Suddenlink Communicationsservice call, having to pay for their equipment malfunctions

G Aug 05, 2018

I had a Suddenlink contractor come to my house to fix an internet issue. The issue was the box/router. The contractor fixed the issue. I just happen to say to him, "You aren't going to charge me are you?" I asked him this because I was charged a few months prior for another issue involving a Suddenlink contractor. THIS IS FRAUD. When a contractor finishes his work, THEY GIVE US NO PAPER WORK. WE SIGN NOTHING. If you get charged the $60 service charge, you can complain. But, I have had several Suddenlink employees tell me that the complaint will go back to the contractor and they have the final say. So, what do you think they will say? They say, that they remember that specific house and call (even though they work hundreds a week and the complaint may not make it back to them until a month or more passed the day they came to your house). SUDDENLINK WILL NEVER CREDIT YOU FOR THE SERVICE CALL. It is a scam. They want you to pay the $6.99 per month for maintenance. The customer has no protection. We are at the mercy of whatever the contacter wants to put on his paper and never get to see it or must sign for it. Buyer beware.

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