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6:13 pm EDT
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Advantage Auto Lemon vehicle

I wrecked my car on thanksgiving in an ice storm and had to be back to work 10 hours away from home at 6am in just 2 days. I'm a mechanic and need a vehicle I can load my tools in easily, has an alarm system, and working locks and looks good. (no rust) I had 8000 bucks cash and some change. I stopped @ every car dealer on hwy 169 from my moms to grand rapids. I found a 2001 black isuzu rodeo, loaded with options, clean, pretty as I called it. I took it for a ride and it was the nicest vehicle I had ever drove! The sticker said 6899.00 so I said I'd take it NOW! I paid all caash got a receipt and came back to get it. In the dark. When I drove it off the lot the lights were dimming almost flashing. I called andleft a message I would be back on my next day off . The sales guy said sure we will look at it. I went to work with all my tools in back. 2800.00 apx in precision tools. . Alarm spontaniously goin off and lights flashing. Driver side window quit working, cd player won't play or eject disks, check engine light came on, oil light came on. 4 quarts low on oil! Windsheild wipers quit workin, (was raining!) cruise control spontainiously would turn on when at stop lights and I had to litrally stand on the break to stay stopped and motor reving so high I thought the engine was gona blow. The lock on the hatchback was broke too!. I was scheduled for a lock replacement 6 months later! And for them to look at everything else..10 months later. The trk didn't last that long. 10.5 months and a car mechanic in my town said it's only runnin on 5 cylinders! (reason for 4 quts of oil every 200 miles) ALSO!.. 3 different tread tires a windsheild that was too small and the trim on windsheild was coming off n water leaked into the vehice from the huge gap! 30 day waarrenty don't cover you when they make the apt 10 months out cuz they are SOOO busy. I'm so mad I couldn't go back cuz I woulda hurt someone. No credit, no nest egg of money anymore and no vehicle. Thanks advantage auto. You guys are champs. selling a lemon to a gullable single mom working away from home to make a living away from child and family. And not even offering to trade for something else.. The 18th of dec was the last time it was on the road. 4500 for just the motor installed. Not including all the other stuff to fix. :((

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Inaies Mathews
Mar 13, 2008 6:51 am EDT

Do you want friendly customer service before and after you make a purchase? Well do not waste your time at Advantage Auto in Tyler, Texas. The salesman I dealt with did not even pretend to have great customer service. He did not listen to what I had to say which caused me to lose practically a whole day. I am not bitter about not getting the vehicle because I told this vulture that I have a vehicle already and if I cannot get financed (because I am a college student) let me know now. I just wanted to see if I can get something bigger and better. After getting the run around for most of the day, we finally found out that ths guy told his manager that I am a college graduate. I still have another year of school! I remember clearly telling this guy that! I just got so upset and finally I left the building. Two days later I called the guy to see about a vehicle and I was basically treated like a dog. I was brushed off and told that I could not get financing. Really people, it definitely was the way he said it. I am not a sensitive person by far but this was my first experience with a dealership and I just pray I never need a vehicle again because after being treated like dirt once, you wonder about the other car dealers out there.

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