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We bought a top of the line Stearns & Foster Mattress with the expectation that it would last at least 10 years or more. After only 2 years, the sagging in the mattress makes it almost unbearable to sleep on. Both of us wake up stiff, sore and feeling like we got no sleep. The warranty is void because it is stained due to my son (who is a baby). I just want to let anyone who is considering an expensive mattress from Stearns and Foster... save your money. Do not buy this mattress. It will be sag after only a few years and the company will not stand behind it. The mattress we had before lasted us 10 years and I think we paid $ 700 for it. We feel violated by this company and are out mattress shopping again.


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May 11, 2022 9:57 am

Agree, WORST MATTRESS EVER for the money! I am having the same issue with my expensive Stearns & Foster. I'm 150 lbs. and the only one who sleeps on it, yet it is sagging where it should have more support! I wake up hurting all over. I've had it two years now and can't imagine going through a warranty process. I'm sure they would find some reason not to honor it. Anyway, thanks for posting this. It makes me realize I'm not crazy LOL

Apr 15, 2021 2:43 pm

We are on our second Sterns & Foster and it is worse than the first one! They replaced the first one and within a month the second set started the same thing..sagging! We reported the problems and they sent another person to inspect it and was told it wasn't quite to the replacing point. So, we're stuck with an awful bed that we paid about $2, 100 for. We've gotten to the point where we move to another bedroom during the night due to the pain caused by the sinking bed. We can not get any help from the store we bought it from. No help from the company nor the store who sold us the bed. Bad, bad bad! Stay far away from Sterns and Foster.

Mar 16, 2021 2:19 pm
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I purchased a stearns &Foster EstateEmily Rose FM Mattress king Prime from Mattress Firm paid 2, 799.99 plus tax & delivery from Mattress Firm on2/8/15. I slept on it about 1 to 1 1/2 years and it was sagging very bad on both sides, went down to mattress Firm and complained and was told that they had quit handling Stearns & Foster, that I would have to file my on complaint to the manufacture company but if it wasn’t sinking 2 inches I was wasting my time. Therefore I have continued to sleep on it 6 months at a time as we have 2 homes and spend time equally. I have put foam pads on it to try to get some relief . Gave up today, went back to Mattress Firm and was telling the salesman about what I was going through and he said, have you rotated it 1/4 turn once a week for the first three months to break it in equally for the first 3 months, which is the craziest thing I have ever heard of, he said either that or walk all over the mattress every morning with feet together which would break it in all over. I am 83 years old and purchased the mattress to sleep on, not to try and walk on it all over daily to have it broke down all over. So long Stearns & Foster never again will I own one. George Speaks Austin, Texas

Dec 07, 2012 7:19 pm

Our is a top of the line S & F, 9 months old and 3/4" sag, we turn the mattress. A tech just left our home, we have 3/4" sagging nine months. No stains ours look brand new. I have a plan and we will get S & F and Haverty's, add about 500 pounds to each side of the bed for a month, have them come back, get a new mattress, repeat the process over and over until they give me my money back, maybe after 4 or 5 mattreses they will give in. Fight fire witrh fire, and teach the reatialer and the prodcut producer a lesson.

Mar 12, 2012 1:03 pm

We bought the S&F Bonne Nuit in 2003 and just are starting to shop for a new mattress. It has begun to sag, but nothing bad. It is easily the best money we have ever spent on a mattess. My wife has even commented that we need to get the same thing. Just wanted to provide feedback that they are not all bad.

Jul 06, 2011 8:33 pm

My S&F sags and dips and has high points and low point. It is not a mattress that gives support. It feels as if the pillow under your heads gives more support and it causes the rest of the body to put pressure on the shoulders and back. What a big dissapointment! If you are buying a mattress buy a new versiopn of what you already have if it works for you. I miss my cheap pillowtop that worked sooooo well.

Jul 03, 2011 3:16 pm

Purchased a Stern and Foster and now have major sags...wake up with horrible back pain.. only after few years now the only place to sleep is in the middle that doesnt have the sag...its an absolute HORRIBLE product...dont be fooled by the marketing like we were...


After 4 hours of sleep last night I got up and moved to another bedroom and decided I can never again sleep on my Stearns and Foster king mattress that is only 1 1/2 years old. The sag is so bad that I have to roll uphill to get out of bed or into the firm center (I am 125lbs). I called in on warrenty but the sag measured 1/1/2 inches - not the 2 requred to get a replacement. That measurement is not representative of the sag when you lay on the bed! My back pain has been so horrific that I can't hardly walk in the morning and it takes a lot of motrin and aleve to get myself out to work!

So - I will count it as a loss and look for another brand - but just don't know what to look for. In the mean time I will be sure to tell every back pain patient I see in the ER NOT TO BUY A STERNS AND FOSTER MATTRESS!

Sep 16, 2009 5:35 pm

Additional information

Make sure you go to and fill out their complaint form and or call their complaint hotline.

Either way let them know that your complaint is to be cross-listed to complaint
# [protected] in order to establish a PATTERN of problems with Sterns and Foster.

Sep 15, 2009 11:20 pm

I bought a Sterns and Foster piece of crap from a dump called Sleepy hollow here in Youngstown Ohio.

I made the mistake of buying the reduced Box Spring and the first one broke within days of delivery. They tried to blame it on my frame and when I pressed them, they replaced the box and gave me one of their frames.

Well, it's just over a year now and I am barely sleeping, the matress has horrible sags in it and tomorrow I launch into the Warranty Charade. I do appreciate some of the denial of warranty comments here. I will look for "stains" first thing in the morning. By the way, Oxyclean laundry spray is great for getting out most body stains. Sweat, Blood, et... Don't let the jerks do you in. Also, remember small claims court is available for these one sided warranties.

So are blogs and most towns have local newspaper forums. USE THEM!

And don't forget Facebook and Twitter.

I was leary when I bought this piece of garbage but I hoped Sealy had not ruined the Sterns and Foster brand. WRONG!

Fight back people! I am!

I wrote the "Going back to Beautyrest" comment posted 14 days ago, and I wanted to provide an update.

Haverty's took back the second Stearns and Foster mattress, without any problems. I then told them I wanted a Beautyrest. Haverty's does not carry Beautyrest any longer, at least in the store I went to in Atlanta. So, I told them I wanted a mattress that did not have latex or memory foam, because my prior mattress had neither, and I never had any problems with sagging.

Guess what? I selected a mattress that had neither latex or memory foam, and I have been sleeping, yes, sleeping every since.

If you are having problems with a new mattress sagging, flattening, etc., I encourage you to evaluate the foam. If the mattress foam is made of either latex or memory foam, I will all but guarantee that selecting a mattress with foam that is neither latex nor memory will clear up the problems you are having.

It's been a rough road, but Haverty's really has been great in standing behind its merchandise, regardless of the manufacturer's warranty (given the short period of time I had each mattress).

Now I am no longer going back to beautyrest, but at least I am able to get some beautyrest on a mattress that costs about $800 compared to the $1, 700 I spent on Stearns and Foster.

I am on my 2nd Stearns and Foster mattress in 1 month!
After about two weeks, the first one started sagging in the middle and the mattress also flattens when you sleep on it. My back hurts and honest to goodness, I feel as though I have had a hysterectomy when I get up in the morning (note I said get up, not wake up, because I could not sleep on the mattress.) I bought the mattress from Haverty's. At first, Haverty's did not want to take the mattress back, because I called after two weeks, instead of the three days in which Haverty's allows returns/refunds for mattresses. But, I went to the store and raised Hell, and they eventually gave in.
I then got a "firmer" Streans and Foster from Haverty's. I have had the mattress for two days, and it's the same problem again - sagging in the middle and flattening of the mattress. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I know it's not my bed frame, because I had a beauty rest mattress previously for 2 years on the same frame, and I never had any problems. I even bought a new bedframe with 4 crossbars, and the mattress still sags and flattens. I think it's the memory foam in the mattresses that's the problem.
Steer clear of Stearns and Foster!

We bought a Bonne Nuit S&F king size mattress and box springs from Burdines in 2003. Paid $5999 for it. About 2 years ago it started sagging but wasn't quite 1.5" so we decided to wait... the inspector is coming Monday but I am not optimistic since our toddler daughter stained the mattress. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding getting Burdines/S&F to warranty the item for sagging regardless of the stain? Thank you.


Purchased a Sealy pillow top matteress; sagged terrible fter 2 years; went to dealer (Raymore and Flanigan in NY); inspected and was determined defective; receieved credit and replaced it with top of the line Stern and Foster for more money. After 6 months, it sags on both sides and it's like each of us are sleeping in a gully; the Sealy did the same thing; Sealy make Sterns and Foster. Both Sealy and Sterns and Foster are junk...

Jan 03, 2009 7:41 pm

the worst mattress we ever bought .. tried to get a replcement after only 4 years and that was 2 years past it's prime .
the bedding experts store was very rude and not helpful at all . this is the bedding expert store in Dundee Illinois .
on this day 1 3 2009 . No records of me buying this mattress . I think it's employes might have scammed me on this item . I think it was a return and resold to me .

Terrable, I paid 1400.00 for this junk and really was burned . Bedding experts is not a recommended source to buy from . they do not stand behind there product and give you a really hard time tring to get what you deserve .

They must train there people how to argue instead of tring to please . I will be registering a complant to all I can find

save your money . buy a no name that uses the same coil count . foam edged or coild edged . same guage coil 13 or what ever . the differance will be type of padding . and cover . the cover and padding can be covered (as it should) with a cotton mattress pad . then this can be washed frequently .

The truth is . they all use the same coil makers . you can get coils that spread the weight top to bottom, verses side to side . this will help with the clam effect . also there are center areas that will have a higher coil count .(this is helpfull)
A foam edge will give you more area to sleep in comfort . however this is a harder to get out of bed verses the coiled edge bed .

there is the Temperpedic memory foam bed . these run HOT and are even harder to get out of . NOT FOR THE ELDERLY.
A new product made by Spring air is a the all latex bed .. great bed however high priced .. a queen will run you 2000 at most places . a store will pay only about 1000 for this it in Queen size . about 1300 is a good price . I found them in this range
Good luck

please call me if you disagree [protected] Rick

Dec 02, 2008 11:00 pm

I bought a Stearns and Foster mattress in August that is advertised as firm. However, after about 3 months, it really started to sag, and I think the term "mush" is appropriate. For a mattress that is advertised as firm and turns to "mush" in 3 months, and comes with a 10 year warranty, I hope that they will do something for me. However, I'm not optimistic.

Oct 27, 2008 9:23 am


Oct 24, 2008 9:22 pm

I bought my [email protected] at Macy's on the 15th of July 2008 it sags all ready I feel as though I'm in a hammock, the sag is about 2 to 3in to the center.I've called Macy's as well as [email protected], to no avail thus far.My next try is the BBB.

Jul 17, 2008 9:45 am

I too purchased a streans and foster mattress set that after a few months is sagging. Neither my husband or I are overweight and
yet both sides sag, and there is this horrible lump in the middle. If
I go towards my husbands side I am on the hump. He refuses to sleep on it anymore. So we are sleeping on cheaper mattresses in the guest room. I have just called to report this problem.

May 28, 2008 8:56 am

Going on my second inspection for the Stearns & Foster Bed classicly known for low sags in both me and my wifes sides of the bed with a large stiff hump in the middle. I almost want to file a lawsuit for not being able to roll over properly. We had the first inspection in Jan 08 and the tech came out with the famous thread spool, laid it across the bed and then pushed down on my side and heard a crunching sound. He said damaged goods and replaced it. So we then received a new mattress Feb 19, and we are now at May 27 2008 not even 3 months and I have the same low spots on each side. This mattress is great for a short period of time and wish I had my old 10 year old mattress back. It didn't sag. So I will see this week if I am to get a new or upgraded mattress from Maceys who handled my Sterns & Foster purchase. The fact the Macey's would put a product out on the market from such a bad supplier has to be hurting their reputations. If I was in charge of Macey's I think I would have to hold Sterns and Foster to a higher standard.

Apr 18, 2008 11:50 am

I purchased a cushion firm stearns and foster less than 2 years ago. I too am very disappointed in this product. It felt firm and comfortable for about 1 year. It has felt very soft for the past 8 months. I weigh 140 lbs. An inspector came to my home, put his elbow and fist into the mattress, didn't check the box spring and said there was no defect. I made the mistake of saying that the mattress was very uncomfortable due to the extreme softening of the foam. He told me the stearns and foster warranty did not cover comfort. I am not sure what to do because I think anything I get at this point will be the same. I think quality has gone down the tubes.

Jan 22, 2008 2:46 pm

we have a s&f that we paid $1000.00 . it developed a stain in the form of a straight line somehow, we don't have any idea of where it came from and it looks like rust. IT SAGS really bad after only 6 months and we have tried to get them to fix or replace it for the last 5 months but have gotten the run around. we paid to have the stain removed but it did not come out. also, we have it on a built platform instead of a frame as it started to sink with the frame. because of the stain and not being on a frame, they refuse to honor the warrenty. But they messed with the wrong person, like you, i will fight them and will use the internet to do it as well as a lawyer if i have to. accourding to the warrenty, it said unsanitary condtions voids it however, if you look at the dictionary, a stain is not considered unsanitary AND we had it cleaned. also on the web site it shows a diagram of 2 different frames, and the one we have goes above and beyond that. but still they refuse. just because they are a big business doesn'y mean they can do whatever they want. it is people like you and me that will keep them on their toes. good luck to you and if you have any advice for us, please share.

Jan 22, 2008 8:42 am

My husband and I are on our third Stearns and Foster mattresses; they are horrible, the memory foam sinks and
the mattress loss of depth is bad. each mattress has ended up with a mound in the middle to where my husband ends up feeling he will fall off the bed.
The complaints go far beyond this, not to mention i now sleep on a cheaper mattress in our guest room. The outgasing from the foam is stressful to our sleep.
I read about one lady that went through 5 sets, before she bought a different brand. WE WILL NEVER recommend nor buy another set.
Sad we didn't read all the problems filed before our first purchase. We are letting our family and friends know about our personal experience as well as the reports we've read.


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