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22 October 2017
From: Cheryl McAdams
Subject: Vacation and transfer from the Chic Punta Cana to Memories Splash during Hurricane Maria
1. I have been trying to find the words to describe the events surrounding the relocation from the Chic Resort to Memories Splash and the hotel accommodations provided by Memories Splash to include the customer service provided during Hurricane Maria.

2. My husband (Jere McAdams) and myself (Cheryl McAdams) booked a Delta Vacation package Chic Resort - Junior Suite Ocean View Diamond Club (King Bed) for 14 Sep â€" 23 Sep 17 (with insurance) to celebrate my 60th birthday on 21 Sep 17. I am a retired US Navy Chief and currently working as a Contractor in Afghanistan (a war zone) in which I work 12 hour days 7 days a week and get a vacation 3 times a year. Unfortunately, I have had an opportunity to experience a typhoon and an earth quake. When we became aware Hurricane Maria was heading our way on Wednesday, 20 Sep 17, we attempted to get a flight out of Punta Cana, but there were no seats available on the flight, therefore, we would need to stay and depart on 23 Sep 17 as scheduled. This being said, we are very thankful that no one was injured and very appreciative that Chic was proactive to ensure everyone was moved from the Chic to Memories Splash or Royalton (some of the people in Diamond Club Suites had the pleasure of staying in the Royalton) and out of harm’s way prior to arrival of hurricane Maria. Please see the below details as to our stay at Memories:

a. On 20 September 2017, we were bused from the Chic Resort to Memories Splash and provided room 2062. My husband and I arrived to our room at approximately 4 p.m., and were provided two boxed lunches for dinner and breakfast the next morning. The room had two full beds that were so worn that we assumed these rooms were used only in an emergency situation. Of course, this would have been considered this type of situation. My husband and I went to the front desk (cannot remember her name) and let the lady know that we had been staying in a junior suite at the Chic and had diamond status and asked if it was possible we could get a better quality room. We were specifically informed by the front desk clerk (Diamond Club) that we did not rate diamond at Memories and they were doing us a favor by giving us a room. Under the circumstances, we thought maybe she was stressed due to the influx of customers and the circumstances surrounding the hurricane, so we just returned to our room. We understand the circumstances, although, the rudeness is just unacceptable.

b. At 0600, 21 September 2017, we woke up to the entire room, including the bathroom, flooded with water. We had no choice but to stay in our flooded room and wait until the storm passed. We watched the notices posted on the television to stay in our room and that the buffet would be open at 1 pm. So, following the directions, we decided to take a shower (cold water). This did not kill us, although chasing our flip flops around while they floated was a bit tasking. I was going to dry my hair, but being electrocuted due to the ankle deep water in the room was not an option. Once the storm passed, we called the operator (0) and to let them know our room was filled with water and if someone could come please come and take a look. No one, absolutely no one came to our room to assist us. So, to attempt to remove the water from our room, we found a floor squeegee down the outside corridor hallway and we tried to remove the water from the room but the water was coming in faster than we could get it out. The water was literally flowing from underneath the adjoining doors (room 2061). We knocked on the front door of room 2016, but it appeared the room was unoccupied. Then, we listened at the adjoining doors and you could hear water gushing from somewhere. Now, we were concerned and again called the operator (0) and let them know that you could hear water literally gushing in room 2061 and it sounded like a broken pipe. In addition, we let the operator know that water was coming in our room from underneath the adjoining doors and asked if they could please send someone from Maintenance to our room. Obviously, we were not a priority since no one came to assist us. Also, the front desk did not have the courtesy to even call us. Now, it is 1 PM and we had to do something so we walked down the outer corridor hallway and found two housekeepers working on rooms and requested their assistance. When the housekeepers opened the door (room 2061), the ceiling had literally fallen in and there was a broken water pipe. It kind of reminded you of Niagara Falls. If it had not been for the two housekeepers calling the front desk to have us moved down the hallway to room 2029, the staff at Memories would have left us in our room to fin for ourselves.

c. When we arrived to room 2029, I called the operator (0) and requested to be checked into the room so we could get the messages on the TV. We were told the system was down. We called another two times, letting the operator (0) know the TV reflected we were not checked into the room. On one of the calls, we were told that we would be called back when she got with the front desk. We also reiterated that we cannot get any messages if we are not checked into the room. So, if there was an emergency and we needed to comply with specific directions provided by Memories Splash, we couldn’t. We finally just gave it up and went to bed. Now, if it wasn’t bad enough, the air conditioning quit working in the middle of the night. Almost, thought I was in Afghanistan again.

d. At 0700, 22 September 2017, the air conditioner was still inoperative, so we decided we better just take a shower and get out of the room. Again, we had a great opportunity to take a cold shower. We departed our room and went to lunch and guess what; when we returned to our room the air conditioning was still not working. So, we decided to go over to Royalton and speak with the Diamond Club Manager to see if we could possibly get moved to the Royalton. When we spoke to the Diamond Club Manager (Johanan) to see what we could do to at least make it bearable until our departure tomorrow, Saturday, 23 Sep 17. When we met with Johanan, we asked about moving over to the Royalton and were told that no one from the Chic was moved into the Royalton. At this time, I let him know that what he just told us was absolutely not true and that we had just spoken to several couples we knew from the Chic and they went directly from the Chic to the Royalton. What customer service, just tell the customer whatever you can to get rid of them. In addition, we were told there were no rooms available. We were provided a diamond club wrist band, but it did not matter since it was late afternoon and were departing Punta Cana the next day. In addition, the only way we could get Memories to check us in our room was to have the Royalton Diamond Club representative call Memories to have them check us into the room that we had been staying in since the previous day. Finally, we were checked into our room at Memories.

3. There is no excuse for the lack of customer service we received. We understand these were extreme conditions with the Hurricane, but to be ignored and treated as if we were inconsequential was insulting and demeaning; and to add insult to injury, we were staying at Memories Splash which is a Blue Diamond Resorts which includes the Royalton and Chic, and a subsidiary of Sunwing Travel Group.

4. In summary, we travel to various places at least three times a year and usually stay in suite and we are requesting to be compensated for the 3 days (20, 21, 22 Sep 17) in which we stayed at Memories Splash (See Enclosure (1) JereCheryl Travel Docs). In addition, we paid for diamond status and a junior suite ocean view room at the Chic and if Memories had just made an effort to provide some kind of assistance to us with our flooded room and not made us feel like were homeless and doing us a favor by allowing us to stay and get out of the rain, we would not be requesting a reimbursement for these three days. On a good note, the Chic was incredible. On another note, why would we want to take a chance on a company that obviously just does not care.
I returned to Afghanistan and have been trying to find the words to express our three days in Memories Splash and my 60th birthday. Since I am currently in Afghanistan, please contact my husband Jere McAdams if you have any questions. In addition, if you would like the video of the flood in our room and Niagra Falls in the next room, please feel free to ask.
Cheryl L. McAdams
Cheryl McAdams

Jere McAdams

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