doctors note because they don't take notes but she would make sure that i was able to sit if i needed to. the next day i had to work but in the morning i noticed that my knee was swollen all the way to my ankle . so i decided to call out just in case . i didn't want to hurt it more. about a week later i went back to work and my team lead said she had to talk to me . i work at the fitting room . she didn't take me to the office or anything she talked to me there. i don't think that legal to do. she made me look bad in front of people . she said that because i called out the last time i worked she was going to put me on probation for 30 days and i cant call out or anything for those days . so for the next 3 days that i worked i wasn't allowed to sit either . they said they weren't going to give me special treatment. when i went back to the doctor he told me i now have fluid in my knee and that was caused by me standing at work for so long on it. i also have to miss work on friday for an MRI to be done . they were not happy i was going to have to miss that day and told me i did it for that day so i didn't have to go to work . it's funny they say they won't take my note because it's a company rule but yet they have taken them for others before. i don't know what to do .any advice??

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  • Je
    Jessicasta22 Sep 10, 2010

    I TOTALLY agree with almost everything, that everyone has stated on here! I found this website searching for a phone number for Target headquarters to form a complaint! Its almost refreshing to see that I am not the only person having major issues with working for Target! I have been working for Target for about two years, and their human resources team is totally unprofessional. I was on a medical leave for almost two months with a serious, and now chronic medical condition. They have my doctors notes, and to this day still hassle be about my absence being unexcused. I feel that myself, at the age of only 19 could do a much better job then any of these people working in human resources. They are lacking common sense, and do not know how to run a business professionally.

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  • Wh
    where is my money target? Oct 08, 2010

    I worked for target for a total of 6 days and quit. I was training as an ETL and I soon realized that what I was really being trained to do was be an hourly employee. I started thinking that I seriously took out student loans and put in blood, sweat and tears into school to climb ladders and put together shelving. I left a great paying job that I was bored with hoping that this would be an exciting fast paced environment to get some management experience. I found everyone a bit unfriendly and the hourly employees seemed to not be so friendly when I tried to make conversation. Perhaps they were use to young kids right out of college with no experience treating them like crap...who knows. I was not prepared or willing to put in effort to motivate people who were not motivated to get to know you! Everyone seemed a bit to miserable for my taste. I have always worked for companies where people were willing to get to know you and were friendly. The climate tells you a lot about the culture and the whole "fun place to work" is just a wish and not reality. The pay was only 46k a year and they expected you to work 50 hours +. When I quit I told my trainer that I thought this was a 50 hour work week but the other ETL's stated that it can be more like 60 or 65 hours a week. So divide my salary by (lets say 55 hours a week) and I am now I am making what I made right out of highschool in 2002. The trainer said that the excess hours were not true and that if that is the case they arent doing their jobs well. He then said the hours are more like 40 or 45? If these people are not doing their jobs correctly I suppose these are the people you want to train me then? So its been 3 1/2 weeks since my first day and I have yet to receive my pay check. They said it would be mailed and I would get it on October 1st or the 2nd the latest. Well I still havent received it, the store is stating it was mailed at the beginning of the week. Well they must be lying because it doesnt take a week for local mail to get to your house! I will be putting in a complaint with the department of labor because they have 2 days to get my paycheck in my hand, that would be the actual payday or by the saturday following. I called today about my check and the hr etl said it was mailed out the beginning of the week but couldnt tell me what day? She then said I should get it by Monday and I said that would be a holiday so she said then by Tuesday. Nice HR manager she is because she clearly does not no the law about how long you have to provide someone with a check. If I was told the correct information about how they are distributed perhaps I could have gone in to pick it up on friday. Instead I was lied to stating it would be mailed to me directly and here I sit with no paycheck. I havent received a a check since the beginning of september from my previous employer! Target is unprofessional and probably the most negative place I have ever worked! Thank God I found a job that same week I determined this place was horrible!

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  • Vr
    Vruzy Oct 19, 2010

    My wife has a knee with four torn ligaments, and her managers at Target refuse to give her proper breaks. They even force her to punch out for lunch but still work the half hour! Today she was basically black-mailed, guilt tripped and bullied into coming to work even though she is is so sick she can hardly stand, talk, or eat! At work she tries to go home but the same thing, being called a baby and a faker. I talked to her on the phone and though barley able to understand her she tells me "I can't come home because I don't want to be the one they talk about" Is it just me or do this seem like a grossly perverted middle school lunchroom.

    Here is the kicker she works in the downtown Minneapolis store attached to cooperate and has even told Gregg Steinhafel in person about it!

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  • Ac
    AccountingBuff Nov 06, 2010

    I worked at Target and had many problems there. But when reading your post I was made to think that maybe you're either been lied to or are misunderstanding what your husband is telling you about the company. I was a Human Resource Manager at Target and NO ONE ever gets bonuses or are rewarded for skimping on raises for their employees. That's not how the system works. According to how often the compnay made budget and the income it provided the store is given a certain amount of money it is allowed to give raises off. IT HAS to be under the amount or it will never be approved from district. Manager bonuses are a joke and are not received because of meetiong this budget requirement, but is given because of where you fall on your performance review.

    IN ADDITION, THERE WAS NO MINORITY QUOTA at Target. Althought Target encourages diverse groups of emplyees it is ridiculous for this man to blame Target for not being transfered because of a minority quota. When someone was denied transfer from me it was because I would feel guilty passing a problem onto another store if I knew they were a bad worker, OR if the store did not have an opening for the position.

    I do agree that Target has ALOT of issues I say agian, but it's difficult to take your article seriously when there's such agregous lies about how the system works. YOu may not have meant to lie, but your information is very inaccurate.

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  • Qu
    "Target-ed" Jan 18, 2011

    Abuse of basic employee rights and aggressive management tactics from Store managers on down is rampid in this corporation. I am most curious about the comments defending Target from so called former HR staff. The two here that state that there is no conflict of interest with bonuses for Managers. They state that Store Manager bonuses are tied to making budget and profitability among other factors. What any business person with half a brain can figure out is that the ONLY way for Store Managers at Target to make budget and be profitable to the expense number they are given is to eliminate older and more expensive employees. This is a common and unwritten practice at big chain stores. It's common sense that if an older employee of say 5 years who has earned extra vacation time...and potentially annual raises...the Store has to hire and spend that many vacations days in extra cost to have someone else cover those shifts. For example, if you have a store with all young employees who only have 1 or 2 weeks vacation at most and you compare to a Store who has half the employees are older than 40 and have an average of 4 weeks vacation...the largest expense and cost in each store is the labor and the store with the older employees has more than double the labor expense. There is NO WAY a store can make budget and no way the Store Manager gets their bonus if they have older employees. If this in fact is the unwritten policy ... to indirectly force out older employees so store managers make their's a form of age discrimination among other things. How does a so called former HR person for Target not understand simple expense budget management and keeping labor costs low?? I agree something big should be done to Target corporate and all large chains where they force out older employees mostly so Store Managers can make bonus money. That is the classic conflict of interest. I have even heard of situations where the Store HR person is also the Store Manger. Talk about a scam. That is a law suit waiting to happen.

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  • Ni
    NickGerz Feb 22, 2011

    Target has hired Jamin Dick, a convicted criminal for assault, in their IT dept. What a bunch of two-faced liars.

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  • Mi
    military vet Dec 27, 2012

    Well it does not surprise me that all this is going on.I was hired for season as tps in assets protection . Etl AP she does not no how to talk to any one including guest . She has nasty attitude if. A guess come in the store and ask a question she gets down right nasty with them and calls the cops to issue trespassing.I observed it multiple. Times. Even call law enforcement on older lady who clear had medical tags and a medical wrist saying she. Was mentally disable complained she was under the influence and tried to have her kick pout of the store 1503 . I was so embarrassed when I heard law enforcement. Tell her u didn't see her tags on her. Wow . My second day on the job which was on black Friday after all those long hrs with no break I ask ti take a quick 15min . After my break she call me into the office calling a liar and all sort crazy stuff and turn around and says good job . I was like wow. I had talk with stl and corrected until she went on family leave from work. I got work day after Christmas I receive a letter from hr stating they Aappreciate hard and would love to have me on the team as non- seasonal team. Member . I accepted only for two hr later for etl AP to come in and fire me saying she has multiple complaints of sexy harassment and videos prove it what a laughing stock this is I have a beautiful wife I love that I come home to everyday .I don't feel need to look else where. It was all so funny cause if there's a complaint its hr problem hr wasn't present. I don't mine or take I personal if u don't want to continue employment . Why have hr say one and u make up something to try ruin my name. I don't understand I enjoyed my job something needs to be done about it. Military vet after 15yrs if anyone has and answer [email protected]

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