Subaru Cadde Motor100.000 km service /swear to me and my family/ assault attempt

Ke Sep 30, 2019

Dear Authorized,

I would like to inform you about the unfortunate event that i have been exposed to.
Last week i have visited the Subaru authorized service Cadde Motor Subaru. You can see the link below;

I have been directed to Cadde Subaru by the Subaru Head Quarter Office due to the free airbag software update. So normally i have trusted to Subaru Head Quarter Office and visisted the authorized Subaru Service.
After my visit to Cadde Motor, i decided to make also 100.000 km service for my 2009 Forester which has the plate number 34 UJ 9358 which is owned by my mother Sevhan Atay.
A responsible has tried to explain the transactions which will be done to my forester in the service. By the way an unkwon person who is İsmail Faiz Köprülü (owner of the Cadde Motor) inturepted our conversation with very rude and irreverent attitute.
After we finish the conversation with the responsible Ümit bey. I have asked for an discount if i have a chance to take. Than the person İsmail Faiz Köprülü which constantly intrupted us again made some comments such as "Go to other service if you can take any other discount". I have been shocked after this rude interruption. Kindly reminded him why he is mobbing and inturpting me and my mother since he is not the responsible which is involved with me and asked him his unrespectfull speech. Than he said that he is the owner of this Cadde Motor and ordered the staff not to repair our car. Than started to shout and swear to me in the front of my mother and the workers. I have never replied to his bad words or assault attempt but my honour and family relations have been hurted deeply.
Than i have taken my car from this service and go to other subaru service which was very polite Subaru Bayraktar Oto.

I have gone to police station and told the story to them. Also i have informed the Subaru Turkey Head Quarter last week on 25.09.2019 (the event day).

But due to the headquarter's reply even today they have replied me after my subsequent calls every 15 minutes. They have informed me that they can't do anything for my victimization in Cadde Motors. They informed me they can only involve with the car repair or guarantee things.

Now after a long complaints i would like to ask some questions;

1)Cadde Motors is a real authorized service which has been aprroved by Subaru Turkey?
2)How could i go to repair my car such a place so ugly, humiliating and attacking personal rights.Where people are threatened on the front of their family ?
3)I am a Subaru fan and praise subaru in every social platform and have been going to authorized service since the 0 km i mean from start. So how will i recommend subaru while even the head quarter of turkey subaru don't involve with this situation.

I want and immediate reply from your customer complaint represents and also want my 100.000 km service to be done free of charge by Subaru Bayraktar Oto.

My email is

My phone number is

Now i didn't inform any social media platform related with this topic. I will be waiting your reply.

Attached you can find the police station report.

Kerim Atay

Subaru Cadde Motor

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