K Aug 03, 2018

Sunnyvale, CA on Matilda ave/El Camino.
since this year MEN have been going into the Women's bathroom. (the door does not lock and it has two toilets in it).
The sign says Women NOT all genders.
I have run into a man while trying to go into the Women's Bathroom.
I have known someone was in one stall (thinking it is female) and I use the other stall and find out after it was a man in the stall.
I have been in a stall and a Man start's to come in the door but realizes some one is in a stall (since it is the Women's Bathroom) they do not come in and the door closes.
I have come out seeing a guy waiting for the Men's Bathroom to get freed up and directly spoke to him to not be going into the Women's and that the sign does not say All Gender.
Now today shortly after 11AM I am in a stall and someone comes in a I see what looks like men shoes and they go to the other stall and pick up paper up off the ground. I say, is this a man in here? and he say's Yes Mame and then leaves. I see him as he leaves cause the gap at the door is 2 inches wide (which means anyone on the outside wanting to look in can see you sitting on the John). This person work's at starbucks!!!
I am really Pissed Off.
I do hope you will put a stop to this!
Maybe you should change the bathroom sign to state WOMEN ONLY (when multiple stalls) and All Gender for the men's room

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