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T Nov 10, 2018
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I completed my fafsa application at the end of august and it was successfully processed. Strayer even sent me my fa award letter. I am a veteran so at the same time I did my forms for va post 9-11. Classes started october 1, 2018. I enrolled in the south charlotte campus but my class is on a different campus 40 miles away. Not what I signed up for at all. Im a single mom so my teenage son was supposed to "babysit" so I can go to class but I was only supposed to be 15 minutes from home. I was in no way comfortable with being that far away from home with my kids there alone. I voiced my concern but was ignored. Next issue, I was checking my va wondering why they had not posted my new enrollment I called va said my school had not sent them my verification. I call the school and find out they in fact had not submitted my enrollment because they had not put me in my actual program because strayer said my high school transcript did not show my diploma type. Lie. Im convinced they didn't even look at my transcript because in the bottom right corner is my graduation date and it says high school diploma issued may 17, 2003. I had to tell them where to look to see it. I'm still confused as to why that was a big deal anyway considering they knew I was military and they already had my military transcript and had already given me 40 credit hours. So they finally put me in my program and report to va. Then I get pulled for "random" v4 verification. I submitted my id and verification forms to be told my last name when I graduated high school is different from my name now. So I needed to submit s copy of my ss card and a letter of clarification. I graduated hs 15 years ago. I got married and hyphenated my last name (maiden-married). I ordered a ss card submitted to strayer only for them to kick it back and tell me I need to change my name on fafsa because I only have 1 last name it isnt hyphenated all because my name is too long to fit on one line on my ss card. Special characters are not on ss cards so it has my first middle and both last names but my second last name is on line 2 so strayer said it was wrong mind you my driver's license has both names I already have student loans from a previous school with my hyphenated name and I spoke to the department of education they verified my information through ss when they processed my application and my name is indeed hyphenated and if I tried to change my name it would be rejected because the my name would be wrong.. They also said they didn't pull me for verification strayer did. Everything was good with the doe. When I asked the guy in fa how I managed to get a driver's licence with the wrong name he said "you can put whatever name you want on a driver's licence application" so they said I need to go to ss and "tell them they need to print me a new card that is correctly spaced" I have never in life seen this foolishness before. I am a disabled veteran i'm not able to work at the moment so even though va pays for my classes I still need the financial aid in or to maintain and fill in the gap until I can find work. I suffer from ptsd and this stress has me on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I want to quit but I can't because then I will owe strayer. Even my success coach can figure out why im going through this. She tried to advocate for me but fa still said I was wrong and will not be getting financial aid until I did what they said. I filed a complaint with the department of education because them telling me to change fafsa documents to reflect a wrong name and to "play around with it til it lets you change it" has got to be illegal and almost seems like they are setting me up to get in trouble with the government. Stay away from strayer.

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