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I want to escalate our issue with our broadband internet service. Sine we signed up for it, we never received quality service. It's either we are not able to connect to the internet or after we are connected, it loses it's connection after 5-10 mins. We called the hotline several times, but all they could is to provide us with a ticket # which I think were never addressed.

My husband, ( the acct holder) spoke to a supervisor during his one call to the hotline, the supervisor requested for a site visit. The tech person went to our place and checked our connection and he confirmed that we are only receiving 2G connection, so he advised that we buy a USB cable with booster to connect our broadband and put it the window so that we can connect to the internet, though I feel like it's no longer our obligation to buy the USB wire, but just to address the issue, we went ahead and purchased one, and it's worth 800 pesos.

After purchasing the USB wire, we are now able to connect to the internet, but our main problem (which was our problem since then) was the consistency of our connection! We are not able to stay connected all the time, especially during weekends. We use internet for our business that's why we signed up for it. So, again, for numerous times, we called again the hotline and was issued again a ticket #, and requested for a site visit, but this time no one came.

This has been our ordeal with SUN Cellular and all we ask is to cancel our broadband internet without paying the pre termination fee. Just imagine, with all the troubles that we have to go through, we were never given a credit for the months we are not able to use their service mainly because the company cannot provide us a quality service. We don't mind paying but if we are going to pay for a service, we should be given the service we are paying for! This is not our fault! So why should we pay for the pre termination fee, if the main reason and the only reason why we want to cancel our contract is because they cannot provide us the service that we are paying for!

Everytime we call the hotline, we are suffering from high blood pressure because nobody seems to care!

I called the hotline this morning and spoke to a supervisor, Jane Oliverio and I have narrated to her the ordeal that we have gone through with your company. Imagine, even simple websites, we cannot access! We don't complain often, we have a phone line with the company, and so far we are satisfied with that, but not with their broadband product!

And everytime we are requesting for the internet to be cancelled, they always tell us that we have to pay for the pre termination fee. I really don't know if DTI has a law about pre termination fee being applied if the provider cannot give their consumers what they are pating for.
At this point, I am willing to go above and beyond just for this to be addressed, coz I am not going to pay for the pre termination fee.

And whenever we visit their business centers, they don't know anything!!! Their customer service really is terrible!


  • Or
    ordinaryguy Mar 18, 2011

    Let us form a group to have a solid complaints.
    I filed a complaints already to DTI and NTC but they are ignoring it.

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  • Or
    ordinaryguy Mar 18, 2011

    Sad about our Law... Its there but never properly implemented.

    Republic Act No. 7394

    ARTICLE 102. Liability for Service Quality Imperfection.
    The service supplier is liable for any quality imperfection that render the services improper for consumption or decrease their value, and for those resulting from inconsistency with the information contained in the offer or advertisement, the consumer
    being entitled to demand alternatively at his option.

    A. the performance of the services, without any additional cost and when applicable
    B. the immediate reimbursement of the amount paid, with monetary updating without prejudice
    to losses and damages, if any
    C. a proportionate price reduction.

    Reperformance of services may be entrusted to duly qualified third parties, at the suppliers risk and cost. Improper services are those which prove to be inadequate for purposes reasonably expected of them and those that fail tomeet the provisions of this Act regulating service rendering.

    ARTICLE 103. Repair Service Obligation.
    When services are provided for the repair of any product, the
    supplier shall be considered implicitly bound to use adequate, new, original replacement parts, or those that maintain the manufacturer s technical specifications unless otherwise authorized as regards to the letter by the consumer.

    ARTICLE 104. Ignorance of Quality Imperfection.
    The suppliers ignorance of the quality imperfections due to inadequacy of the product and services does not exempt him from any liability.

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  • Ya
    yamnna May 20, 2011

    Ms. Frustrated, I have the same situation with you. I have been visited twice already but there is really no improvement. All that it gives me is just stress because every time I use it, it always performs very poor. What kind of service is this? It's unbearable! So, I will also not pay and not wait for the holding period they are saying. I can't bear paying when I'm the one who is negatively affected. SUN's service is really terrible. They offer low price to attract customers. After that, they don't care whether they are giving good quality service or not.

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  • Jo
    Joi young Feb 06, 2012

    If NTC ignoring our complains? Who else can help us?

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  • Wi
    Witribe's poor connection Feb 17, 2012

    I have the same issue with wi-tribe. I used to live in a condo and when I moved to a regular apartment I could not connect considering that the site is just a street away, and I was told that there are several more around my area. They visited my place one time and the technician confirmed that the signal is poor and was told that new sites are being put up, I just need to wait for three months. I can only use the internet near the window and sometimes I needed to search for a signal. Finally, there were days that I could not connect, complained several times to their customer service and was told that I would receive a call withing 24 hours, 36 hours have gone but no call. I was even told that I could not get a good signal because there are buildings around my place, what a lame excuse considering that i used to stay in a condo surrounded with buildings when I first used their service. I called again but they told me the same thing. I asked for bill adjustment since there were days that I was not able to use the internet, no connection at all, they said they will forward it to the person in charge. Days and months passed no bill adjustment. As a customer I felt that I should demand for quality service first before I pay. I did not pay until they pulled out the gadget. These days an atty. ampong is bothering me through text and calling me between 8-5 asking me to pay my bill. I think it is unfair for consumers; why pay for poor service? and these companies threatens to sue me for what for not paying por service. WI-tribe SUCKS..

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  • Ni
    Nightwolf Dec 30, 2012

    They are greedy for money... locking you up... they don't have conscience because they didn't realize that their consumers are the one paying them to feed their family and buying their things. go mam, Push it Thru... so there will be no more abused consumers

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  • Lm
    Lmcramos Jan 09, 2014

    Same experience and ordeal with me here, i bought my pocket wifi just this December 28, 2013 and up until now the connection is very poor, sometimes there is no connection at all. I have never been satisfied since the day it was activated. I did complain the problem to their customer service 6 times and even went to their sun shops and raised my concern with them--they offered a house visit to address the problem but one week after nobody from their technical group visited our area. I want to return the pocket wife and refund my money, however, they refused to have my money back. Hope everyone will read this very alarming issue, so that they will be warned before subscribing and buying sun cellular products and let no one fall for their prey for false advertisements.

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  • Za
    Zai Pan May 12, 2016

    February 2016
    i have requested to fix the issue with my billing as it still shows Trinet CTU as active. I have called the hotline multiple times. Thus, requested for supervisor, got declined several times (every time i call its either, they are on a call or meeting i usually waited for 2 hours and line gets disconnected).

    Related tckets:

    Fix billing statement to reflect the correct amount that I should pay. Reinstate account as well.

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