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Sun International reviews & complaints

Sun International complaints 153

Sun International - Disgusting service

Pathetic, disgusting
I was at Golden Valley casino room 121,
Toilet has a brown stains, I ended up with a bladder infection from dirty toilets.
The room had cockroaches at the fridge.
Then the casino was over crowed and no covid 19 regulations was followed.
My stay was completely disappointed.
Even though my kids wanted to stay.
Each time when we come for our accommodation is Never met... we request ground rooms and pool facing the pool. NEVER did we ever get all this crap.

Desired outcome: That this matters are resolved

Sun International - My Watch was taken out of my room

I'm very disappointed! We stayed at the Soho hotel
From 28sept -1 October.. Room 617, when i stopped at my house i realized my watch isn't in my bag anymore. I called several times and no one came back to me. They also took my number but never called. I would like to find out if it's okay for people to take your stuff out of your room while cleaning. Because everything was put away after the room service came out. No one helped me when i wanted to know where my Watch is.. we pay alot of money to stay there and still my Watch is gone..out of my room.. do you really have to lock everything up when you stay there? Thats not right...i feel like i won't ever go to Sun City again..not just because my watch was stolen but because of the poor service after the incident happend where no one wanted to help me..if someone could please come back to me i would really appreciate it
[protected]- Taylor Badenhorst

Sun International - Unhealthy & Unhygienic Room Conditions-Meropa Hotel

Dear Sir/madam

I express great disappoinment with regard to your the unhealthy and unhygienic and inhumane conditions at the Meropa Hotel. At the time of check-in I was allocated a Room number 131. Unfortunately-The bathroom & toilet was beyond human use, the floor filthy & dirty beyond reproach and the stench in the room unbearable. In general the corridors and passage ways carpet all smelly and dirty. The furniture in room 131 damaged etc. I was welcomed by the receptionist custodian William who was extremely polite and upon complaint was provided with THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE a room on the 1st floor Room 203 which was slightly better but not the best of conditions the stink from the bathrooms and uncleaned carpets etc... However due to my travel I had no alternative accommodation. This Hotels condition that holds the SUN International brand status is appalling and it's devastating the image. Even due these COVID regulations its totally unacceptable. I will be sending the photos ATTACHED to the media, consumer council and other social media platforms so that they are aware of the facility that is not fit for human use. Filthy & stinky Hotel...

Desired outcome: Please re-furbish your facility for a safer environment for all guests

Sun International - Cabana's

21st August 2021
Brian Charles Bolt
I checked into Cabana's on the 21st August at +/- 15h00 was allocated room 2616, walk down and found the room not ready. Went back up and asked if they can help and was allocated room 2244. Checked in fortunelty I hide my bag behind the curtain. "Old habits" I left shirts hanging in cupboard and went out for dinner just after 17h00. When I left the room and removed the sticker to say room is clean. I stuck the sticker on the door to the laundrey / cleaners room on the right of the room. When I got back at 20h30 people had moved in apparently double booked. Door left ajar their cloths all over the place. I grabbed my bag and cloths and went back to reception. Manager on duty told me he personally checked the people in. There was a magazine I left on the table plus the top of a after shave bottle and Titleist cap. They put the Cap in the cupbord and then they must have seen the shirts. The Manager must have seen this. Got a new room 2330. Next morning the magazine and top was returned. Morning staff and manager were superb. I would strongly suggest you check if the person paid for this room. This sounds very odd and the manor dealt with was just to brush it off.

Desired outcome: Thats up to you. I hope this is not normal.

Sun International - Booking through sun internationals booking partners

I booked a 2 night stay with Wild Coast Sun on the 4th of August 2021, check in - 6th August 2021 and checkout - 8th August 2021 through their booking partners This was for a Luxury room...

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Sun International - Waiting for my credit since 31st march 2021

I booked 3 rooms on the 29th March 2021
on the 31st I was not feeling well and cancelled the reservation before the required time / date

I was paid the one room but am still waiting for the other 2

The other 2 confirmation numbers that was not credited was
• [protected]
• [protected]

Total that needs to be refunded is R31592


Henrique Teixeira

The service that I have received from the Soho has been terrible.
there were quick to take my money not its a battle to get the refund!!!


Desired outcome: Need my money back !!!!

I rented a 1 bedroom apartment P29 at Carousel village, Hammanskraal from Aug 2020 to Dec.2020. Up until this time im still waiting for my deposit money for refund.
Its been 8 months now.
I want my money back!!!
Marivet Martinez

Sun International - SMS received regarding diamond draw and r2000 extra play

I received an SMS from time square casino that I qualify for the diamond draw and also received R2000, extra play on the 24 June 2021. I took a day leave as I live in the Westland and it's about an...

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Sun International - Sun city in general

Our stay over this last weekend was memorable, all for the wrong reasons. I was told that my booking would be made on my behalf, and I never received any further feedback. Eventually I managed to...

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Sun International - Cabanas services

I'm so disappointed on the service. We made a booking for my family and wena we get their, they gave us the room number and left for Waverly of wave we got to they hotel for check in they told us the rooms are full and we must go sleep in one of the Charley. Four members of my family have bronchitis n asma. We can't sleep their. If this how you treat ur customer shame it's bad. I'm very disappointed. See me or my family any more. Believe me I'm going to tell every how bad is your services.

Sun International - Racism at Carnival city casino

Black people are there to donate for whites to win Grand prizes all what we get is Majors to bluff us and i believe that seen u've appointed a new manager who was removed from other casino with a reason that is affecting us as blacks we think the guys that manager came with a same strategy to make black people to suffer not to enjoy to be at carnival play. Hope take this it consideration to check Carnival city about it's racial issue.

Desired outcome: This is Agent hope I'll here from you .my acc number is 7103360219,my email address is [email protected]

Sun International - Casino

Hi I have made many calls to the casino this year, and still cannot win on slots. I have been gaming at this casino for 18 years and still haven't won a progressive jackpot, I have never been called out for a draw or even won freeplay. Why is that? Every time I come out to the casino I loose more that R10000. This is very disappointing.
Please give feedback on why I haven't won thus far

Sun International - Fraud scheme being conducted from Sibaya Casino, Kwazulu Natal

There is clearly a scam being undertaken at your casino. Either the tellers are involved or your system has been hacked. The specific even complained about occurred on 17 February between 12h45 and 13h15 and resulted in a loss of approximately R96 000 from two pensioners.

We have all the necessary details to support the claim. Please contact us ASAP

Desired outcome: Repayment of defrauded money

Sun International - Payment not received

Good day,  

I still have not received any communication from payments. This after I sent an email, made numerous calls and the query being escalated by Bella Maduna

This is absolutely unacceptable practices. 

The company was very quick to take a deposit but is not willing to refund me even though the booking was canceled within the specified period. I have been waiting since the 29th of December 2020.

I would like my deposit refunded by the weekend else I will be taking this matter further 

Confirmation number 1: [protected]
Confirmation number 2: [protected]

Sun International - Unauthorized credit card charges

I had a booking from 24/12/2020 - 27/12/2020, paid in the money and had to change the date due to a covid problem in the family, I sent through the paper work that they asked for, got the cancellation letter and they said everything is sorted.

A week later (31/12/2020) R2000 was deducted from my account for cancelation fees, when I called on the 31st a lady by the name of Linda told me that I need to wait for 48hours and they will refund me the money due to all the paper work I sent through.

it is now 8/01/2021 and I am still waiting for my refund.

Sun International - Boardwalk Casino in Port Elizabeth


I took my 2 kids to the boardwalk go kart ride and they would not allow my son to ride due to his height even thou his head was able to touch and was a tad taller than the required height stand at the entrance. They said that his forehead needed to go over the height stand.

My son was in tears as he could not go even thou they allowed him to ride a few days back. Why have a height stand if the height requirement is still dependant on another standard that is hard to quantify like your forehead need to touch the middle of the stand?


Desired outcome: Staff reprimanded for this disgusting service

Sun International - Refund

Good evening Brett I trust you are well I have been struggling to get my refund for the period of two months now. Obakeng doesn't even respond to my emails and call, I'm escalating thi...

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Sun International - I rated mvg member

Good day Since 1 September 2019 my mvg account has been mixed up with a Ms Dinah Kau, since them I have not enjoyed any benefits. I have brought this under the attention of Ntombi Morare at...

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Sun International - Denied access to enter the resort

Good day I just want to let you know that today was probably our last visit to Sun City. After they have re-opened again since the beginning of September (after lockdown) my husband and I...

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Sun International - Levies penalty charges for paying in advance

I've been doing manual payments on my monthly levies account and ended up paying earlier and more per month for the 2019/2020 period.

Vanitha Raman of Sun International, ended up penalizing me with monthly penalty fees of 150pm, just because I preferred to pay earlier and more, and not use their debit order function.

Approx 26 June 2020 I wanted to settle my balance earlier, Vanitha ended up reversing 1000, 00 of the penalty fees for earlier settlement. In October 2020, my new2020/2021 levies were due. I, misunderstood, thinking it's due 1 Nov 2020, never pd it and contacted Lauren at the levies dept, thinking they made a mistake.

I ended up paying it late, hence Vanitha, Manager of the levies department, decided to reverse the 1000, 00 discount, since I pd my levies late.

How unethical is this?

Is this maybe why most people don't pay their sun city levies?

And shouldn't penalty fees only apply to None paying clients and not clients who prefer to pay early and more on their levies??

My membership no 85644.

Sun International - Sun mvg account

Good day, I am very disgusted to say the least. Last year September I called the reservations desk to make a booking. Only to find out that a lady by the name of Diana is linked to my...

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