Straight Talk Wirelessno account security and lousy rude customer service

An ex girlfriend stole a phone from me and I went online to my account to find she had somehow put my account in her name and she never had access to my password or my pin and my bankcard was on file for the account. Ive had the account and my phone number for years and now she had both my active phones under her name. i called and was able to get my account recovered and changed the pin and password. I bought a new phone and put the number on it that she had stolen and a couple days later the phone says sim card not provisioned and no network. I go to my account and she has managed to put it all back into her name. I called them again and they informed me very rudely that my phone, the new one was a stolen phone. I tried to explain what was going on but I could not reason with anyone there. They were totally oblivious to the fact that this was my account, my phone numbers, and my bank card on file. They insisted that she must have known the new pin and password but that is impossible. I'm sure she simply called them and they changed it into her name again. My new phone was now on a blacklist and couldnt be activated. Again they were extremely rude and hung up on me several times. They insisted that I show proof that I had put the last refill on the phone and they would reactivate it. They could have looked and saw that I refilled the phone on my bankcard through them but at this point she had purchased a refill card and in these idiots mind that made the phone hers because I couldnt show that I was the last to refill it. She appearently didnt have to provide any proof of ownership to get the phone and my account changed into her name and have my new phone blacklisted and useless to me.I finally got reciepts from walmart for both phones showing that I had purchased them on the same card they had on file. I was able to recover the account again that had two active phones of mine and now a blacklisted phone and my bank card on it. I finally got someone to give me the email address where I could send the reciepts to prove the phones were mine. The woman read the email as fast as she could to keep me from getting it and after I yelled loud enough she read it slowly so i could understand it and she was being a total [censored] about it. At this point I am waiting for a reply from that department but from what I've seen so far I can't expect much. I've never seen such blatant stupidity and rudeness from any other company before.

Oct 05, 2019

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