Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLCFraudulent/Unlawful Collection Practices

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Stoneleigh Recovery Services has made several fraudulent and unlawful attempts over the last two years to recover an invalid debt from me. By one after another, this unscrupulous entity attempts to dupe consumers into paying debts that they really do not owe. Frankly, it smells like a Nigerian scam, like the one I saw on "Dateline."

These scoundrels need to be arrested and deported!


  • Dt
    dtrider Apr 03, 2009

    Wow, these idiots keep calling me on debt that was written off 15 years ago. I have no idea how they received my phone number since its unlisted. Plus they keep harassing me and my family, sometimes calling up to 6 times in a day. They even use several people from their office with different phone numbers. I told the guy who called today they were not a legitimate company and to stop calling. He called back around 30 seconds later all pissed off that I said he was not legitimate. F-Tard!

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  • Nh
    NH03301 Apr 23, 2009

    My husband starting getting calls from them about a month ago about a car loan that was defaulted on years and years ago . I talked to this very rude man, who said we owe a "bank" 16, 000$. (he only brought the car for 6, 000 and had it for 2 years) I told him that that loan was written off years ago and not to call again. Then he asked for my husbands social security number!! I said NO! He told me it was to verify that he had the right man and that no one was using his SS number. Ya right!! He still calls all the time we dont pick up the phone, So he screams at our answering machine! Im wondering how he even got our phone number since its unlisted and they got my hubands cell phone number. Dont be fooled and dont give them any money, they are debt scavengers.

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  • Sd
    S Dake Dec 24, 2009

    Mr. Burkes: I do not know you. Do not call me again. If you wish to speak to someone else in my family, call them - not me. I will report you and your firm to both the IL and CT State Attorney General's Office if I ever receive another communication from you.

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  • Ms
    msjessie May 06, 2010

    I called this company and they will not give me there fax number at all. They tell me they do not have a fax a number. Does any know what the fax number is?

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  • Th
    TheRaven69 Sep 15, 2010

    Stoneleigh Recovery Associates
    Mike Spiegel
    Suite 325B
    Illinois, 60148
    Tel. +630.2825753
    Fax. +630.4241918

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  • Ag
    againes Oct 26, 2010

    I agree. I just was phoned from this company. They have actually called me about other debts. This debt I actually have been paying off with my credit card company. They tried to inform me that my debts have not been paid off since December of the previous year. I have been paying them and missed 2 payments on my credit card this summer and just got back on track. They told me that my mastercard's supposed debt had been sold to them. That we needed to have a 3 way call to see who was telling the truth. Do not be fooled. They really make it sound like they know what they are talking about. Obviously they have a great "Poker Tone". I tried asking for more information then the gentleman decided to over talk me and not answer me differing me to other information. I told him that I want a "Win Win" and find solution. He want on to argue with me and I told him I wanted to talk to his manager. He went on to tell me that my supposed debt issues were in their hands implying in his aggressive tone and word usage that if I did not comply I could be forfeiting my debt to the "trash". Something did not smell right, felt very fishy.

    I looked up the phone number: 630-282-5767
    I was able to find their website which only shows: payment information. Then I googled their website and the word "SCAM" and here you go. The proof is in the pudding! Be careful of your information folks. It shows it is good to know good old discernment.

    Thank you everyone for posting. Does anyone know how I can get them to stop calling me? Thank you.


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  • Ti
    Tiredofdrama Oct 31, 2010

    Even though it was belong to my husband since the credit card was in his name, Some idiot name Scott supposebly a supervisor called me. To help my husband, I tried to work with this guy (Scott) and offered to set up some kind of payments to pay off the debt that my husband owed. He refused and demanded money right there and then. He also argued with me and my husband raised a tone at both of us which we both did not appreciate it at all. I told him we can't give him we don't have but wanting to give him a post dated payment to hold on certain date that my husband gets paid on. Again, he got mad and refused. Worst of all, he refused to give us some time to come up with the money so he threatened to sue him. My husband and I were very pissed. Then the following day, we received a letter in the mail which it was a legal contract saying we have 30 days to pay them off or else. After all that arguments and calling each other names, turned out that POS lied to us. He also lied to my husband saying he been calling me many times but I never answer. According to my caller ID, he only called me TWICE. First time, I was already on the phone with someone else but he hung up by the time I answered his call. He called again few seconds later which that drama started. Later, finally a very nice man name Brian called. He worked with us and set up some payments to pay it off. He (Brian) also said for now on do NOT talk to Scott or anyone in the office. Just deal with HIM only for now on. He is very much aware how rude and disrespectful Scott was. So just watch out for that lying SOB name Scott. He is rude, liar and obnoxious. If I was his upper boss, I'd fired his a$$ already.

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  • Bo
    Boobla43 Jun 05, 2011

    They contacted me about a 22+ year old debt, made by my ex husband! I tore up the letter! Way, way past SOL!

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  • Sc
    S. C Dec 17, 2011

    A michael cutter rang saying I had an outstanding debt. Trouble is I have never have had an account with the bank he suggested. Not just USA, which he inferred the debt is located, but globally. Since I'm also not American or ever held a valid residency visa I can not by law obtain a USA account. Nor do I have a CC debt in any jurisdiction. He attempted blackmail and extortion during the call.. Seems a little taken back when I told him he was a scammer and hung up. Stoneleigh has been registered in Australia as a scam company and now has a bulletin out. The Australian police are now interested in interviewing him in regard to the breaches of Australian law.

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  • Ka
    kaya2281952 Feb 24, 2012

    well my 80 year old mother just got hit by these idiots and Im soooooooo pissed. I called and told them to put her money back or I was going to the Police and Lawyer.My mom owes nothing to nobody.

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  • Ch
    chanelle01 Apr 20, 2012

    some idiot named danelle or daniel from that stoneleigh place just called and she said my grandma owes like 2 thousand dollars because her account was opened and stuff. wtf she owes nothing alright she's old and doesnt owe anything. im sick and tired of them calling and asking. next time they call im going to tell them im gonna call the cops and lawyer on them omfg im so annoyed by them

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  • Ka
    kaya2281952 Apr 22, 2012

    After i talked to a Superviser who was extremely nasty, and told him I was calling the Police . He did put my Mothers money back.
    I mean I really screamed at him and, he told me to go to hell and Moms money would be returned and then hung up on me. JERKS is what they are.

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  • St
    SteveCar May 04, 2012

    Totally agree. Be very careful and do noT pay them anything. They called today saying that my mom, who is disabled by the way, owes a total of $4, 500 on an old Union Credit Card from HSBC bank. Impossible, my mother doesn't work, let alone belong to any union. The lady on the phone was nasty and curt. She hung up on me when she find out that I am not her spouse. I sent a "cease and desist" letter that on found on law and informed them of the penalty of calling my house again. I then filed a complaint on to the state attorneys office and one to the Better Business Bureau. I plan on telling them to sue my mom for the money if they ever call me back. It will cost them more in legal fees and besides, the burden of proof is on them. My mother doesn't owe a thing.

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  • Know_Your_Rights May 30, 2012

    This is the best resource for anyone fighting these pieces of garbage.

    Also try:

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  • Er
    erin montague Oct 23, 2012

    ok so yes bad company.a man called nick raymond has threatened my husband that owes a small debt and he said he was taking me to court for all my husbands assets and that he will make sure my husband in iraq will lose his job in the call me 5 times a day sometimes after 9pm and last night he yelled at me like i killed his mom.for any one looking to report you have to call your state attn office and place a complaint also call 850-487-9687 ...they will fight for your rights that these ### holes cant talk to u like a dog.i am blown away that they can yell at ppl like this.they need to be stopped

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  • Do
    donkeygirl Nov 08, 2012

    I have been contacted by this company also saying I have an outstanding debt from 1999 that I don't know anything about. They also wanted me to give them my personal information (soc.sec.# etc) to verify this alleged debt. When I refused & asked for written verification, the caller became very rude, abusive & threatening. I have sent the "cease & desist" letter via certified mail. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Considering my next move. Just got another call this a.m. after I told them not to contact me. Smells like a scam to me too!!

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  • Ms
    Ms Pissed in Pa Apr 05, 2014

    Well James Stone has moved his fraudulent business to Eastvale california. It's under the name Lehigh and Associates. He goes by the name James Stone. Same deal. Taps into credit reports. Harasses for money to pay off old debt, which have already been paid. Contacts friends, family and employers. He has been shut down in Conn., ILL, Arizona and is currently in eastvale, california

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  • Va
    VAB2 Nov 20, 2014

    My account just got debited for $25.00 from Stoneleigh Recovery Associates. Without my permission. I don't know how they got my account number. I am so pissed. I gave my account number to no one. I am so upset.

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  • Tu
    tuesday003 Jan 23, 2015

    I just recived a notice from this company stating that i owe 245 on debit that was handled and paid off in 2012. When i called they didnt even have my date of birth correct. They are now saying that the other debit collector company must not have collected all the money correctly... I feel like this is some sort of a scam..

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  • Sm
    Smitz115 Feb 14, 2015

    I posted this on Facebook but I'm going to post it here. I'm looking for help. I don't know what to do.
    "Any attorney friends, I have a question: I have a repossession that I have been paying on with an agreement. When this agreement first came about I would see my account balance and how much I owed every month. Well, over the last several months that balance has no longer been listed. Is this legal or is there a reason they do this? What should I do? If I could get them to stop that would be awesome. I really want to tell my bank to stop allowing them to withdraw the money. I did it on an automatic plan. Any help at all is appreciated."

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  • Sj
    S. J. Willis Apr 02, 2015

    I'm a professional at a debt settlement company and these folks are horrible. Disgusting and unethical. Sue them every chance you get.

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  • Ja
    Janice Sarles Wark Dec 23, 2015

    Yes they are very very rude. I opted to pay back a debt in 3 lump sums. The first 2 payments were made as agreed, now the 3rd payment I am unable to make till about 3 weeks after the intended due date due to lack of work and being sent home. This drastically reduced my work hours from 40 a week to 29. I need to pay my priorities before I pay this or I will not have a car to work to pay this debt. Upon calling them and trying to make payment arrangements these guys were professional as****s to say the least. Making a payment arrangement for 3 weeks after the fact makes my contract I agreed upon null and void...I guess they do not need my money if that's the case. Its about honesty and calling them to forewarn them of my circumstances that are beyond my control when I agreed to make the payments 4 months prior. I had no intention of missing this payment but did I realize in September my work slowed down and we get sent home when its slow? No I was not aware of this and had no control they care? No they were beyond rude. Will they get anymore payments from me?? When hell freezes over!

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  • Ma
    Marsha Mancuso Apr 19, 2016

    I have been paying these people all along for a debt that should have been already done. They refuse to provide me itemization, although other companies do this routinely. They show up on my credit report although I have been paying them all along. I'm done. Just wrote them a letter and not paying another dime.

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  • Sk
    skparsons Jun 07, 2016

    They called my home, did not tell me who they were and was asking for a person who does not live with me . When I told them that person didn't live with me, they were rude, obnoxious and demanding answers about why that person would have given them my number for a contact number. I told them I don't owe anyone anything and to not call my home again. He continued to be rude and demanding. After he finally told me he would remove me from the list he was still extremely rude. I had to dial the number back to find out who the company was that had called me. I don't even owe a debt and they dared treat me this way. I can't imagine how they have treated people who do owe something.

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  • Lu
    luisx3 Jun 10, 2016

    I receive a letter saying I have debt of a hospital, of $1800, Which I Never been since I was a child and when I was a child I had my insurance, , crazy I need help guys

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  • Be
    Betty Everett Apr 19, 2018

    They call me every day. Today, they called and left a voice mail giving another number for me to call and said I need to call them immediately since there will be a decision made on my account today. I suppose I should call to find out what they are talking about, but I have no bad debts and everything I owe is in good standing. The other number they gave me to call is 717-708-9198.

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