Surburban Propane Customer Service


Suburban Propane, L.P.

240 Route 10 West
P.O. Box 206

New Jersey
United States - 07981-0206

Customer Support Phone Numbers

Mon8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Surburban Propane Complaints & Reviews

Surburban Propane / l p gas

Jun 06, 2018

Price gouging on propane gas for last three years, unethical practices (doubling the market price) Quantity of gas used but stated they filled tank. Giving late charge when no bill received. When you call they give different price on gas, what about the people who do not...

Surburban Propane / Closeout charge

Apr 12, 2017

I was a customer with moore propane in washington, nc before they were taken over by surburban propane. I received a bill for $701 for 3 months. They told me the price per gallon went from $ 2.14 to 2.54. I called tidewater propane and their charge was $ 1.99 all year; 2017. I called...

Surburban Propane / Worst customer service

Nov 29, 2016

ZERO STARS to the worst customer service ( DEBRA, KENNY and AMANDA) money stealing company!!!just had this company for 2 months and their service fee is ridiculous!!! The pilot went out I couldn't turn it on they had someone come to my house a week later to look at our fireplace. We...

Surburban Propane Co / Propane customer service

Sep 29, 2016

We have been loyal Suburban customers for 13 years with auto delivery the entire time. We have run out of propane and the company wants to charge us a delivery fee of $150 with no explanation that yields any type of logic. I realize good people are hard to find, but the depths of their...

Surburban Propane / Out of line pricing

Apr 20, 2011

I live in a rural area, have had Suburban Propane service for over 10 years, never late payment, often pay ahead. Got hit with an extreme bill of $1015.47 for tank fill. When I asked what's up, with the $4.29 a gallon they said that was the going rate. I find this 'odd' a...