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J Jul 21, 2019

To whomever will do something,
We love your food but the Kemah location needs new management and employees. The only one in the place that works and tries to keep your location moving is the young crippled boy with glasses that is at the window and takes our order. It's been about a year since there has been good service. Just tonight I waited 39 minutes in drive through with 2 other cars and got cold and oil soaked food for $12. Waited 15 minutes at the window watching 4 employees texting, talking, moving so slow and careless in conversation ignoring why they were there. The man in the drive thru and I shut our vehicles off in the heat and talked about how bad it's gotten at the Kemah location. There is a lot of money flowing through that location that is avoiding that location it has to show in your profit reports. According to customers online you all need new upper management because your management and employees all over don't care about doing their jobs. If I were managing I'd turn the business into a cash cow like WHATABURGER !

Joseph Comer

  • Updated by Joseph Comer · Jul 21, 2019

    Do something.. You used to care about your product and service..

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