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On May 21-23, 2017, Sun Cellular call center agents had been contacting me almost every hour to offer their new mobile Internet promo NonStop450 in which I finally agreed to subscribe on May 23, 2017 on the account that I can use mobile internet for an additional of 450 on top of the monthly dues.

However, upon subscription, I couldn’t use the internet service, so I immediately called the customer service for assistance. The CSR gave me instructions on how to activate it. I followed ever step but still it was of no use. The following day, (I am not sure if it was two days later) I called them up again and the 2nd CSR gave me another instructions but to no avail.

Finally, on my third call, I requested them to cut off the service because apparently SUN Cellular cannot provide me the service coz the CSRs are not sure if their service is compatible with iPhone. Their text message says that if we wish to opt out we just need to visit the link they send and it will automatically disable the service. That’s the only way to cut it. But to my exasperation, the link does not exist. So to make sure that this service won’t be charged to me, I called the customer service for 4th time and they promised to return my extra payments and cut the service themselves as the link is not working.

No action has been done even after the 4th call.

Since May until July, SunCellular had been charging me of this NonStop450 despite several calls I made to report its non-service. If I don’t pay that P450, even my line was cut, so I was forced to pay the full amount because they promised to cut the 450 NonStop surf and make adjustments.

Today is October 3, it’s been 6 months that I have been complaining of the extra 450 that I’ve been paying without service and nobody from SunCellular returned my money and solved my problem despite all the distress calls I’ve made. Last, October 2, I’ve made several attempts to call their mobile and landline HOTLINES but ALL are not working. No ringing, no sound whatever.

I have been charged of a total of Php2700 for services I can’t avail as the problem is on their side. Had I’ve been able to use it (as I also need it in my work), I would definitely pay for it as I intended when I availed it. BUT Sun Cellular cannot provide me with the service and even the CSRs cannot solve my problem. I have been a subscriber of Sun Cellular for almost 7-8 years, but they do not care of this very simple complaint and charged me exorbitantly of the service I cannot use. If it wasn’t for the disruption with my work, I would have long cut my phone subscription with them. But 6 months is a very long wait. Sun Cellular is still sending me text messages that NonStop450 is going to renew automatically; I cannot even cut it despite the calls to their CSRs. They are stealing money by force.

I demand my money back from them, and have this inefficient service cut.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem.

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