StarTex PowerTurning off Electricity in Error


My mother was a long time happy customer with StarTex but she never needed Customer Service. She recently passed away and now we are selling the house. My brother has continued to live in the house. After talking to Customer Service today I was told that after faxing the Death Certificate I should call back to set up the date we wanted service turned off. Instead, after faxing the document, they turned off the electricity within 4 hours! They never took pertinent information from me - where to send the last bill, my contact information, turn off date, etc. Power was turned off at 5:10 pm with my brother still living there. So now they had him open a new account to turn power back on as we need one more week of electricity so he can continue to live there, pack, move out, and then for clean up. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with customer service and a supervisor who admitted they made a mistake and they were trying to turn power back on in my brother's new account. It is now 9:20 and there is still no power. This is all due to the fact that customer service gave me instructions that the person at the Fax Machine obviously did not know. How can you turn off power when you don't even know the address or phone number where you are sending the final bill??? I'm extremely disappointed in this business and their customer service and supervisor. My fax only supplied them with the information they requested to confirm I had the legal right to discontinue service. It did not request a specific date for termination. It supplied the date I sent the fax. How can that be interpreted as the termination date? If they can turn off service in 4 hours, why can't they turn it back on within 4 hours especially knowing it's their error. To top it all off, my brother is disabled and no air conditioning is harming his health! I would not recommend this company .


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    farid awan Mar 19, 2014

    Multiple times calls to the company, long hold times and upon answering phone hang up. Real bad experience. Thought it was a constellation company, and now I m reporting it to better business bureau. Just a company that should go bankrupt

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    Roy HHarlow Apr 24, 2014

    changed electric service, was co signed by friend who died, sent death certificate to tasha in Houston two weeks before bill was to be paid took $350 out of my account, have not been able to talk to anybody in a month, no customer service.

    Roy Harlow Corpus Christi Texas

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