Stratosphere Hotelfront desk manager

Ro Oct 08, 2019

I had a booking in Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower (Address: 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104) on Oct 8th for one night. I was checking in with my wife and 2 year old daughter.

I came to the hotel around 5:45 pm on 8th October 2019 to check-in. There was a big line for check-in. We were in line when my daughter started crying profusely. I stepped out of the line while my wife and my daughter were still in line. I went to the front desk to request to provide me a room a bit early so that my wife can feed my daughter in the room. They asked me to go to self check-in. I went there and tried check-in but it did not work out. So I came back to the front desk requesting the same thing. They asked me to talk to the manager. They pointed me to the Manager (Names MJ). I went up to him and requested him the same thing.

He said that you need to go to line and there is nothing we can do in a very rude manner. I requested him again that please I need a room immediately as other guests in the line are also getting worried as my daughter was continuously crying. He said that you need to go to line and if you will stand here I will call the security. I was taken aback. I said security? Are you kidding me? I am just requesting if the process can be done faster thats it.

He said just go to the line or I am calling security. This was enough. I said ok I am leaving but is there anyone else senior to you whom I can talk to? He said there is no other senior member out here and I am the senior most person here. At this moment I finally asked if I can get your business card. To which he denied again.

I then left the front desk and tried calling the 18009986937 number to ask for some help. I talked to the operator and explained the entire situation. She said that she cannot do anything but can connect me to VP Hotels (Mr. Miller). She connected me to his phone but unfortunately it went to voice mail. I left a voice mail in his mail box explaining the same thing.

My wife waited for entire 45 min in the line for her turn. My daughter was crying for the entire 45 min. I also made a video of this entire situation.
Even the people in the line were getting very much worried because my daughter crying. But the manager did not gave a single most attention to this.

I am reaching out to you in desperate situation. The manager did not tell his entire name. He told his name as MJ. If you will check the manager on duty on 8th Oct around 5:45 pm front desk, you will come to know his real name.

He even threatened my wife by saying that if your husband will call senior executive members of the hotel, he will call the security and throw me out of the hotel.

I have stayed earlier in Stratosphere and I had a very pleasant experience but this time it was a nightmare.

I really urge you to fire him immediately. The way in which he misbehaved with me and my wife was never ever acceptable.

Please take very strong action against him.

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