Sucuri Securitydisappointed

S Jun 16, 2018

I will probably need help from sucuri security customer service working on this website because the way the plugin works is terrible. And there is no one to help me because their customer care is awful. Is that always like that? My issue was nothing special, I think, but I haven't received any answer yet. I will describe it here: the plugin says my website was hacked, I checked everything but haven't found any signs of it. Then scanned twice and got the same result. Checked over and over, asked my host to do the same. Nothing. I wrote to sucuri support asking to check and fix this. Still no reply. What am I to do? Why did I buy a 6hr plan if you keep ignoring me?
Oh, by the way, speaking of plans. Prices are high. The plugin is not cheap. Yes, there are some free features, but they won't completely protect your websites, they will miss viruses unless you pay. Many people had said about it, so I guess there's nothing new. Judging by my situation, the paid version is not better...
Waiting for your reply.
Your angry customer.

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