Starbucksunethical behavior

N Aug 04, 2018

I am writing to you in regards to Starbucks Point 90 branch located in New Cairo, Egypt, as a regular customer with Starbucks precisely point 90 branch I am disputing the lack of management as incident occurred a few weeks ago with one of the barista called Ahmed Gamal as he was being "out of line" and didn't display any sense of decorum while the store manager stood and didn't handle the situation properly. I would like to proceed by also adding another incident which is related to alshaya card which I happen to use for any coffee transaction, however sometimes the internet is down in the store while I do not possess cash most of the time which is why precisely I resort to the card therefore no one can force the payment in such case as confirmed to me previously in one of the store visits by Dahlia the customer care manager, yet it happened constantly in the same inappropriate attitude. One of the lead barista called Mahmoud Hesham interfered in several incidents to handle the situation which successfully happened eventually in a brilliant way! It saddens me to see a once outstanding store turn into a disastrous one due to very poor management. Meanwhile I would like to thank Mahmoud Hesham (Lead Barista), Mahmoud Sayed (Barista) for the exquisite service provided and help offered in addition to serving the best coffee I demand. Lastly I am kindly requesting a brief investigation for allowing such an attitude and poor management to be demonstrated.

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