Suddenlink Communicationsbilling

W Oct 31, 2019

I contacted Suddenlink (888 number) on 8/17/19 to find proper procedure to disconnect my services due to a move out of state. Person said it was documented and would also be documented at the local store (Jonesboro) when I returned equipment. Equipment was returned on 8/30/19 (receipt 5775496). I then received a bill for services for September of 2019 $166.21. I am now living in Alabama. I contacted the 888 number on 9/13, 9, 25, 9/26 in which I was told an expedited review would be done, 10/7 in which I was told an expedited review would be done and I would hear back). I never heard back and actually went to the Jonesboro office on 10/25 (I was in town for a training, I now live 6 hours away) and the person reviewed my information with his supervisor and he said all should be good. The Jonesboro office is really the only place I feel that I was respected in this entire process. When I returned home from my training I had received a bill from a collection agency (dated 10/21) for the Suddenlink account. My Sudden link account is now showing that I owe nothing. Spoke with someone at the 888 number today and asked for an address where I could file a complaint and assure that the collection agency was notified that I did not owe this money. The customer service advice was to return 6 hours to the local Jonesboro store to verify that all was good. After much discussion I was given this format to file a complaint..

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