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L May 01, 2018 Review updated:

My husband and I travelled to the Dominican Republic to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary left on April 14, 2018 for a 2 week holiday. We wanted the Elite Plus experience but could only get it on the way back not the way there. Our flight down was good, seats were comfortable and lots of leg room. The flight also left reasonable on time and the flight crew were friendly and accommodating.
We proceeded to have a very nice holiday for the next 14 days.

Our trip back was the nightmare. We were scheduled to return at 21.50 but on the day we were to leave we checked with the Sunwing Representative at the resort and were told the flight would be 2 hours late, he did not know the reason. Not so bad we thought so we proceeded to enjoy the day and booked a later checkout from our room (at a cost of $10. per extra hour). We took the latest checkout time of 2 o'clock but before we got ready to checkout we learned of a further delay of flight to 23:50, an additional 2 hours. The Sunwing Representative was gone home for the day by that time so we found out from the Hotel Guest Representative that they could not tell us if the hotel pickup bus time would change or not so we had to huddle in the lobby for the wait time just in case. We eventually were bused to the airport knowing we had a long wait ahead of us before our flight would take us home. Delay after delay ensued stating finally that the reason was mechanical problems and that the plane that would be bringing us home to Moncton, New Brunswick would be a plane coming in from Toronto, Ontario. We were given $15. food vouchers each but by that time all the restaurants were closed for the night. The only amenity open was a canteen with ridiculous priced items, we got 2 water bottles, a container of pringles and M&M's for $30. It was crazy late and everyone just wanted to get home. After sleeping on the benches for hours and continued delays we finally boarded the plane at 3:00 A.M., then we waited and waited an extra hour to be exact siting paperwork needed to be completed before leaving. The total delay amounted to 6 whole hours, very unacceptable. To add to our misery when we boarded into our Elite Plus seats we were in 2D & 2E which were the first seats on the plane but had no leg room whatsoever, what a waste of money, our seats in regular on the way down had more leg room than the Elite seats did. We had a miserable trip home all cramped up for an extra $200.
Your services were very unacceptable and we will never fly Sunwing Vacations ever again. We flew Sunwing 20 years ago and were not satisfied then as well. I guess 20 years of extra experience has not made a difference, our mistake to give the benefit of the doubt.

Lynn & Leo Gallant
800 Central Street
Dieppe, N.B.

  • Updated by Linda Aube-Gallant · May 08, 2018

    Wow! What a poor response we got to our complaint!!!
    We did get a phone call from Sunwing on Saturday May 5th in the evening at 9:45 P.M. Atlantic Time. My husband took the call and the representative told him he was calling to discuss a refund in response to our complaint. He couldn't make our his name but my husband explained our discomfort and disappointment with our return trip from Dominican Republic and after some further shared details he said he was going to phone his supervisor. He then proceeded to tell the supervisor that he had someone on the phone that was complaining and whining about his experience with Sunwing all the while my husband could hear the entire conversation. He also told his supervisor that he was discussing a refund but she was not too happy about that. She asked him if they (we) were offered anything at the time and he said lots of stuff. (We actually received a measly $15. food voucher each). He said he offered a refund of the return trip and she said you shouldn't have done that!! They both then came back to my husband who informed them he could hear their entire conversation. She proceeded to offer food stamps and a restaurant certificate for a restaurant chain in Toronto, we live in Eastern Canada 24 hours away from Toronto. The supervisor's name was Simonne and she got upset when my husband questioned the form of compensation. He told her if she was to do anything send us the refund of flight by mail as there was no way we were giving our credit card number to heron the phone. She said the reason for the delay of flight was due to severe flying weather conditions but that was not so, the weather on that day was fine. When my husband argued this fact the gentleman actually told my husband to shut up at which time it was time to end the call. My husband told them that we have been taking trips for 40 years and we don't need their charity, their food stamps, or anything else and we will never use their airline again!!!
    We made this complaint so that they can hopefully offer better service going forward. What a disappointment!!!


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    Oppii Dec 18, 2018

    O gosh, this airlines is so inferior and dull and they are so irresponsible, i would never ever book this airlines again in my whole life... So pathetic.
    I lost my two bags and no one respond me

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