Sunwing Travel Groupextreme uncooperativeness

A Sep 07, 2018

My husband and I booked an all inclusive vacation package to Cancun via Sunwing airlines. Thia was done in August 11.
We were completely prepared to fly, until I had an appointment my health care provider since I am expecting and in my second trimester. The doctor raised concerns about travelling to Cancun due to the endemic of Zika virus and its risk for the unborn baby. He asked us to confirm it with CDC. And which we did. Got the same answer from them. That it's not safe for pregnant women to travel to areas that haven't been yet cleared of zika.
We were looking forward to this special vacation for a very long time, but were not able to take even a minkr risk. As any parent would agree to.
My husband contacted the Sunwing airline to ask for their help. We didn't get a travek insurance so we knew we'll have to pay some sort of penalty.but the response from Sunwing airline, was beyond disappointing. I have no words to express how we felt at that time. They left us feeling completely hopeless. We had explained them the entire situation. Asked them about any possibility.Any at all. Refunding was highly unlikely, so we asked if we could change our destination, or get it credited to our account and go after we have our baby or anything at all. But I feel with Sunwing, it's like, once you're in it, there no way out EVEN if your life depends on it, EVEN if it's a health concern !
They give their customers absolutely no rude! How disappointing! We were saving for this vacation for so long!
Would never recommend traveling Sunwing to anyone!

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