Staplesawful company to work for


I was recently fired from staples for refusing to lie to customers about in stock items. They wanted me to tell customers who where not buying a plan that the item was out of stock because according to them they will loose money if they sell any electronic item without a plan or attachments. I was threaten by 2 managers about me getting fired for not doing my job (lying to the customer in this case). Finally I was fired today, Thursday, august 28 2008, when I asked for a change of schedule because I was starting school. Manager told me that he couldn't do it and that since I was a temporary employee he didn't need me in the store anymore. Funny how I was told in the interview after asking 'how flexible is the schedule?', that staples works around my school schedule. He used that opportunity to get rid of me.

If you try to buy a Laptop from them and you say no to the accidental protection plan, they will refuse to sell you the laptop or any high priced electronic device. They don't even want the employees to offer the basic plan. No accidental no laptop I was told many times by the managers.


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    Trivium Mar 27, 2009

    Would never happen at my staples. NEVER. Im just an associate and while I am encouraged to keep our numbers up, dishonesty is never part of any of our sales.

    At our store, protection plans are more of a liability thing. Anytime we sell a computer, we are supposed to ensure that the customer has a thurough knowledge of their options if they decide to return the item. It is rare, but some customers think that they can return the item within 1 year of buying it. Obviously this is not true.

    We have even had customers come back the day after buying it upset beucase no one told them about the protection plan. I suppose each store is different, I guess I just got to work in one of the good ones.

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    Mister Mojon Jun 07, 2009

    I had the same experienece when trying to buy an HP Laptop which was on sle for $499, at Staples In midtown manhattan recently. I flatly refused to purchase the service plan and the Norton's 360 crap and other worthless doo dads with the computer and "Mysteriously" the Laptop was out of stock. The big fat ### sales jerk was mutering "we don't make any profit on just selling the laptop". I picked out another HP Laptop which was also on sale at $599 an that also was "Mysteriously" out of stock. I became disgusted and I walked out. Next time If I try to buy a laptop at Staples, I will accept anything they try to sell me and then--when I reach the cashier, I will decline everything but the laptop. They have to sell It to me especially If It's within my view. I don't care If Staples loses out on the deal or If a sales Jerk gets reprimanded because of It. They try to screw me and I will screw them back

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    BadBob1952 Jul 08, 2009

    I'm in full agreement with Trivium. I work at a Staples in Charlotte and have never been instructed to lie or deny the customer any products in stock if they don't buy a plan.

    I have been encouraged to offer the 2 or 3 yr protection plans, as all employees at all electronic retail outlets are. In most cases, it's the only profit the company will see as the products are sold at near cost, cost or below cost.

    Now, for yours truly, I think those plans do provide an additional service for the customer, from my own personal experience. I bought my daughter a computer from Comp USA a few years back when she was about to enter into college as a freshman. I bought the 3 year accidental plan.

    One month after school started, the screen cracked (a $300 repair), and was covered under the plan. Took it to the local Comp USA, they shipped it off to the repair center, the screen was replaced, and the computer was shipped back, all within 10 days.

    Two months later, while she is burning the midnight oil for a report due the next day, she spills a Pepsi into the keyboard. Another $200 repair, but covered under the protection plan. Took it to Comp USA, and the computer was repaired, and shipped back, again in 10 days.

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    Copy Center Chick Jul 13, 2009

    If you think Staples is bad then I know you didn't go to Best Buy and J&R seeking better opportunities because they are by far the worst. I'm sorry for your bad experience. Not all managers growl in the way yours did. And not all Staples stores have "bad managers and horrible employees." I worked at a Staples in midtown Manhattan for almost 7 years and worked with a wonderful management and staff. Yes the annoying protection plans are an extended tool used to drive up numbers but ultimately it's up to the customer to buy. You are even reminded at checkout as an added measure. Managers bring their own finesse, flair or style to the business. I agree with Trivium, my store manager would NEVER hint such a thing to his employees. And if Joe ever got wind of something that vicious going on his store, he'd take immediate action so as not to deplete overall store moral. It's not the way to run a successful store. I keep it simple and don't let myself feel pressured into buying anything I don't need.

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    Raphael W. Aug 03, 2009

    I worked for staples for 4 1/2 years and can agree that this happens alot. I have been told to lie to the customers numerous times. Store #209 Florida #1688 Chicago #945 Florida-- is Infamous for this. The managers get pissed if you don't sale a plan and are so worried about their "Esp".When you report it to corporate they do nothing about it even though they claim they would. But you find out that there is a huge buddy system. the manager is friends w/ the DM who is friends w/ the VP regional, HR.. We worked hard trying to get one of the managers who did this fired. I lost my job there in the process due to her lieing on me but eventually I put enough Info on her to get her fired. God has been blessing me since. But save yourselves the trouble and don't work for them. They cut hours heavily, pay low, require you to manipulate customers, alot sell things to customers that the customers do not need. Warranties are a customers choice and if you do research on them they are really not needed they are just extra money for the greedy corporate people. Manufacturers give you a 1 year limited warranty due to the fact that if anything goes wrong it's usually within the first year. most people forget to register their warranties or loose them which the companies are counting on... Next time you are in staples ask an associate how they really feel about selling warranties. The rewards cards are built to manipulate customers as well. "We give you a card that gives you a coupon for 5% of your purchases you think 'Free money, Let me see if i can get more back by buying there more then wal-mart' the coupon forces you to use it at staples only and is usually a low amount. You come in buy more products and feed into their pockets, Staples is not cheap by far.

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    Staples NO MORE Aug 09, 2009

    Staples just informed me, I gave them a bad check for over $400. That's not possible, since I haven't bought from Staples, ever since they've owed me about $600 in VERY phony rebates.

    "THE ENTIRE COST OF ITEM WILL BE REBATED TO YOU", said the advertising. Then you get a list of NON-EXISTENT, PHONY excuses, why they could not rebate your money. Indeed clever! Gosh, I wonder where the $600 went??

    Now back to the bad check. I asked the bank, for a copy of "my" bad check. IT HAD A MAN'S NAME ON THE CHECK----my name, address and phone number. But the handwriting is clearly not mine, NOR IS THE SIGNATURE---AND----THE HANDWRITING ON THE CHECK, IS VERY OBVIOUSLY A WOMAN'S. NOT A MAN'S. AND THE WOMAN SIGNED MY NAME.

    But Staples was only too glad, to accept the check.

    Did Staples bother to call the phone number, on the check, to at least make an attempt, to see if things were all right? OF COURSE NOT. Then Staples was only too glad, to place the check, with a collection agency, so that I can have a black mark on my credit file, and in check systems too! I guess big sales, is more important than integrity, at Staples.

    Obviously Staples, doesn't care WHO pays the bill, as long as SOMEBODY pays it. How's that for effective advertising, good customer relations, and integrity?
    Yep---Staples is my kind of store.

    If you want to get away with murder, and you don't happen to have any checks, with SOMEONE ELSE'S NAME on them, try printing your OWN. Staples will probably accept them. How's THAT for a 100% rebate!

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    chris Momoh Aug 15, 2009

    staples is a bad company to work for especially when you are in Brian stone district which is queens .Brian Stone will tell manager to get rid of any associates not selling attachment .Brian Stone is a very dishonest Dm, will tell you to do something just for the district to look great and turn back at you later.They really need to check on him instead of the stupid so called Lp are on innocent associates .
    From Queens

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    Prowler Sep 01, 2009

    I work in a Miami store... since I still work there, I'm not going to say where exactly... but yea... My manager will not allow me to sell even a calculator without a protection plan... it's ridiculous and I hate lying to customers, the other day we had some ladies from Argentina who wanted to buy an HP WF printer, we had none on the floor and when I asked to take one out of lockup... since the ladies lived in Argentina, they didn't need the plan, and I had to lie to them and tell them we didn't have any when the computer said we had three... I've heard stories of managers that highly discourage this type of lying to the costumers... I guess I'm stuck with the bad one.

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    Staples 1128 May 01, 2010

    I work a store #1128 in southport indiana, and yes there are times im told to lie and say sorry we are out of stock on an item. They want us to push esp, tsp, tspp, prp cause they make more money. Hell im an easy tech and my boss the sales manger even told me that we are getting screwed out of are easy bonus. For what reason i dont know. But yes Staples is a joke and i would tell you to go somewhere else for better service.

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    stapls5655 May 11, 2010

    Ive worked at staples and thankfully our managers didnt make us lie. HOWEVER it is 100% accurate that any complaints made by employees are brushed aside by HR. One employee must have been the 30th to complain about a particularly abusing manager and was told to pretty much "deal with it".

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    staplesca Jun 25, 2010

    I work for staples, our DM has fired associates and managers for lying about in stock items and sending them to other stores. We were told we aren't selling enough computers and to sell them even without attachments, of course attachments are preferred especially easy tech services which are easier to sell... data transfers and such { the person is getting a service right then and there } vs asking a customer to buy a piece of paper that says they are covered for a product they just shelled out hundreds of dollars for.

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  • Jo
    joe1122334455 Aug 23, 2010

    I work for staples delivery. Our managment lies to us on a regular basis. Staples is a horrible company to work for. All they care about is numbers. People mean nothing to this company. If your looking for a company that treats employies and customers with loyalty and respect try another company. I dread going to work every day. If I had another option I would be gone.

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    joejoe8585 Oct 01, 2010

    they dont loose money. its just a way for the store or should say managers to get more money. i love working for staples. i walked out of geeksqaud at best buy. now thats a crooked [censor] place. they lie to customers just for them to fix pretend that there is something wrong with your comp. but there will be nothing wrong with your comp. why they have been hit a lot with law suits. best friend just did it. staples is a good comp. yea they may try to force plans and add ons. but it does benifit u. more u sell more hours u get. ive been there 2 months. i started at 8.50hr. and now at 9hr. 55+ hours a week. as for manager sayn dnt sell cuz they dnt want to loose money. they ended up loosn more cuz customer didnt buy and work of mouth. who knows who that customer told. the comp treats us really good. if u have problems u prob where a horriable worker. see that everywhere.

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  • Jo
    joejoe8585 Oct 01, 2010

    and i think you just where at a bad store. i mean we sell high priced product a lot with out plans. or managers didnt like you

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    JulieSteinberg Nov 10, 2010

    I have been working at staples for 5 years now! I just recently had an employee transfer from another store to my store. He was at the old store he used to work for and his mother wanted to by a computer without a plan. The manager LIED TO HIM and said he could not buy the compter there and he was going to have to drive it down to another store to pay for it. he refused and left. Thank god for the staples he works at now!! I love all my managers. They are always listening and care for what you have to say. They try their hardest to give you the scheduel you want and are always very fair!! I am so sorry for the way you got fired. I 100% agree with you that it was the reason you were fired for!! Guarantee it!!! But not all staples are like that!! You should definitly report them!!!

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    private202 Dec 17, 2010

    When you want to buy a cheap laptop with nothing, please go online or somewhere else. You could cost someone their job. Would you really say to someone, "I don't care if you loose your job, my cheap laptop is more important?"

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    psxpro5 Jan 26, 2011

    Staples has many plans in place including a 100% confidential hot line for just these issues. In my experiences as a supervisor (same level as consultant associate) this would never happen but should a manager break policy there are many outlets to speak to your managers bosses and head office about the situation. People also complain about low pay and "work being to hard for the pay" it is a managers job to make sure you are working as hard as you can. If you do not break policy you cannot be fired from staples. Remember that every time a manager cries to you and that makes you sad.

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  • Da
    dave112 Jan 18, 2012

    staples - if you wanna work for staples consider this things gonna get paid the lowest rate gonna work every thing i mean every thing, hard selling, stocking, stacking, cleaning bath rooms & sales floor back room, collecting shooping cart out side at any weather and a lot of stuff within single day .no job description no nothing
    3. no matter how many years and hours you work you are a part time worker
    4.your weekly hours depend on the number of the warranty sell and the way you react to the above tasks.example if you show any concern towards the customer who don't buy esp, fpp, ... or any warranty you may get 4 hours next week which is happen to me or if you are not cleaning the bath room things like that .
    5. if you don't keep track of your time, you may work for 41 hours and get paid for 37 or 39.
    and many more so think twice before you go there.

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  • Ma
    Max122 Nov 06, 2013

    At our staples, my GM told me to remove the stiker on vomputer( stkers that say already opended and cheked, he told me to do it with all the coputers i sell, today i got fired for something i did noteven do and one of my bosses said << if imigrants dont have money they are not welcome>> he said that in the back store, to be honest staples is a realy good compagny, i just think that my booses are bad, and i couldnt do anything to help it

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    MFSKINNER Mar 17, 2014

    Staples hired me to do tech work and fix pcs. I have a degree in networking and finished courses in Dec 2013. I am also certified for computer maintenance and repair. I was used mainly as a cashier and a sales-person. I took their so called certification test and it was so easy I feel sorry for the customers who think the certified techs there actually know anything. The last straw was beig scheduled to work an hour before the store opened, I got there and of course there was no one there. I waited around a while and then went home. What a joke that place is.
    Luckily I have another job, which pays a lot more so I am able to just quit, which is what I did. Maybe I will be nice and actually tell them.

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  • Mi
    mike6666 May 27, 2014

    I worked with Staples for almost two years and I shared many of these experiences. I was hired as a technician to work on computers. Next thing I know I'm not allowed to touch computers, I must sell 24/7. I was constantly reprimanded for not selling enough; I was hired to fix computers, not sell computers. But of course they never told me that. My job was constantly on the line because I too would not lie to customers and reject their computer purchases if they did not intend to purchase a warranty. Towards the end of my Staples employment this May, I was constantly running the register, stocking shelves, and managing inventory. The managers treated me as if I was just a lowly worker that knew nothing. I have a 3.7 in my degree field and will be completing my degree in the next few months. I refuse to be treated this way. I walked out of my shift one day after finding out I had gotten another job at a private company. Staples is the most regretful thing I have done so far in my life. Do not work here. Do not shop here. Staff is overworked, managers are unpleasant towards employees, and employees are unfortunately forced to lie.

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    ETAssociate Jul 21, 2014

    Sounds about right. I work at a store in Brooklyn as an EasyTech Associate. Was told Id be fixing computers, which is something that I am fully capable of and enjoy doing. Next thing you know I'm told that I am a salesman who isnt allowed to touch computers. Sales manager keeps giving me schtick about cutting me off if I dont improve my warranty numbers or confidence in my body language (is he for real?). I mean, the guy says the fact that I am A+ certified but still cant sell plans is embarassing. First off, how am I supposed to amp my confidence if I'm being called an embarassment to my face? Second, being certified to fix computers doesnt make me a snake oil salesman. Every time I'm ready to verbally snap on him but I don't because it honestly isnt the right thing to do. I totally understand his job is on the line if the store doesn't sell enough, but maybe Staples shouldn't rely on warranties to survive if selling ### without is killing the company. Now that is an embarrasment.

    If I had another job opportunity, Id take it. I love everything about the job except the constant sales pressure. GM/Manager team is concerned about why our CSAT is so low. It might be because we are severely understaffed at any given hour and we shove warranties down the throats of our customers. No matter how you word it, a pitch for a warranty is a pitch for a warranty and if the customer says no, it should be left at that with no repreccusions on anyone involved, instead of having the cashier as again at the register.

    Sales manager also calls me lazy, but that ### never sees me busting my ### in the backroom or on the sales floor doing stock or helping customers. He also says I am not good with customers, but I've recieved plenty of handshakes and praise for my knowledge and/or assistance. Even if I didnt help the customer find what they were looking for, I would recieve some praise. I'm talking genuine praise, not some disappointed "thanks" that is muttered as the customer departs.

    Also, a look into this so called CSAT (customer satisfaction rating). There are surveys printed onto the bottom of sales reciepts at random. Basically a customer service survey. If you get one and actually want to fill it out with appreciation, DO NOT PICK FOUR. Apparently option FOUR (Somewhat satisfied), isn't enough to satisfy the higher ups, even when the comment sections for the fours are full of all sorts of praise. Last month since we only got three FIVE ratings, with the other seven being FOURS, the team got told that we suck. Its ###ing ridiculous the standards they (corporate, management, someone/anyone) hold us to. We didnt get anything below a four that month, and we're getting told we did poorly.

    Staples is a dying mess. They can't compete with Amazon in the online market, and they know it. Speaking of online, lets talk about how jacked up prices are in-store. A 3 foot hdmi cord in-store is roughly 30 bucks (customer bugged out when he saw that price), while online it was considerably less. Same goes for tax calculator ink ribbons. A two-pack of IR-40T in-store is 12.99, but online it comes out to four dollars in change. And when I say online, I mean the STAPLES WEBSITE.

    I honestly might sound like an ungrateful ### when I say that they can't fire me soon enough, but the constant sales pressure is causing my hairs to grey and I am only twenty. I'd rather shovel ### for 18 bucks an hour than continue being the jack of all trades associate in Staples for half of that.

    I dont wish financial death upon my coworkers however. Almost everyone there is honest, kind, and hard working. Its just the ###ing corporate culture that needs to die, or at least be changed.

    It feels to amazing to get that off of my chest.

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