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Super 8 review: bad customer service and dirty rooms

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The stay at this hotel was a nightmare. The customer svc is terrible. Here's why:

Food on the floor next to the beds.

Food in the beds under the sheets.

Wake up call at 6AM that was not asked for.

The bathroom door swung both ways and would not close. You could see in bathroom.

The a/c only worked on high. The buttons were broken off.

The card key had to keep being recharged. Made multiple trips to the front desk.

After all of this, I was informed I would be given 50% off of next stay if I would return. I was informed the info will be put in the computer under my name. I decided to do so but when I did come back the next month the mgr stated since he did not offer that to me, he is not going to give it to me. I will never go back.


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Jun 30, 2016 2:31 am EDT

Rooms were unclean, roaches crawling in the bathroom ceiling light, trash on the stairs, musty smell in one of our rooms. No locking outer hall doors! Laundry outside?! The 'activity' there was very suspicious. Quite sure there is prostitution happening on the 2nd floor! Different men in and out of rooms, smoke smell in non smoking rooms, people loitering in parking lot. We left before 1 hour, Person in charge said " I will give you a refund if you promise to not complain anymore." ?!

Jul 08, 2015 2:30 am EDT

Stay away from this place my family and I booked two rooms and when we walked in roaches everywhere the service was horrible the mattresses was dirty and no one cleaned up the place the blankets was nasty I want a refund

Mar 08, 2014 6:28 pm EST

I stayed at the super 8 in lewisburg West Virginia and we checked in early friendly staff but we were so tired all we wanted to do is rest when we got up and took a bath we realized that there was partials on our tub and wall and also around the toilet lid the microwave was dirty the general manager said that she inspected it before we arrived needless to say she may need glasses then customer care said I would be contacted in 5 days of course no call for 90.00 dollars a night they could do better I stayed in ### holes better than that the particles on tub and toilet was puke nasty

Jun 15, 2012 9:24 am EDT

I have been staying at the motel 8 in Suffolk, VA for almost 2 months. The rooms are nasty, I can count on 1 hand how many times our room has been cleaned...We have told them many times we want our room cleaned everyday, to no avail...I have even called customer service and they always promise to take care of it, again, to no avail...We would gladly change motels, but my husbands company won't allow it because they are cheap...I say to cheap to hire housekeeper's...they have 1 housekeeper for about 60 rooms, that is just crazy, no wonder the rooms are dirty! the floor we are on has a construction crew on it, they party every night, we have complained about that and nothing ever happens...In the year and a half that i have been traveling with my husband, this is by far the worst place we have ever stayed!

Aug 27, 2011 11:54 pm EDT

We stayed at the Grand PrarieTexas Super 8. The 1st room- door wouldn't shut, frig rattles, water running in the bathtub. 2nd room after complaining-a/c banged all night even after I put all our luggage on it, door had a gap of app. 2 inches had to stuff towels under it, killed spiders in tub, swimming pool by us, called at 11:20 to ask them to close it so we could sleep due to all the drunks in the pool yelling. Have taken their survey a couple of times and no answer. This hotel is a joke stay away!


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