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Sun International

6 Sandown Valley Crescent, Sandton
South Africa

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 117 807 000(Head Office) 9 5
+27 214 065 000(Cape Town) 3 0
+27 214 065 864(Cape Town) 0 1
+27 315 661 802(Durban) 1 0
+27 117 807 000(Johannesburg) 9 5
+27 415 077 777(Port Elizabeth) 1 1
+27 117 807 855(Central Reservations) 0 0
+27 117 807 878(International Reservations) 0 1
+27 415 077 777(Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World) 1 2
+27 118 987 000(Carnival City Casino) 0 2
+27 127 187 777(Carousel Casino) 0 0
+27 538 302 600(Flamingo Casino) 2 0
+27 233 487 200(Golden Valley Casino) 0 0
+27 215 057 777(GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World) 0 1
+27 102 264 600(The Maslow) 0 1
+27 152 905 400(Meropa Casino and Entertainment World) 0 1
+27 518 751 060(Naledi Sun Hotel and Casino) 0 0
+27 315 805 000(Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom) 3 1
+27 145 571 580(Sun City) 0 3
+27 214 065 000(The Table Bay Hotel) 3 0
+27 393 059 111(Wild Coast Sun) 2 1
+27 514 102 000(Windmill Casino) 0 2
+234 12 779 000(Federal Palace (Victoria Island’s) 0 0
+56 72 951 100(Monticello Grand Casino and Entertainment World (Chile) 0 0
+507 294 4777(Ocean Sun Casino (Panama) 0 0
+27 117 807 716(Head Office) 3 2
+27 117 807 443(Central Reservations) 0 0
Sun International is Africa’s largest tourism, leisure and gaming group with a total of 27 resorts, luxury hotels, and casinos in eight countries.

Sun International Complaints & Reviews

Sun International / payouts

Jul 10, 2019

Hi I have an complaint why mistake person spend 3000 to only win 500 it's disgusting I used to go there and not spend anything less than 3000 how is it possible that you people only give to who you feel like it I mean really now I've spend so much and only won like so little you people...

Sun International / casino

Jul 05, 2019

I have been gaming at sun international casino's for the past 16 years and was never called out for a draw. Or even won a large amount of money. I always play a maximum bet. In the passed 6 months I have lost more than R500 000 in your sun international casino's namely. Wild coast sun...

Sun International / armed robbery at sun city vacation club.

Jul 03, 2019

On the 4th June 2019 while sitting on the patio of unit 410, having a braai, my friend and I were robbed at KNIFE Point of my wedding ring, ipad, cellphones and handbag. Below is the correspondence to/ from Mr Du Plessis the Resort Security Manager. the last e mail was sent on 24 June 2019...

Sun International / service as well as no safety for consumers.

Mar 05, 2019

On arrival no porter to help with luggage. Room 151 which is at end of hotel. Find a trolley load luggage ourselves. Both females booked in from 28/2-2/3. Ask gentleman at reception to help as we need to go down stairs. Takes trolley pulls it down the stairs throwing our luggage off. Dial...

Sun International / gambling

Feb 20, 2019

On the 15th february 2019. Me and my husband went gambling in the smoking area. I played on one specific mashine,. After playing r25.000 not one free spin.. How does that happen?? The sunstriker machines were all out of order. But strange the saturday morning the jackpot was paid out at...

Sun International / the type of service received

Feb 11, 2019

Good day I have a complaint against 1 of the security guards named Obrian. I was at the casino on Saturday night and playing tables by a dealer named Nomsa. I did nothing wrong and all of a sudden the security comes and chases me out of the casino. I lost over R10 000 and just when I started...

Sun International / timeshare

Jan 30, 2019

Purchased timeshare, we were mislead when we purchased the time share and now the lady who sold it to us ignores our e-mail. there has been no feedback from her over the past month and a half. The lack of service is shocking. It's also impossible to get a booking. you are always fully...

Sun International / poor service at rosies restaurant, windmill casino, bloemfontein

Jan 28, 2019

Good day I am sad to say that me and my family were very disappointed in our recent experience at Rosies Restaurant, 22/01/2019. We have been regular customers and there for I was shocked at the level of service we received. The food was not of the high quality I was used to getting at the...

Sun International / health risk

Jan 16, 2019

My family booked into Vacation Club units from Dec 17-21, 2018. This was one day after the big storm so before we left Botswana for Sun City we called to make sure that everything was fine for our stay. When we arrived it was first to be informed that the two units that we booked in March...

Sun International / food poisoning issue

Jan 08, 2019

I recently stayed at the Cabanas at SunCity (03/04 January 2019) We had a lovely stay at the resort and no complaints here regarding the stay. However on the 04 January after having a breakfast buffet at the Cabanas both my husband and I fell ill with the stomach runs and vomiting. It wa...

Sun International / pathetic customer service for a 5 star establishment

Dec 28, 2018

I am still booked at the Cascades as I write this. What a complete waste of my hard earned money. This is the worst hotel I have ever been to... Mind you I am a frequent international traveler. From being served rotten lamp shank by the room service. To waiting for toilet paper from house...

Sun International / used menstrual pad on main gaming floor. windmill casino bloemfontein

Oct 17, 2018

Good day.My name is Michael Hattingh and i am an mvg card holder 1709231688 acc 410013885, I wasn't always but now i am. Me and my brother spend a lot of money at Sun International WINDMILL CASINO. A couple of times i did raise some suspicion on the surveys that windmill sends me about...

Sun International / soho casino: faulty gambling machine 54506 (automated roulette machine)

Sep 25, 2018

Good day. I want to make a formal complaint against Soho Casino situated in Sun City. On the 22nd of September 2018 i was playing machine 54506 (automated roulette table). I placed a bet and before the timer was done i reversed all bets and the machine wiped out my credit on my card and...

Sun International / refund not received

Sep 12, 2018

Hi I made a booking for 2 rooms for the Cascades hotel in December through and had a free cancellation. I was charged R4000 per room and subsequently cancelled (for free). No one has refunded me and I am being ignored. Please advise what I can do about this? The details are a...

Sun International - Sun City (Cascades) / refund not received

Sep 10, 2018

good day on the 24/08/18 I made a reservation at suncity (cascades) and made the payment online with my card through my wife's mvg membership and when we came to check-in it did not show on their system so my wife payed with her card, we cancelled the one booking and they said they will...

Sun International / security

Sep 08, 2018

Sitting in grandwest prive and security keep on harassing me im sleeping while i was not after tellinv her im busy on my phone she still says im sleeping meanwhile another woman is sleeping in the prive and nothing is being said to her very dissapointed in service and the manager of...

Sun International / customer service bru's @ carnival city

Aug 23, 2018

I really want and need to say this . I have never seen customer service at Sun international like that . I worked for Sun international before . And I know the high standards and level of customer service expected. At Bru's at Carnival City Service is really bad . No friendlyness, no...

Sun International / worst experience any person could pay for himself.

Aug 10, 2018

It saddens me to think that for the last three months ive basically spent more time @ the maslow time square than ive ever spent anywhere else. The last month's experiences were horible, all started after I finally signed up for my own mvg card. Used to believe players were tracker by...

Sun International / soho hotel smoking casino bad service

Aug 10, 2018

We went to Soho Hotel to the smoking casino yesterday afternoon 9 Aug 2018 at about 16h45.The machine I played on a 7's machine by the cashier that gives free games just stopped working and said error call attendant. We waited for the attendant. She came and helped and not even a spin...

Sun International / accommodation offer problem

Aug 03, 2018

Hello my name is syed nooruddin talha jawed. I m enjoying gambling in your one casino sun sibaya. The staff and managment is very good. But only one problem i have every time u gave me free accomodation in wild coast sun and soho hotel but i never ever move to both casinos because of my...

Sun International / changes to mvg points accommodation

Jul 24, 2018

To whom it may concern or please forward onto someone who can do something about it. I am totally confused at Sun Internationals attempt to making loyal gambling clients now go to other casinos closer to our homes, I wanted to book a getaway on my MVG points that I have been saving only to be...

Sun International / being intimidated inside time square casino by staff member everyday

Jul 22, 2018

Dear my name is Boitshwarelo Godfrey Sekai ID no: 7911235436087 card number 7103750475. I here by have a complaint against Dhireen Maharash manager at Time Square Casino in Pretoria. He is always on my case, i really don't know how to handle this issue any more. i have reported him in...

Sun International / wild coast sun

Jul 18, 2018

Good Day Kindly note we booked into the Wild Coast Sun to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday on from the 13th July to 15th July. We had booked 2 rooms 435 and 444. When we got to reception we requested for both rooms to be close by which was granted. We drove 2 hours from the Durban and dad...

Sun International / pe boardwalk

Jul 01, 2018

Went on a night out with friends to see a comedy show at the PE Boardwalk. We bought the tickets at Shoprites Computicket outlet. When we got to the venue we got harrased by security personnel at he door, he suspected the tickets to be fraudulent event though they were genuine. We were set...

Sun International Cabanas / non client centricity

Jun 21, 2018

On booking at the cabanas on 3 July 2018, I told the lady (per telephone call)that took the booking at the MVG desk, that my mother is 82 years old and that I need a room as close to the road as possible as she likes to play at the Casino and need to access that easily. She got the booking...

Sun International / winnings

Jun 13, 2018

Good evening, hope you are well today. I meant to send this on monday but just have not got time. My husband and I come to your casino every weekend but after the last two weekends we think we need to stop coming as we not winning at your casino anymore and if we do u take all back. And it...

Sun International / meropa casino

Jun 10, 2018

When was the last time Meropa casino was inspected by senior management? The slots are the same as the day it opened. Old & broken. We wants slots like Sunsquare. Meropa is not going to last if the slots aren't improved ASAP. As well as the service & management. This needs urgent...

Sun International / accommodation

May 29, 2018

Good day, I am very much unhappy about making accommodation with Sun Internationals at Sun City. Last week on the 16th May 2018 I made a booking for our CEO, the booking was confirmed then yesterday they send me an email saying the booking has been cancelled because there was no money on...

Sun International / sunbet online, account wl botes 6712225115082

Apr 25, 2018

Dear Sun international, see below a letter (one of numerous) to Sunbet referee. They refuse to call or email me. I have been requesting a manager contact me to sort this out since November 2017. I spoke to a Albert Joubert once, and he promised to come back to me, which he did not, in...

Sun International / sun vacation club

Apr 18, 2018

I have been trying to contact Bernice Green and David Ranaana and left several messages to call me and none of my calls have been returned, i also tried on 3 different occasions to lodge a complaint directly at your head-office and specifically asked the switchboard operator on number...

Sun International / unethical behaviour

Mar 19, 2018

I received an sms saying I had draw stay nights, I booked at wildcoast sun for the 11th March. upon booking I was not advised that I did not qualify for this. I travelled all the way from ladysmith to spend the night at wildcoast only to be told that I do not qualify for the draw stay...

Sun International / gaming vip

Mar 16, 2018

I play at Sun city and I am a Platinum card holder. K Chimusi Acc10061307489 cellphone 0835661517. I have asked several times about why don't I have a host. Spoken to Raphael at Sun city twice almost a month back and I escalated to Sun share To Sam who is still waiting for feedback from...

Sun International / cabanas accommodation

Mar 13, 2018

We've been to the Cabanas in April 2017 and again in January 2018, this time with the extended family as we raved about the place and ended up booking 4 rooms to accommodate 15 people. Our second visit left us very dissapointed. We informed housekeeping of the following issues we had, and...

Sun International / money got stolen 50 000

Mar 12, 2018

Its been 4 days and no help what so ever besides empty promises that theyll get back to me regarding my gf handbag that was stollen while theres suppose to be 24/7 seveilange cameras what allot of nonsence if that was the case why did it happen how can one feel save playing slots at casino...

Sun International / carnival city

Feb 19, 2018

Hi. I was at Carnival City tonight. I'm one of the regular people that visits. But recently I'm not to happy. You leave your machine just to maybe go to the loo or bank and you get back and your card has disappeared then u need to pay R30 for done thing you didn't loose. Yes fine I understand you...

Sun International / sunmet 2018

Jan 27, 2018

Wanted to report the Pathetic service experienced during the sunmet 2018. Firstly, the booking of tickets (somerset lounge) with Dishfood and social, mainly Hurter and team was painful. Very poor communications and simple proof of payment could not be confirmed. After numerous calls and email...

Sun International / received sms for a draw which did not take place

Jan 15, 2018

Date of Incident: 12th January 2018 Client Number: 318043 Full Description: I received a sms informing me that there will be a draw on 12th January 2018 at "Your favorite Sun International Casino" due to the fact that I updated my details online. I cancelled a business appointment so that I could...

Sun International / product and service

Jan 15, 2018

I made a booking through for sun city... the room I booked was a luxury family room for 2 adults and 2 kids... I phoned in advance for a urly check in... I was told that they couldn't assist me ... we arrived on the 13th of January at the cascades hotel.. when we got to the...

Sun International / my mvg menbership and bad service.

Jan 10, 2018

Hi to whom it may concern. I'm so disappointed in Sun International, I've been staying in Sun City every single Month not only do you receive bad service sometimes you sleep in very bad conditions, no air conditioning, Phones not working or water in the taps is so dirty you...

Sun International / windmill hotel and facilities

Jan 05, 2018

Good evening. We are currently at your windmill resort in Bloemfontein. I must tell you, your facility is disgusting and in diar need of repairs, maintenance and new shops. We booked with yourselves because we trust in your brand, we arrive here today, there are shops closed down left...