Suddenlink CommunicationsI have been trying for a month to get service. your reps are no help and not at all in tune with the info they give

B Dec 02, 2019

I moved in my apt in oct. tried to get services with suddenlink. there is a lock on my address due to the person living there before me. I have called for the past month, customer service 8 times and collections 5times. they finally told me after speaking to many reps that were not helpful at all. I would imagine that you would want my service since it going to be 116.00 a month. finally they said to fax in a copy of my lease and my id. my landlord did that. still after a week they didn't get it. so they asked me to email it and I did, that took several hours. now they say they need my ss card and proof of where I lived before my current place. they never once tld me to send that info. I don't know how my last place matters since I lived with my mom and no mail in my name. and my lease clearly says I live there now so what does it matter where I lived before? im so disappointed in the way suddenlink in treating someone who wants to be a customer. my next step is the corp office since I have asked for a manager over 4 times and they wont let me talk to one. my job allows me to work from home but I haven't been able to because of this and ive also had to pay a better sitter.

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