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This is a company built around planned poor customer service.
They take an adversarial approach to their customers right from the start.

On Sunday, June 14th, '09 I was lured to their website by claims of having the lowest price on the internet guaranteed.

I was specifically looking for the Channel Master CM-7000 Digital converter box.

At $41.75 it was the lowest price I could find on the net (without having a $40.00 government coupon).

The real surprise came at checkout in regards to the shipping price.
Padded is an understatement! In addition I was slammed into paying an additional $1.50 for shipping insurance which you are not given a choice about, it's just added in.

The total shipping price is stated AFTER they have your credit card number.

Since totaled I would save about 8 bucks from the local sale price (which I would have to wait for) I figured why not just buy it from them and get it sooner.


I can stomach padded shipping if the customer service is excellent but it was just the opposite with Summit Source.

Today, 6/17/09 according to their website, the status of my order was still pending so I decided to call the company to find out when they were planning to ship it.

I made 3 calls and was never able to talk to anyone and was sent to voice mail so on the 3rd call I left a message telling them to cancel the order and if they didn't I was going to file a credit card dispute.

I left my number on their voice mail but instead of returning my call they sent an email.

Basically they said the order was shipped and they provided a tracking number.

The email also said that they do not accept verbal cancellations and provided a link to their TOS.

In short, the message was very clear.

We are a greedy company and once we have your money you will never get it back.

Since we intentionally plan on giving you the worst customer service possible we safeguard ourselves against filing a credit card dispute by hitting you up with a bunch of bogus charges if you try to do so.

Being that that order had already shipped, I emailed them back stating that I did not want to cancel the order and also voiced my complaints to the.

So far they have not returned my email.

Summit Source uses deceptive lo-ball pricing and more than make up for it with their inflated shipping charges.

They deliberately plan a negative consumer experience and do everything possible to insure that their customers have no recourse.

Bottom line, stay away from this company. Do Not Buy anything from them. They deserve to go out of business!


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      Jun 30, 2009

    I completely and totally agree. I was a walk in to their store, I try to support local businesses, (Fort Wayne, IN), if at all possible. This owner attacked me the moment I walked in with my return. I specifically asked if I could return the item if my husband didn't like it (I dealt with the owners Son and another employee), there was nothing mentioned about a "Restocking fee". The Owner continued to validate his claim saying it was legally printed all over their website...I was a walk in, didn't use the internet. On my receipt, there is no mention of any "fee" of any kind!!!

    He literally had me in tears by the time I left!!!

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      Jul 31, 2009

    Summit Source has been in business for over 25 years. We have over 100, 000 happy and loyal customers. If we have not been doing something right, we would not have made it as far as we have.

    I am not familiar with each of your orders, but I can attest to how hard our customer service representatives work each and everyday to provide products at some of the greatest prices found online. I am also sorry that you had a hard time reaching us. We pride ourselves with handling a large volume of business without having to out-source our customer service. If you happened to call and not reached someone, that is because all of our lines were tied up with other callers. We often use email as our preferred avenue for contact because it saves both us and our customers time.

    I also am somewhat offended by your comments towards our shipping as "padded." Our shipping department tries to find the best shipping rates for each and every one of our customers. Also, the additional shipping insurance was put into place after many customers requested it. It is in fact optional and each person has the choice to un-check the box.

    As for the chargeback fee, I would love the opportunity to address this point. When a person initiates a chargeback with their credit card company. The merchant (i.e. summit source) is charged a fee from the credit card company no matter what the outcome. Just as merchants are charged a fee for each and every transaction. People forget that credit card processing is full of fees that are passed onto the merchant. We urge customers to work out a refund/in-store credit or exchange whenever possible in order to avoid this fee being passed through to them.

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      Jan 17, 2011

    Something is definitely wrong with the website and they really might want to consider getting a website consultant involved because the shipping fees apparently are incorrect as of this writing on [protected] and it is VERY IMPORTANT for retailers' IT department/WEBMASTER to update their site making corrections and mention of product availability/stock supply evident-(I did not go so far as to input my credit card number to find out about any insurance fees.) I tried to initiate an order tonight and since the item that I wanted really did not require any special handling, I picked the cheapest ground shipping which was stated as $11 and some change for an item that was around 8 lbs or probably much less. When I proceeded to the checkout section it immediately increased the ground shipping to $17 and some change which prompted me to search online for any possible complaints about this vendor and I found this site.

    After reading this I decided to opt for amazon and used my $10 gift card plus their free shipping to order the product at a great discount with the assurance as a long term customer of reliability and EASY return policy if by chance there is anything wrong with our LAVA HD-2605 antenna!

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