Systweak Software Customer Care Service

There is some slight activity coming from this company when it comes down to resolving complaints, but so far it's neither timely, nor relevant.

Systweak Software

E-73 Chitranjan Marg, C-Scheme
India - 302001

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1855 765 6710(USA and Canada) 1 0

Systweak Software Complaints & Reviews

Systweak Software / 2 year service plan for 199.99

Jan 09, 2019

They told me hackers were trying to hack into my computer and told me if I got off the phone the hackers were going to get all my information. They talked me into buying a service plan, so I bought a 2 year service plan for $199.99 and about three weeks later my computer started being...

Systweak Software / fraud

Jun 16, 2018

Systweak place a recurring message on my computer saying that a virus has been detected. The message said to call a MicroSoft 800 number. When I called and allowed a representative to access my computer (MISTAKE) they offered three plans for virus protection. My computer store owner said they...

Systweak Software / advanced system protector

Jan 13, 2018

This company auto-renews every item of purchased software annually - meaning they will charge your card forever without your permission - even when the devices using the software have long gone, you will still be paying this unethical company. Two years of complaints have yielded no...

Systweak / duplicate files fixer

Oct 21, 2017

I bought Duplicate Files Fixer in May 2017, and paid for a year's license (Cleverbridge ref# [protected]; purchase price $35.94). I immediately had to call customer service, as it did not work properly. Their customer service rep remotely accessed my computer, fiddled around, and got it to...

Systweak / a scam claiming to clean up my computer when they added the extension to my browser causing my computer to crash

Aug 11, 2017

My computer kept crashing and directly after I'd get a pop up message stating that my computer may have mal-ware. I noticed the pop up would change the problem to whatever software I was using at the time of the crash. I finally called the number after I spent hours trying to locate the...

Cleverbridge/Systweak / computer assist

Aug 11, 2017

I purchased some softwares from Systweak over the past two years and paid thru my Visa which came out of my bank account and was fine but I called several times to cancel anymore services in June 2017 and also cancelled online with a Co. called Cleverbridge which seemed to be the billing...

Systweak / gained access to private computer impersonating aol

Jun 20, 2017

On June 20, 2017 the company Systweak phone was listed under AOL icon on Google page when I searched "The mail server is not responding." Systweak appeared on top of the search. I needed to fix issue with .aol. index on my mobile phone and called AOL. Peter Ron, technician of...

CBA*Systweak / auto renewal without consent

Nov 15, 2016

I want this company to stop deducting annual auto renewal fee from credit card 4xxx5000 without informing me or without my consent. If i had inadvertently had selected autorenewal i want to stop it. What happens when you buy a software for an year using online payment from a company...

Systweak / unhappy all

Jun 27, 2016

I was sacked into this company by the credentials & awards they displayed at the time. I allowed them to obtain use of my computer. All they did was add problems I did not currentlying have. I asked for my $99 dollars back the next day. They did give this back to me, however the...

CBA Systweak Cleaverbridge DE / charges on my account

Apr 16, 2014

My checking account was charged $29.95 for a product I never received at my Washington Maine address on march 13th. 2014. I have just returned from NH on April 7th. 2014. I have been gone since Dec. 22nd. 2013...the home was closed and the mail was held till I returned and no such package was delivered to the home address.

Systweak / does not do what I wanted a program to do

Apr 09, 2014

I ordered this program to clean my computer from virus. I paid for it 59.90 and another charge was for.48. I want my money returned. I called the number to find out why I get pop-ups saying more money is needed. I spoke to some guy who keep me on the phone a long time and wanted to dig in...

Systweak / scam

Apr 01, 2014

Do not order computer service from systweak. If you do order a service from systweak for 3 or 6 months or 1 - 2 years service... Once the service will end then systweak or an affiliate will call you threatening to charge your credit card $ 500. 00!!! If you cancel your subscription...

CBA Systweak / company charges without authorization and warning

Mar 29, 2014

It is total rip off. I never bought from the company cba systweak, but they charged me for $176.99. I tried to find any contacts of this company, but nothing. They are frauds and thieves. I don’t know what measures to take in order to find these people. Maybe someone has any idea how... / poor product

Mar 08, 2014

Purchased the computer cleaner from systweak and my computer got worse. Crashed so bad that I had to recover my computer by calling dell and have it set back to factory settings. The website promised guarentee or your money back. Called company and was told that I had to write a complaint...

Systweak Koeln / not satisfied with the purchases

Nov 20, 2013

My PC has been receiving marketing scam alert - low disk space - from Systweak, enticing me to purchase CleanRegPro for $14.95, which I did purchase on Nov 9. However within the same day after download the CleanRegPro, I kept on receiving the same alert scam, then I called the 1-800...

Systweak / charged twice doesn't even work

Oct 11, 2013

I was charged 2 times for this cleaning the computer product. It doesn't work and I want my money back as soon as possible. One charge was 09/19/2013 and the other 10/01/2013. The two referenc numbers are as follows: 09/19/2013: 242036086049BBVWB 10/01/2013: 24203608K04A72KAJ I feel I have been ripped off big time

Systweak Koeln / request for $39.90 refund

Jul 27, 2013

My VISA account was charged $39.90 on 6/16/13 for something that I did not intend to order. It was set forth as a trial and I did not realize that I would be charged for something I do not have included in my programs. The only Systweak program in my computer is the Photo Shop which I...

Systweak / fraud and scam of anti-malware products

Apr 07, 2013

I purchased Systweak this week and have not been able to access online. It pops up when I'm doing other tasks and will not let me close. Nor will it accept the registry code that they sent me via email when I registered. I can't use it, and I can't escape it. I have asked...

Systweak / non livraison de logiciels achetés

Mar 05, 2013

achat du logiciel:Regcleanpro ref:[protected]--Advanced driver update ref:[protected]--advanced system protector ref423332735 cleanburgeschhekout ref:333055 ces 4 logiciels ont été acheté par prélèvements sur mon compte bancaire le 22 02 2013 en deux...

Systweak / fraud +unprofessional actions

Mar 05, 2013

I believe that"systweak" took advantage of a person (me) in a compromised state. I was experiencing trouble with internet explorerdisconnecting. This started in 12/12, the problem was never addressed. Being disabled I forgot that I had called or I never called again, this cost over $300...

Systweak Koeln / 5 unauthoized charges

Feb 23, 2013

Unauthorized chages: 02 / 04 systweak koeln $29. 95 02 / 04 systweak koeln $29. 95 02 / 04 systweak koeln $29. 95 02 / 07 systweak koeln $29. 95 02 / 07 systweak koeln &14. 95 E

Systweak Koeln Deu / charges on cc

Feb 12, 2013

I have charges on my credit card that I did not purchase anything from this company for any computer software ever before want refund! There is 2 of them!!! 44.95 and 1.53.

Advanced System Optimizer 3 / want refund back

Feb 07, 2013

I had purches a antivirus software from systweak and it was subpose to clean my computer it did not do what it was subpose to do and I want my money back. Referance number [protected]

Systweak Koeln DF / unauthorized charges to my credit card


I have never heard of this company, yet was charged $39.90 to my Mastercard on 12/02/2012, plus a $.40 "foreign transaction fee". I would appreciate an immediate refund. My contact info is Anne Hedleston, [protected] Thank you.

Systweak Koeln / did not purchase software and $29.95 was billed to my account on 9/4/2012


Did not purchase software from systweak koeln and $29.95 was charged-to my account on 9/4/2012 plus $.90 cents fee! Would appreciate refund immediately!!! [protected]

Systweak / unauthorised charge


I have been charged $18.59 for something (I don't know what) and it was not authorised. Please return this money immediately

Systweak Inc. / visa scam


I've just checked my monthly bank statement and discovered charge from Systweak Inc., I've never bought anything from them so it is mystery for my how they've managed to charge my card, is there a way of getting refund now?

Systweak Secure Online Store / never received software


My computer started to develop some problems with registry and during start up I kept receiving different errors. I found systweak secure online store while searching solution for this and they’ve promised that their software will be able to fix this. Once I paid no software wa...

Systweak Koeln / unauthorized charges


I never used them before, but today while checking my bank statement I found 5 unauthorized charges: 02/04 systweak $29.95 02/04 systweak $29.95 02/04 systweak $29.95 02/07 systweak $29.95 02/07 systweak $14.95