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I like the whole unlimited tanning for a single price a month, but the idea of giving them my credit card in order to do so is what I hate. I was willing to pay for the complete contract up front, but they wouldn't let me. I fear of having insufficient funds when it's auto drawn and end up over drafting my account and getting those $35 fees. That's why I hate auto withdraws, I can't control what is taken out on my own. It's also very inconvenient to have to show up before they would withdraw and pay it. That's why they should have the choice to use their credit card or pay everything up front without the use of a card. Okay, I'm done ranting and I feel a little better now, but I would feel great if they change this stupid crap!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.


  • Ho
    Hotdoglady Apr 26, 2020
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    Verified customer

    In North Carolina, we have RE-OPENED for business!! The ones with memberships can tan...remember it's only 1 person per room, That's more then 6 feet apart. Checking in is easy, people can stand in a line as normal.

    Open the doors or refund our $$...

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  • Ki
    Kila Ayers Oct 22, 2018
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    I have been a customer of stc for several years now and have enjoyed unlimited sunless visits in the versa spa every spring until fall. This year stc has decided to do away with unlimited visits and drop them down to 2 visits per month at the same price as unlimited visits. I will cancel my membership and go elsewhere. This is bad business stc.

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  • Ty
    tyty30222 Aug 21, 2018

    i've been tanning at the sun tan city in frankfort for years now. Most of the staff tends to be very welcoming. My bed always seems to be uncleaned when i get into my room. The manager is so rude and always pushing lotions in my face. Also very flirting with my boyfriend. I enjoyed this location but not anymore.

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  • Le
    LeaAngela Smith Aug 04, 2016

    I am a member @ the Dalton, Ga location. Up until Friday 6/6/14 my experience has been good. That day it wasn't very busy so I don't understand why this happened. But
    it did! I signed in & went to the bed they told me to and after undressing I took my towel & wiped over the bed as I always do, I noticed a film on the bed. From sweat & tanning lotion. I thought ok it happens, I put my clothes back on & went & told the girl at the counter of my experience & all she had to say was sorry. She offered to put me in another 20 min bed but I didn't have time for that I was on my lunch break with friend at the salon & they just had 10 min left on their time. So I didn't get to lay. So on Monday I went back at lunch with my friends and again dirty. This time it had been cleaned but not very well. It was streaky and some places oily from the lotions. If I have this kind of experience again I will cancel my membership!!!

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  • Wa
    Waste of my Time Jun 26, 2015

    Alright, so yesterday I did my first interview at STC. I came in looking for a basic TC position, interviewed with the store manager and she informed me that I would be better suited and more qualified as an Assistant Manager. Great! Let me apply for that instead. So I get a call from the DM who hadn't read my resume and asked if I had finished college and if I would be able to handle a 35 hour work week. To be clear, I explained "I am going to school part-time during the traditional season getting the last few credits I need in order to take the Certified Public Accountant exam. I have a BA in Business Management and English, and I worked 40 hour weeks when I attended college full time". I also mentioned my experience as an Assistant Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Customer Service Representative and ended will telling her my goals were to become a member of the IRS or of the Department of Revenue once I was CPA certified. To that her response was "I'm worried that you are only going to be here during the time of school and don't have future goals within STC". I explained that I was open to management and other positions within the company and kindly reminded her that people tend to work two jobs in this state of the economy. I also topped that with some more job experience to again explain that I was indeed qualified for the position.

    Today, I have my personal interview with the DM and she begins asking me questions about my job experiences (most of which were already covered on the phone or are clearly illustrated on my resume if she had taken the time to read it). Then she asks how I could fit into STC long term. I said I was interested in management especially if it could eventually lead me to an accounting position in the future with STC. Again she shut me down and described how there were limited accounting positions within STC and essentially highlighted that I would be a waste of "intensive" training because I "didn't see myself within the company". I reiterated that I was interested in management, and again I was told "we are looking for a smooth transition with someone who is interested in our company long term".Considering the manager of the store has only been there three years and had no prior experience in a retail or sales environment, and the DM herself had only been there five years with a BA in Graphic Design it is very obvious that STC is not the first career choice anyone there had made. Knowing that information I thought the DM would have been a lot more open to utilizing my skill set and at least give me a chance to earn the Assistant Manager position. Not even close.

    Despite the fact that she did say my skills and work experience were spot on what they were looking for in that position, the next problem was that I was only going to be living in this area until I was done with school. However transferring was clearly an option after training and I told her that this position would allow me to be a manager at another location, still making me a valuable asset to the company. Then the problem became she wanted someone to stay at this exact location long term. This is very difficult to understand because both the manager and DM of STC have taken several positions within 5-6 different STC stores all within a span of 5 years and the company prides itself on internal growth.

    It became very clear that despite both women telling me I was qualified for the Assistant Manager position, the DM just didn't want me as the Assistant Manager. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and let her explain what else I could be offered despite the fact that I was upset with the run around, open ended, very hypocritical explanations I was hearing for as to why I couldn't be an Assistant Manager. The best she could come up with was a full time TC position making a whole dollar more than a part-time TC. Putting two and two together I gather she already has someone in mind to hire someone for the position which would leave me with no room to advance if I were to become a full time TC. Consequently, this would make me a very unmotivated employee losing all the perks that were conveniently dangled in my face. I left the interview very frazzled but was told I should be hearing from the regional manager within a day or two. The DM will tell her I'm not fit for the Assistant Manager position based on her judgement and I may be hired as a full time TC. But after all of the bologna I was told, I no longer have an interest in either position, nor in the company.

    After this horrendous experience at STC, I really wish I didn't hold my tongue for some of the questions I had. I would have loved to ask how bad the DM did in her classes that all that was available to her after graduating college was a part time TC job. I would have enjoyed watching her squirm if I asked where she wanted her career to be in ten years since it is proven than tanning beds do indeed cause several skin cancers and the sales of tanning salons world wide are plummeting by the year, to the point where tanning salons are teaming up with hair salons just to make sales slightly above par. Not to mention I would really have been interested in knowing why she felt so threatened by me that she had to make up nonsense excuses as to why I couldn't be an Assistant Manager.

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  • Kg
    KGH123 Mar 23, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I wish I had read all of these complaints before ever joining Sun Tan City. Horrible Regional Manager and horrible staff under her too.

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  • Ds
    dsme Feb 10, 2015

    Extremely over priced for tanning. Most of what they offer is just a gimmick and they have this all access thing that doesn't make sense. I have not gone there but when I was shopping around to buy a friend a birthday gift I knew he liked to sun tan. It also helps with his seasonal depression. But there is no way I am willing to pay a ridiculous amount of money for sun tanning. Also I do recall several friends in the past tell me that the people there are rather rude and not that helpful. I can not emphasize enough just how over priced they seriously are. They are laughable.

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  • Pl
    PlainJames Jun 19, 2013

    I almost forgot my main complaint as I was so frustrated about not even getting in because of the wait (again). The first thing I noticed that irritated me before I had experienced problems with wait time was that in the Versa Spa my legs NEVER EVER get dark especially my lower legs. They do not look tan at all. The first time I went I assumed that maybe my pants and the seat in my car had rubbed them and caused the DHA to wear off or something crazy or that maybe it was just a bad run for the sprayer. Silly thoughts I know but I was being positive. Since that time it has been the same every spray. SOOOO on top of the long wait times and the agonizing sales pitch at every visit, I don't feel satisfied with my color. For reference I get the medium tinted spray every time.

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  • Pl
    PlainJames Jun 19, 2013

    I have had my membership at STC for a little over 2 months now. I am so unhappy and totally feared that there was nothing I could do until the 6 mos was up but from reading these other reviews it looks like I could possibly cancel as long as I'm paid up (according to their rules). There's hope! My biggest complaint is the wait time. I asked if they took appointments and the answer was "no", why was I not surprised? I am not a housewife like many of the customers I see there. I have a job! and I have to commute 40 minutes to and from work everyday. I absolutely do not have time to sit for 30 minutes waiting on the Versa Spa to open up. Its hard enough to find a day when I am able to wash all my makeup off, drive there and spray tan and then go without a shower for 6 hours. I don't even want my husband seeing me on those days because of how bad I smell from the spray and how bad I look without my face on! Anyway, I have learned that after work between 5 and 6 pm it is impossible to get in. So I started making a special trip out later in the evening around 8 or 9, there was also a long wait. The only time I can seem to spray tan without dedicating an hour to it is at 7:30 in the morning! Who the hell wants to tan that early??!! I don't even want to exist at that time. I have tried 3 different locations, going out of my way for two of them in hopes of getting in without a wait and I have been disappointed every time. Long wait times and then a 5 - 10 minute advisement of the products and me feeling like I have to defend my reasoning for not wanting it, having to explain how I did not notice anything different when I tried the $10 samples, and how I simply cannot afford to spend $40-$60 + on it even if I did like it in front of everyone else waiting.

    I do not want your spray tan intensifyer, and I HAVE tried it. Two different kinds, I was not impressed. However, if at any time I do decide to invest in it I can clearly see it on the shelf behind you, I have heard the spill at least 16 times so I know what it does, and I will ask for it. For $60 a month, I certainly think that I should be able to come in when it is convenient for me as a "member" and get my spray tan more than once a week. It is just not happening and I need to cancel and find another salon that is not such a headache.

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  • St
    stupidkitty84 May 11, 2013

    All you pro-Suntancity folks are simply ###ed. "Just ask!", is not the reason why so many are being screwed over contracts-- it's DISHONEST and/or IGNORANT employees! Seems to me that they will say anything, albeit true or false, to get their sale, their commission. Take your head out your @$$, look at oompa-loompa self long and hard, then ask yourself if you're proud of how you earn a living. Would mother/grandmother/significant other be proud of you and the company you work for? This company will not last too much longer based on egregious, dishonest, bait-n-swipe practices. No way. Guarantee it. Until then, go f**k yourselves.

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  • Be
    beachmom561 Apr 30, 2013

    My husband and I went in and specifically told them we wanted to tan for one month before our trip. We had chosen a package but when the girls told us it would be cheaper to become a member, tan for a month and then cancel. So we did it. Well, wouldn't you know? When we went in to cancel after the month, we were told we have to pay for a 2nd month of tanning before we can cancel. That's not what we asked for or what we were told we were buying.
    Very dishonest business practices.

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  • St
    Stelbel Apr 07, 2013

    Thank you guys so much for your feedback about STC. I wanted a month's worth of tanning for an event, and was looking up STC prices when I came across this site. It is obvious the negative comments are the HONEST ones, and the positive ones are from corporate hacks who viciously attack individuals who complain. STC sounds like Hell! I sincerely believe that you have saved me from a horrible experiences and want to thank all the genuine people on this forum demonstrating there constitutional right to free speech! Also, regarding the "Grandma" that was obviously genuinely upset that her grand daughter had been through so much STC distress in a previous comment, I really hope you do contact a lawyer. As it will not only protect your grand daughter, but unsuspecting people like me. The response you got (obviously from a STC shrill) was so blasphemous and vicious it put me off there corporation even more!

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  • Hn
    h.n.c. Mar 27, 2013

    Some of you guys could just cancel your debit card and have the bank send you a new debit card number.

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  • Well miss former employee of suntan city! First of all you need to learn to spell... it is guarantee and its NIT pick not nip pick! Lol. I have been with suntan city and yes they do make it very hard to cancel and it is ridiculous how long you have to wait just to tan! I have called and complained several times which did absolutely no good! I have better things to do than sit in a tanning salon for hours! Why have to pay such a ridiculous amount when most of the time I can't even lay because the line is so ridiculous? So yes I will be giving my business to fusion which is a company who seems to have it together way better than stc! FORMER CUSTOMER OF SUN TAN CITY

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  • He
    heatherh256 Jan 20, 2013

    false you can pay a hole year in advance, or pay for one or a few visits in advance. so you obviously picked the sun club plan which is the most cost effective, but least amount up front, and can be cancelled at anytime may I point out . they do have way better bulbs they any tanning salon anywhere!! I used to work there one day a week for four hours for free the free sunless tanning!! my ? to any of you is are you happy with any tanning salon? or anything? or do you just complain about everything...cause good luck with that... miserable c*n$ is not becoming on anyone sweetheart <3

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  • Ih
    IheartSTC May 08, 2012

    You don't even have to purchase a membership although it has the best pricing! Sun Tan City offers the Buy 5 Get 3 Free deal or the 30 day guest pass as well! The B5G3, you get a total of 8 tanning sessions for a certain price & they stay on your account until yin use them for up to 2 years & the 30 day guest pass, you can tan once a day, every day for 30 consecutive days, they same thing as the membership. The only difference is that its about $20 more to do the guest pass & you don't have to have any billing information on file! What I don't get is that so many clients complain about STC not having enough promotions but then when they so have them, clients get frustrated that their wait times are too long. They can't please everyone! If you don't like STC, fine! TAN SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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  • Tm
    TM9 Feb 22, 2012

    I have been to the following STC locations: Murfreesboro on Northfield, Old Fort, and Church St; Nashville over in Green Hills and over in West End (I think it was west end..)...Anyways, customer-service wise, Northfields definitely my fave. Least favorite is definitely Old fort. No offense..just my opinion! I've been to both a MILLION times (at one point, the Old Fort one was closer to where I lived) so I know!

    I've been with them since 2008, and have probably had over 200 or so versaspa spray tans! Lol! They are just awesome!!!
    With that said, I absolutely love STC. They are my favorite tanning salon I've ever been to. Alot of people probably can't stand how they pitch their products so darn much! But after 4 years of going to them, you get used to it and learn to say no if you don't want's that easy. They can try to get you to buy stuff, but they can't make you buy anything you dont want to. BTW...just a heads up, their products are great and all..But dont buy them there...You can buy a packet of what you might like there, to see if you really like it. but don't buy the bottle. I get mine on Ebay! lol! There was one bottle on sale for $79.99, and I bought it on ebay for $35! aweeesome! And no the product was fine-not expired or anything. The products may be ridiculously high at STC, but love tanning there..I get all the beds/spray tans unlimited and it's definitely worth..If you plan on getting several spray tans in a month and maybe tanning in the beds a couple times, you might as well buy the unlimited...JMO! :)

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  • Su
    SunTan City Fan Dec 04, 2011

    People, it's an easy thing to understand. Read the contract, know what you are signing up for, and deal with the consequences of your actions! Why is that so difficult?! First off, you have the option for the Flex Tan Membership, which is on a month-to-month basis that, after the first payment, which will come out on the first of the month, you can choose to cancel, freeze for $5 plus tax that will be credited back to your account when you unfreeze, or continue tanning at the great price! The second plan is the Stay Tan and Save Membership. It is a 6 month membership where, after the 6th automatic payment, you can cancel/freeze/continue! Also, most companies nowadays are dealing with automatic payments, so what's the big deal? Most jobs require an automatic deposit system, everything online requires a credit/debit card/e-check, so why are you so worried about it in regards to a highly reputable company?! If you don't like it, don't tan here! It's that simple. If you don't want the lotion, don't buy it! Also that simple! As someone who actually lives in this century and isn't trying to re-live the stone age, I say get with the times or stay in your cave! And as far as people bashing their former employers, I think that should've been done to their faces when you were fired/quit! Because guess what, chances are they'll never see it on here and you ranted and looked like a b***c for no reason! If they hated you the way you claim they did, then they weren't going to give you a good recommendation on your next job anyway, so why go behind their backs to dis them? It's like the pot calling the kettle black!! For those of you who have had bad experiences, sorry. Sounds like you got the short end of the stick. For those of you who have never been, give it a try if you enjoy tanning! What is it going to hurt to find a coupon or go on a free tanning event, a few minutes out of your day? If you have a bad experience, don't go back. But how do you know you'll hate it if you've never been? I personally love Sun Tan City, especially the Versa Spa, which is their sunless option! I'm casper-white, but the sunless gave me a NATURAL bronze glow in one use, I didn't look "muddy, " and I didn't turn ORANGE!!! It was my first use, and I'll definitely use it again!! Basically, don't take other people's word for it, and don't be stupid enough to sign something without COMPLETELY understanding it and asking ANY questions, whether you think they are dumb or not! When it comes to your money, THERE ARE NO DUMB QUESTIONS!!! As for the lotions, it is scientifically proven that tanning lotion helps you tan faster, extends the life of your tan, and keeps your skin moisturized so it doesn't try out/wrinkle!! The top of the line are going to cost more, but that's because they are the good stuff! Just like sun tan city might be a little pricey, so are the things they carry because they carry the BEST!!!

    -Sun Tan City Fan

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  • Fa
    fashionablyme Aug 05, 2011

    I cant believe they are allowed to do that to people. I cant believe people actually willingly give up their credit card and let themself get locked in to such a thing that is impossible to cancel. Sun tan city sucks. Go to a place that treats you like a person, not money walking through the door. Thats all they are concerned about.

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  • Ja
    JackBauerLive Jul 15, 2011

    Ladies and Gentlemen...let's use our heads here. I have been in marketing for 40 plus years. Do you want to KNOW the absolute truth about Sun Tan City and their policy of refusing cash and insisting upon a contract requiring your credit card access and auto deductions? It makes them MONEY.

    Let's see the facts...NUMEROUS research has shown that people (MOST people) are prone to losing track of contract details. It's just a fact. When Sun Tan City gets the money up front, they lose the ability to get an extra month or two of payment due to customers neglecting to monitor their due dates. Now let's add that up. A payment or two extra from MOST customers. That is a chunk of change. It is money they would NOT have had if they collected cash.

    You would think...if Sun Tan City TRULY wanted to treat the customer FAIRLY, the would ACCEPT CASH for services rendered? What are they LOSING by taking the full amount of the tanning sessions in cash? Ask yourself...what could be the reason??? There is NONE. Cash is paid and services are rendered. Ah...but wait. They can make MUCH, MUCH more profit for their "automatic withdraw contract". Don't let them kid you in to giving any other reason. Because there is none. It is a shame that a business REFUSES to take cash and INSISTS on taking credit cards and contracts. I am not and never have been a paranoid person, but employees of many business have in the past...procured credit card information and used it illegally. Read the news, it happens all the time. Company computers are hacked and it's a fact. But...this WONDERFUL business believes that you should buck up and take that risk whether you like it or not...because they make a lot of money off of it. If I was looking for that kind of service, I would never set foot in their door. They only care about greed.

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  • Da
    Dazy's dad Jun 14, 2011

    My wife went to STC in Knoxville, TN just before we got married. She told them she just wanted to get a tan for the wedding and honeymoon. They did not explain to her she was signing a contract to auto draft from her checking account each month. When she realized the next month they said there is nothing they could do about it and she should have cancelled before the end of the month.

    Yes my wife should have read what she signed but STC should have some sort of ethics and explain the basics that you are indeed signinhg a contract for ongoing services that must be cancelled in person. And atleast have the customer acknowledge they understand.

    I think that Sun Tan City is a shady corporation for not openly disclosing how they operate. It is obvious many other people have had the same issues. I am reporting them to the BBB so my complaint will be officially documented as well as many others I am sure. If enough people report them they will never be recognized as a BBB aproved business. SUN TANNERS BEWARE!!!

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  • Ld
    ldshack Apr 29, 2011

    I have never had any issues with STC! I have been using one in Murfreesboro Tennessee for the past several years. Yes they can be pushy about their products and my reply is no thank you, I have my own. The staff is wonderful and very friendly, and there is not a big turnaround in the staff, they always greet me when I walk in and tell me goodbye when I leave. I do use the 6 month membership and have never had any problems with being overcharged or unauthorized billing. In fact about two years ago, I was unable to complete my 6 month membership do to having some health issues and switching banks, when I returned in May, the manager looked at my account and called customer service and my account was wiped clean with no remaining balance. ( I only had two months left on my contract so the total balance was around $40.00) I explained I could pay it and she said that it was taken care of. So I have nothing but nice things to say about STC!

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  • Po
    poora91 Apr 23, 2011

    Folks, i just have to say it. I have been reading so many complaints regarding this business, I for one would not walk in the door, but that not my real observation that I take exception to.
    several complaints made here detail the fact that the various unauthorized billing or double billing, etc took their bank accounts into the negative, or credit cards balances over limit.

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  • Jc
    jca21 Apr 19, 2011

    Well we recently had a Suntan City open up in O.R, TN. I had went and done the free week pass. Well I had decided to buy a month package. It happened to be in the middle of the month so the girl told me it would be pro rated for that month and if I had decided to go the next month then they would take out the full amount that if I canceled to do it before the first of the month because yes they do the auto debit which I do not agree with either. Well for start, it was like I never existed, they couldn't find me in their system even though I had filled out the paperwork and she put it in the computer. So needless to say that took about 15 or 20 minutes. Well when that month was up I was gonna cancel. When I went back in on the 31st to do so they told me that I would have to have a full payment come out before I could cancel. Well I told her that the girl didn't bother explaining that to me when we talked about the package. So I ended up letting another full month payment come out only to find out that they had taken it out twice! Which caused my account to go into the negative. I called their corporate office and explained my situation. Come to find out when they imput my info they had spelled my last name wrong. So technically I had two accounts. Now I'm trying to get them to refund my money and they said it would take 7 to 14 business days which I think is a joke. They sure was in a hurry to take it out but not so much in a hurry to put it back in. I will never use them again.

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  • Po
    poora91 Apr 17, 2011

    This all sounds like the typical issues when dealing with mulitple franchise locations of a company. it is however a shame that the hard sell is employed at most locations.
    The one question I have is this, I would think that cash being legal tender COULD NOT be refused as payment toward goods or services?

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  • Sh
    Shaina G Mar 25, 2011

    I spent the last half hour or so reading all these complaints, and all I have to say is that some people seem incredibly ignorant with their claims.
    First off, I want to say that I am currently tanning at a STC in Lafayette and LOVE IT so far. I have tanned at a family-owned salon before and loved it there, but when I moved for college I needed to find somewhere else; I am just as happy here as I was back home.
    In regards to the complaints of the bank account/credit card program, I have to say I'm neutral about it. Yes, I would prefer for them to accept payment at the beginning of the month the first time I join without them putting my credit card on file, but it's not the biggest deal. I know many other companies who practice the same technique (Netflix, Planet Fitness, ect). However, contrary to popular belief, they don't have that information just "easily accessible, " it's on file with the company, like many other major corporations. I found this out today when I went to buy an upgrade, but couldn't because I didn't have my credit card on me. I asked the employee if it could just be taken out of my bank account as my card is on file, but she explained to me that they don't keep it on file like that. The only time money is take out or your card information is accessed is at the first of the month which they tell you/is written on the contract when you sign up. Also, you have the option to go in before the first of the month and pay in cash or on another card - but, again, this "credit card on file" tactic is very common for companies as yes, it does make them more money because people tend to use a product longer if they don't have to go in and see the money being spent every month. It's not shady, it's a proven business strategy. If you're smart about your money, you shouldn't worry about it.
    In regards to the staff, I have to say the ones in Lafayette I have met are extremely courteous. When I told them I was a college student, they informed me that I got an extra discount on my membership, and talked me through all of the payment options/tanning levels/STC procedures and answered all my questions. They walked my friends and I (we signed up at the same time) all throughout the salon and showed us everything they offered. When I signed up, I had a coupon for a "Tour of the City" for $10.00, and the employee explained everything that that offer entailed (I could try each bed once, including the Versaspa, but only had 14 days to use it up) AND she saved me money. My original plan was to purchase the tour, then simply buy the month of April when I came back later, as there was only a week of March left; however, she explained that, basically, I needed to sign up for a time, and have the money withdrawn from my account (or pay in person ahead of time) for one month before I could "freeze" my account. Because I was a college student, she said she figured I wouldn't be here in May, but if I didn't start until April, I would have to pay for May too, because I wouldn't have bought a whole month yet. In simply explaining this, she saved me $25. Now, she didn't have to, as it would've made her company more money if I had gone with my original plan, so, really, I don't see them as the hard-selling, [censor]y, care-less-about-my-clients employees that some are portraying them to be. Yes, some employees may slip through the crack - but that happens in every business, and an entire company should not be judged by a few bad eggs.
    Thirdly, I have never heard of a major salon that does not try to push product sales - hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons all do it because it is a HUGE money maker and they are trying to stay in business. I was asked if I was interested in buying lotion when I signed up, as I would get the 20% discount, but just explained that I already had my own. The girl said no problem at all, and told me that when I was out, they'd be happy to find me one like the one I brought from home and to keep on the lookout for coupons they send because I could probably get a discount later on too. I have not been asked if I wanted to buy a lotion since, let alone hard-pressured into one. No one has given me a dirty look for bringing my own, and nor have I seen a client be discriminated against for not buying one. They understand that you don't need to buy every time you go, but a customer should understand that these are sales people and they do make the majority of their money through commissions. Simply say, "You know, I'm not interested today, I already have some, thank you, " and they'll be just as nice back. They get that a lot, and know it's a rough economy, so they understand.
    As for the eyewear, yes it's a pain they don't have ones to rent, but that's my only "complaint" about that. I kind of like the rule though, and it's a federal law. In my opinion, it shows they're being caring about your safety as those rays do have the possibility to damage your eyes. In you have no problem risking it, though, purchase a pair of 50 cent one-time-use ones, keep them with you, flash them when they ask and never use them. My roommate does that, as she doesn't care, and they have no clue what you do behind those closed doors.
    Finally, as for the former employees making an embarrassment out of themselves by talking trash on this, I'm glad you're not posting your names - and hope no one recognizes who you are. Many of you used crass, incoherent language that just rambled on and, in the end, made you just look bitter for losing your job. Have you ever considered that YOU were part of the problem? Not all of you were horrible on this (some explained things about their experiences in a pro-active, constructively criticizing way, which I personally respect), but for those who didn't, let's just hope no future employers find out you acted this way, poor reputations can be a killer.

    In the end, I have only really had one complaint so far, and that was the 24-hour rule - I went to tan on Wednesday at 6:40, and the next day at 5:00, but I couldn't go because it had been a "day, " but not a full 24 hours. However, again, it's a personal safety rule with the company simply looking out for my health, which, ultimately, I can appreciate.

    Next time, be aware when you sign up for something, ask questions if you're not certain, and try to sort things out in a calm, pro-active manner - but if you're just going to be a rude client, go elsewhere. I may not work there, but I sure do not want to deal with your stinky attitude and loud, obnoxious complaining while I try to relax and get gorgeous results from a place I enjoy!

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  • La
    Larien Mar 09, 2011

    Oak Ridge TN Suntan City, March 9, 2011
    I went in for a trial and they had a box of eye protectors, they asked if I needed to borrow and I replied that I had my own. Today I went - 2 days later, and I was told after 20 minute wait that they DO NOT supply eye protectors but that I could buy some and NO I cannot buy the stick on peeps. I am already frustrated with them and they have only been open a couple of weeks. I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad I bought the special 5 visists/3 free because if I had to put up with this kind of stuff for 4 weeks or more on a monthly membership, I'd be much more dissatisfied. I am writing here because I wanted everyone to know my experience before they sign up to tan.

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  • Pa
    PattyD Dec 09, 2010

    I am the SALON DIRECTOR of Sun Tan City in Waynesboro, VA. I personally have heard every single one of these comments before. Not everyone is the same just because we share the same name. The places that have been mentioned in this blog that LET clients leave unhappy and dissatisfied is almost sickening. Did you all know that you can go to ANY Sun Tan City location to tan, sign up, or resolve ANY problem? OR.. TO EVEN CANCEL?! There are ways around automatic payments. I have worked there for OVER a year, and have NEVER EVER had a client say they have been charged twice for tanning. Which mean, yes we put a credit card, debit card, or check on OUR FILE. But the day you sign up, not only do you pay the prorate amount, but you can pay the full price for the next month AT THE SAME TIME! We have to keep something on file, for security purposes. We have TONS of teenagers sign up on memberships, and if we didn't have a credit, debit, or a check on file, and they DIDN'T prepay, how is Sun Tan City going to get their money, and continue being a business for the clients that DO pay on time, prepay or not. If you prepay, THE CARD THAT IS ON FILE WILL NOT EVEN BE LOOKED AT!!! As for the auto payments that do come off cards on file, NO SALON EMPLOYEE, INCLUDING ME, WILL EVER SEE IT!! We have a third party that handles ALL of that information. Every client who walks through OUR salon doors, is welcomed as if it were a palace and they were the royalty! If you want to feel THE REAL SUN TAN CITY DIFFERENCE, come to Virginia and we will rock your tanning WORLDS! Not going to lie, we are going to possibly try and sell you some eyewear if you don't have any, but that is to protect your eyeballs from cataracts and other harmful things. I mean, you wear sunglasses outside, don't you?? Also, if you don't have lotion, we are probably going to talk about a packet of lotion THAT SUITS YOUR SKIN TYPE, AND REALLY WILL GET YOU 70% DARKER THAN TANNING WITHOUT A LOTION! Don't believe me?? Tan for one week without lotion, and one week with lotion, and use a fancy sticker each time, to monitor how dark you are getting, LET ME KNOW HOW THAT WORKS OUT FOR YA ;) Tanning without lotion for some of you "may work out better", but it may only seem that way at first. Depending on what type of lotion you are using, some take 2-3 uses +tanning to show the amazing bronze effect. The first week you start tanning in general, you can pretty much see some color without lotion. After that, the UV light is going to start to dry your skin out(AS DOES THE NATURAL SUN). When you use a tanning lotion, INCLUDING A FACIAL LOTION, and then an AFTER TAN LOTION, not only does it MOISTURIZE your skin, but it also creates melanin for you when you are not tanning, it has different ingrediants that fight off the bacteria that causes the skin to AGE! and in some circumstances, helps with Vitamin D and Ecsema. My name is Patty, and I have a true PASSION for my JOB, AND MY CLIENTELE! Not only are my consultants and I specialists, we are some of the friendliest around! Some clients come in to tan after a night shift at work, just because they will be sleeping most of their day, and will miss the extra sun. Some clients tan because they have ecsema, and some even have their DERMATOLOGISTS PAY FOR THEIR TANNING! Can't be all that bad if DOCTORS are paying for PATIENTS to be doing so IN MODERATION?!?! Technology has changed!!! You still eat McDonalds even though it's STUFFED with fat. You still smoke ciggarrettes even though they have A MILLION different poisons in them, YOU ALL ORDER NETFLIX DON'T YOU? THAT IS SET UP EXACTLY HOW OUR MEMBERSHIPS ARE SET UP! You sign to rent a house for a year, right? THAT IS A CONTRACT OF MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR A WHOLE YEAR! Please, if you all sign things, ANYTHIng, and don't read them... then I am mailing each and everyone of you a contract saying if you hate Sun Tan City sign here, and at the VERY botto, in the fine print, it will say, you owe me $100, 000, 000 for NOT reading this before you signed it :D I'm going to be very rich! Just kidding :D I would never do that, but seriously, I will change your mind about ANY Sun Tan City! We are an amazing bunch. Don't knock it til you try it.

    Patty Dennis
    Waynesboro, VA
    [email protected]
    Monday through Friday 8 AM- 10 PM (Amazing hours, I KNOW :D)
    Saturday 8 AM- 8 PM
    Sundays 10AM- 8 PM<<<This will be changing possibly in Feb. to 8 AM- 8 PM :D

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  • Pe
    perturbedin tn Oct 11, 2010

    I was a client of sun tan city, I will NEVER tan there again! First of all EVERY time you go in to tan you have to listen to their sales pitch for about 15 min to try to get you to buy their 80 dollar bottle of lotion, I bought a bottle when i first signed up and then every single time i would go tan they would try and sell me more! After that bottle was gone I bought a cheaper bottle somewhere else and then told them that and from there on out they were extremley rude to me!
    My package was suppose to be be for 6 months so every month they would withdrawl the payment then when it was coming close to the end of my contract I went in and told a girl working i wanted to freeze my account, she said OK no problem, , , so a coulple days later i went in and said I think my contract is almost up I want to freeze my account she said OK that is fine. Then the third time I went in i talked to the manager and told her i would like to freeze my account ( this was in aug ) she said ok but you have to wait until your September payment is paid before you can freeze your account that will be 6 months I said ok but after sept freeze it please! She said ok thats no problem. Soooo Oct. rolled around and 6o dollars was deducted from my account so I called and talked to the manager, she said " your in an open ended aggreement and we cannot freeze your account without you signing a form for us to do so! ") I said i talked to 3 different people about freezing my account and not ONE person mentioned i had to sign ANYTHING! I told them i wanted a refund! They said that was impossible because i was in an open ended agreement that i should have known i had to sign to have it stopped!! So anyway i finally after 2 days talked to some lady at theri head quarters and she was VERY rude told me I could have and in store credit for 60 dollars, i told her there wasnt anything in there i wanted, i just wanted my money back...Then i told her i was going to report them to the better business bureau and she said if i was going to bash their business she wasnt going to give me anything!! I finally did get my money back after several days of arguing with them and being treated like crap!!
    Several times i would go to tan and either their computers were down or the bed i wanted to tan in was down! It was always something every time i went! It is not worth the time or the money they charge!!

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  • Ag
    AGAINST STC Oct 01, 2010

    I tanned at STC right when one opened near my house, I left the AMAZING tanning place I was at for STC, which was the biggest mistake ever! I thought it would be cheaper at STC because they make it sound like they are giving you great deals. Yes I understand "THATS WHAT THEY GET PAID TO DO" but you know what they shouldn't scam people into these "deals" to get PAID. I cancelled my membership there because I was BEYOND irritated with how pushy they were on selling lotions, again I understand thats what they get paid to do, but sometimes I just want to tan, not buy products I have enough of. they clearly see that I have a FULL bottle and already start nagging me about the next bottle I should purchase. It's honestly too much. So, like I said, I CANCELED my membership... and look at my bank statements 4 months later, and they were STILL charging me! So I called the head quarters where they told me I had "frozen" my account. Which i know for a FACT i cancelled it, because in the process I asked the employee over 3 times if I would be charged anything, this is permanent and WONT be returning, that I will never have to pay anything again for them, and she told me that was correct. THEN I go to the store to settle this, and they told me they didn't have my contract paper on file, they throw it away every 2 months. So i never got my money back. in the end THEY ARE THE WORST FILE-KEEPERS AND ARE OBNOXIOUSLY PUSHY ON SELLING PRODUCTS!

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  • St
    STCisajoke Sep 23, 2010

    I have read all the above comments and I was a retail store manager at one time. I was a very successful manager at that. I NEVER once pounded any customer to buy anything! That is just bad customer service. The SUNTAN CITY I go to is on poplar level rd. I only go there because Ultra Tan hasn't opened one close yet. When they do...they will be filled with unhappy Santan City customers. It's more than just the draft each month. It's long lines because of the "sales pitches". It's the overbearing employees. It's the "no refund" policies, even with defective equipment. It's insane prices. It's lack of individual radios, so we have to listen to elevator music. It's the new tax along with the economy. If I bought something everytime they bugged me...I could affort a new car payment. Seriously, if you are confident in your don't need to push them so heavily. You are obviously a thriving business because Suntan City is everywhere. You are NOT better than Ultra Tan by far...hint hint. We all know the policy..sell or your fired. I feel sorry for the employees and the insecure customer that can't say no. These methods will only work until someone (please God) comes along with better service, equal beds, and better pricing...AKA Ultra Tan. My facebook is loaded with people talking about how much they HATE going into a Suntan City...GET A CLUE people. Your employee turnover is insane. Your customers are annoyed. I feel like I'm being forced into a timeshare for God sakes. ANd to the 22 yr old former employee...Honey...I beat your sales record by far and in my opinion after reading your garbage...which you had to look on here...and [censor] yourself..must have been handfed by your Mommy until you were 22. You sound like an uneducated brat that can't accept the overall opinion of the general public. It's called freedom of speach, and it seems they will allow anyone that right including you. No one will take you serious with such a confrontational attitude...except me :)...Which knows one thing that you obviously don't...Without customers...there is no Suntan City and no jobs for people like you. Making customers happy means customers returning and overall profit. Bad customer service and sales pitches equal temporary gain until a better option comes along. I refuse to battle an unarmed please don't try to fire back. I'm educated, been in successful management, have paid a mortgage, have a child, and lived a life far longer than you. I've been tanning since before you had your first sunburn honey. AND those employees were happy and paid to clean a bed and check customers in. Easy job. Easy money. Customer satisfaction...and...What? Yeah didn't think [censor]?? Honey get a real job and credit...then talk to me about what I can or can not complain about. You didn't have to read any of these...but for some reason you did. Didn't like that little red X in the upper right hand corner. It works.

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  • Sm
    smallbusinessguy Sep 22, 2010

    By the way...check the tanning salon websites. You will find that Sun Tan City's company goal (per their Regional Operations Manager) is to destroy and annihilate the local tanning salon. They do not care about their customers and their major goal is to suck every dime out of your pocket before you leave their doors. Try canceling your membership...and see how many times they still pull the money out of your account. Ask an employee about their goal boards in their employee break room. If they don't sell a certain amount of levels in a month...they're fired. We have prided ourselves for the last 11 years in caring about our customer and loving and supporting the community that we are in. Ask Sun Tan City how many Little League teams they have sponsored and year book ads they have bought for local schools. If you want to support "the Wal-Mart" of tanning and watch locally owned and operated businesses disappear...then go ahead and God help you.

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  • Bl
    blaketan Sep 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am a current employee of stc, the tanning consultants arent just thrown out on to the sales floor. they have to go through training with workbooks, quizzes, new hire training seminars. i work at one of the stc in Nashville and we are very clean!!! the beds are cleaned with in ten mins of being used. we use fda recommended cleaners, a clean towel to wipe the beds and place yet another clean towel on the bed when we are done. We are taught to build rapport with each and every client. We greet them with a friendly welcome and give them a "have a nice day" or "see you tomorrow" when they leave. YES! we do try to sale lotions, eye wear, upgrades and points to every single customer almost every time they come it unless we have recently sold to them, we understand that money is tight these days. But its our job to not only insure that you are informed about about the lotions we have to choose from and to try at our best to help you get the most out of your visits. as for the membership agreements that you will have to sign we fully explain them to you and answer questions that you have. We are no different than a netfilx bill or a gym membership. We make you aware at the time of signing the membership agreement that each month on the 1st the payment will be processed through your account that you set up weather it be cheacking/credit or whatever else. we do make it clear that you can prepay the amout for the next month without it being processed through your billing account if you come in to the store and pay before the 1st of the month. these complaints i have read baffle me. i cant seem to understand most of these problems. most of them can be solved in store. it just seems like there are some "bad apples" that love to bash stc for doing something different than your run of the mill "ma and pa" stores. when you do join we will start you out at a shorter time because we do not know your tanning history. OUR #1 RULE IS NOT TO BURN OR CLIENTS! each time you come in we will raise the time on your bed until you have found the right time for you. Thats just use looking out for you and your skin. our lotion may be a little costly but its the best out there. if you wanna go to walmart and get some cheap lotion that cost 6 dollars and makes you look orange that by all means do it. i would rather pay 60 dollars for great lotion like premium blend by Californiatan or bomshell by designer skin and see the results i payed for. we value or clients business. we try or best to make sure you have a great relaxing visit. so if you do have a problem with rudeness or pushy sales you should ask for the manager on duty and take your complaints to them. as for the versa it makes you BROWN! but same as the lotion the mystic tan maybe cheaper but theres a reason for that. One word "ORANGE". AND AGAIN if you dont understand the membership agreement you should get it clarified before you sign it. it will make things easier for you, the tanning consultant and stc in general. im sorry that some of you have had bad visits but i hope that you will understand that we are the best at what we do.

    nashville tn

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  • Za
    Zay09 Aug 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sun Tan City actually has the yearly and the tan until the end of the year deals where you can pay all of that upfront and they've always had that deal. What's really nice about Sun Tan City is they never send you to collections, usually if you don't have the funds when they try to take your payment out they will just put that amount on your account and you can't tan until you pay, it could overdraft you but so could a tank of gas. I've never had an issue with me or my boyfriends account which both come out of my account.

    They do try and sell lotions but that's because they want what's best for you, lets be honest... tanning without lotion gives your wrinkles and makes you look like that woman from There's Something About Mary, People complain a lot about their sales but it's their job so just say no thank you and get over yourselves... I've never tanned anywhere better and that bulb thing is a lie... they do that only on beds that the top set uses less... all bulbs are changed at like half life or something... I've tanned with them for about 3 years now and I will never go anywhere else... and their clean... so go get crabs from L.A. Tan if you don't like Sun Tan City but everyone has an opinion (wrong or not) I guess...

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  • 4m
    4moreemployee Jul 14, 2010

    Sun tan city is the absolute worst job ever, they tell you that your not supposed to be pushy sales with lotion...haha sure, you will be thinking that when you get wrote up for not selling enough. Wanna save some money??Buy it on Amazon, get it half price easy. Their supposed specials are also totally idea is to go get a prepaid credit card from walmart, have them put it on file for ya...then you wont have to worry about them jacking your money with fees left and right, trust me i've heard enough complaints to learn the system...

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  • Ei
    Eisley, Steph Jun 27, 2010

    I have to disagree with many of you. I worked for SunTan City for over a year and many of the claims on here are simply not true. I can tell you that this company is looking out for your best interest. Those who complain about having to show eye's for YOUR best interest. What you do when you close that door and are in your tanning room is your business, however we hope that you do understand the damage you are doing to your eyes. Tanning times were another complaint on here. SunTan city limits your first tanning time because we do not know your tanning history, if you want a tanning salon that just throws you in a bed for 20 minutes on your first visit...we are not the salon for you. After all burning our clients is not something we are interested in because again we are looking out for your best interest. In regards to the complaints on changing bulbs...I think it's silly to claim that when our year round customers who appreciate our level of professionalism maintain a golden glow all year long!? Hard to do with bad bulbs wouldnt you say? All I can tell you is that I having nothing to gain by sticking up for the company. I never saw anything that was what I consider bad practice at the salons once and I bounced around to several. In regards to the "snotty girls" that work there...I encourage you all who have had a bad experience to take their name and contact the corp office...I know for a fact that they do NOT tolerate their employees being rude, pushy or inconciderate to customers. So if you REALLY are upset with your level of service tell it to the "powers that be" and it will be handled. Each of the girls go thru training and product knowledge so they are not just pulling random selling points out of their @ss to sell you something. That is the difference between STC and the other get what you pay for. Its the difference between Suave and Paul Mitchell people!!!

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  • Ke
    Kelsey07 Jun 12, 2010

    Umm. ok these peeps r crazy! I worked at a tanning salon in Alabama, (not suntancity) but we did the EXACT same things:) Like sold lotion! I was top sales for eeevvver and it rocks! (I got like 1, 300 in TWO WEEKS) and yea, if it means IM gettin gonna ask about lotion!!! Besides, you get what you pay for and if your usin some walmart cheap-o sh*t then you are not getting a good tan nd just wasting your money. sorry! Also, our lotions as well as STC have GREAT skin care in it, and there is NO PRICE on skin care !!! Anyway, I moved back to TN and now I tan at STC like I did before I move and i would never tan anywhere else!!! and I was gettin free tanning in AL and dont mind paying for STC!!! Geeze pple. Get a grip!! and o the mystic vs. versa argument...umm wow. It is a completely diff formula!!! Could u not tell how your skin was not ORANGE?! HA anyway, STC is the BEST:)))

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  • Ru
    Ruby Car Lady May 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have to say that I am very pleased with the STC I go to in Murfreesboro TN on S. Church Street. The "consultants" are always very friendly, everything is clean, and I have WATCHED them clean the beds, it's more than just a "lick and a promise". They took time to explain the contract and go over it with me, and if I have a question about switching beds they can tell me exactly what each bed does and how that will affect the way I tan. I have to be very careful about burning and they are very helpful in that regard. I have worked with radiation and cancer for 20 years and their information is always right on the money. They never push products on me; I told them I brought my own that my daughter got for me at her salon in another state and that was that. When I have used that one up I will purchase the STC products because I have found that professional products really do make a difference in your skin. I have not had any trouble with my card being used inappropriately and I have the option of doing anything I want including the Versa spa, which I haven't done yet. This is the best start on a tan I have ever gotten and I am so happy that for once I will look okay in the summer while I sit in the shade with my sunblock on!

    -1 Votes
  • An
    AngelaE May 09, 2010

    Hello everyone! I have been a member of STC in Corydon, In for about 6 mths now and I have nothing but good to say about the staff and beds. All of the girls there are very friendly and polite. I have also been to the one in Sellersburg and the girls there are just as nice. Never do I feel pressured to buy lotions or to up grade. I recently went there to put a freeze on my account and not one person questioned me on why. I have not had any problems with any auto-pay. I really enjoy going there and would reccommend them to anyone. My only gripe is that yes the lotions are a bit high but what can we say about that? Not much. Thanks STC!! Sincerely, Angela

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  • De
    ♥desiree Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i hate sun tan city. there prices are way to high and not worth it. there beds suck. i joined so i could get tan for prom and my prom is saturday and im not tan at all. i tried to cancel and they said i couldnt until my payment for the month of may was taken out. im about to cancel my card before may 1st cause im so not wanting to pay for it. i will never recommend anyone to ever ever ever go there. it is the worst tanning place i have ever been to.

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